I do not own any of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer's characters or any of the Stargate Series characters as well. All of the credit of those fine characters belong to Joss Whedon and Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin.

A Life Unknown

Summary: After Buffy's horrendous Graduation debacle comes to a close. Several different things come to light. The 1st being that Buffy's future will be a lot different than what she ever could have thought. That is with a father that she never knew had existed, and a father gaining a daughter that thought that he would never be a father again. How will the SGC be able to cope with a Californian Blonde running rampant throughout their halls.

A/N: In this story, Buffy will still be 17 and a minor for some of this to work. Plus, I am going to be adding another Slayer in the mix to allow Buffy to leave the Hell-Mouth. You will just have to wait to see who and how this will come to be. I hope that you like this. I am not sure of the Stargate Time line, but there will be no special order to their Big Bads. Some things will be the same, but some will be different.

Chapter 1

As soon as the explosion settled, the remaining Vampires and Demons in attendance looked throughout the billowing smoke to see a lone figure make their way to the front of the school entrance.

As the remaining Demons noticed that it was The Slayer of Light, instead of The Dark Slayer, or the Ascended Mayor that was exiting the building, they all had decided that it was time to go.

As the sun began to reemerge from behind the darkened clouds causing the eclipse, the Vampires in attendance began to make their way to the closest sewer access tunnel that they could find.

The remaining Senior Class began to give their statements to the authorities that had arrived to begin the clean-up of everything that had remained.

Giles, Willow, Oz, Xander, Anya, and Cordy were stationed closest to the front of the High School so they were able to find Buffy sooner rather than later.

All of the people in attendance noticed that Buffy was carrying something in her arms as she was walking through the smoke.

As soon as Buffy was clear, everyone finally noticed that what Buffy was carrying a someone instead of a something.


As soon as Buffy was clear and had approached all of her friends that had survived, she collapsed to the ground cradling her mother's body close to her chest tightly.

"Oh Dear Lord." Was the only thing that Buffy heard from her Watcher, just before a set of Paramedics and Police Officers walked over to join the group that was near the collapsing building behind them all.

"Miss? Are you alright there Miss? Can you let us help you and your Mother here? This is your Mother is it not?" One of the Paramedics asked, as they leaned themselves down to Buffy's level. "Miss? Can I help you with your injuries while my partner helps your Mother?" The Paramedic asked, as he tried to pry Buffy away from her Mother.

"Miss. Summers? Why don't you allow the Paramedics to work on the two of you before I need to speak to you." Buffy heard a voice that was familiar say, and dared a look to notice that it was the Police Officer that has tried on more that one occasion to send Buffy to Jail for multiple offenses.

Buffy recognized the Policeman to be Detective Paul Stein.

Buffy let go of her Mother to allow the Paramedics to work on her, but refused the attention until her Mother was more stable.

While all of this was happening, Buffy's Watcher and friends finally had taken a good look at Buffy and noticed an extremely sharp piece of shrapnel that was sticking out of the side of Buffy's left side.

"Buffy, I really think that you should be seen. You have an extremely atrocious wound on your side. That is only one of the many that are even noticeable at first glance. I would hate to see how many you have that are not able to be seen to the naked eye." Giles said calmly, trying to reach his young charge to see sense, finding it really hard to do so.

"Miss. Summers, Mr. Giles is correct. You really need to see a doctor yourself. How about I escort you to the Hospital? That way the Paramedics can take your Mother in the Ambulance that we have set up and ready to go right over there." Detective Stein spoke calmly to Buffy while pointing to the vehicle in question.

Buffy noticed that the tone of his voice is being a distinct difference in his past meetings with the blonde teenager.

"How come your not trying to pin this on me. I figured that this would be the best time to pin something on me now, seeing as that I have actually done something." Buffy said to the Detective emotionless.

"The reason that I am not, is because I now know the truth. I now know that you are the Hero here, and not the delinquent that The Mayor, Snyder, and my Chief had been saying. If it was not because of you and your group here, the death toll today would probably be 100% rather than the 20% that it actually is. Now let's get you to the Hospital. Is any of your friends going to ride with you? Considering that you are still a minor for a few more months, I think that you should have an adult with you." Detective Stein said, as he tried to help Buffy rise up off of the ground easily.

"I believe that I will accompany Miss. Summers to the Hospital." Giles said, as he too arose up off the ground as well to follow the Detective towards his car. "I want all of you to go to your homes and check in with your parents before meeting us at the Hospital. I believe that we will be there for quite a while, so there is no need to rush. Make sure that your parents know that you are safe before following us there." Giles stated, as he jogged to catch up to the Detective and Buffy whom were already at the car.

Giles climbed into the backseat of the car, so he could hold Buffy close to him making sure that she does not lose it completely.

"What exactly do you need to know from us Detective Stein?" Giles asked the young man that was weaving his way through the barricade that had been set up for the emergency vehicles.

"Seeing as though I am in charge of this mess, I was wondering if you had any ideas as to what I should actually put into this report. My Chief is telling me to chalk it up to just a gas leak explosion, but I am not too sure. What do you think?" The Detective asked the School Librarian, whom had had several encounters with these types of situations.

"I think that I too would agree with that sentiment. I really do not think that you could get by with stating that the Mayor turned into a giant snake demon during the commencement address, and that the student suited up with an arsenal of mid-evil weaponry to fight the hoard of Vampire and Demons that were trying to take over the world. They would have you locked up tight in the loony bin as soon as that report had been read." Giles said in a sarcastic manner that completely was not like the British Librarian seated in the backseat of the moving Police Car, still holding Buffy tightly.

The rest of the ride to the Hospital was completed in an extremely uncomfortable silence.

Meanwhile, somewhere across the Country.

"Sir, we have a situation that may need some of our kind of cover stories." A tall man in a Military Uniform stated, as he rushed into the Office of a man that was sitting stoically behind his desk.

"Does this have anything to do with the explosion of the High School in Sunnydale California during the Graduation Ceremony?" The man behind the desk asked the newcomer to the room.

"Yes Sir!" Was what the man said sharply, as he still stood in perfect form of Military rest.

"Very well." The man said, as he pushed a button on his intercom to contact his assistant. "I need you to get Quentin Travers on the phone ASAP. Tell him that Henry Hayes is on the line. I need to talk to him yesterday!" The man now known as Henry Hayes shouted, as he sat back in his seat behind his desk in his Oval Office while waiting for the call to go through.

"Sir?" The voice over the intercom said.

"Yes!" Henry replied in a clipped tone.

"I have Quentin Travers on the line for you Mr. President." The assistant replied quickly.

"Send him through please." Henry Hayes stated, just before his phone buzzed to signal that the call was ready. "Mr. Travers, I would really like to know what in the hell had happened out in California. I thought that you told me that Sunnydale would always be cleared from anything that we would need to do. What in the hell happened?" The President of the United States asked the man that he knew to be the head of the Slayers' Council.

"Yes Sir, and that is still the case. The Slayer known as Buffy Summers was able to stop the Apocalypse with the help of her friends and the entire Senior Class I believe, but in doing so they may have blown the entire High School. The town has already began with the cover story of an exploding Gas Line being the cause. Seeing as though everyone in any form of power there is in the knowledge of the Supernatural, they have already began the clean-up." Mr. Travers finished his report on the situation at hand.

"That sounds good to know at least. What is the state of the two Slayers? I believe that they are named Elizabeth 'Buffy' Summers, and Faith LeHane. Is there anything that we can do for either of them. If I remember right, Miss. Lehane has gone over to the dark side as it were, but do you need any help with her incarceration? And, what about Miss. Summers? I believe that she may need some help as well. I have a unit that could be there soon to help her out with her duties if she is in need of any time or anything." Henry Hayes stated firmly. 'I hate how they use these young girls for their fight. Especially when we have units at our disposal to cover the loss of these young ladies.' Henry Hayes thought to himself.

"I do not think that that will be necessary Mr. President. Over the night, Miss. Lehane flat-lined while she was in her coma that Miss. Summers placed her in before the actual battle last night. Another girl has already been called, and is already on her way to the Hell-Mouth. I have just received a call from Mr. Giles, Miss. Summers's Watcher, and he has informed me that Miss. Summers is injured at the moment. As is her mother Joyce Summers. Miss. Summers and her Mother are at the Hospital, and as of right now, Miss. Summers is no longer the active Slayer. We are putting Sara Cummings, the newly called Slayer in charge of the Hell-Mouth. She should be there within the hour. As for Miss. Summers, maybe she will learn to follow the rules more often now if her Mother is found to be a fatal accident to this never ending war. That is why the girls are usually found and trained before they are actually called. As for Miss. LeHane, we are transporting her to our Medical Facilities until we see if she is rehabilitative or not. Have a good day Henry." Was all that Quentin Travers said, as he hung his phone up quickly, stopping any more form of communication on this subject manner.

"Pompous asshole." Henry stated, as he too slammed his phone down onto the receiver that was sitting on his desk. "John, I need you to do a absolute complete background check on Joyce and Elizabeth Summers. I want to know everything that there is to know about them. Is that understood?" Henry Hayes asked his Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force John Jumper.

"Yes Sir!" Jumper stated, as he moved to full salute before adding on. "Is there anything else Sir?" John Jumper asked of the President.

"Yes there is. I want you to get Air Force One fueled and ready, along with a contingent of Secret Service Agents ready to leave as soon as possible to leave to California. I think that it is high time for me to meet Miss. Summers, and give her our Countries thanks for everything that she has done." Henry Hayes stated, as he stood up to exit the Oval Office to speak with his family about his future trip.

Meanwhile, back in Sunny-Hell.

"I just got off the phone with Quentin Travers. He is the head of the Watchers Council, and according to him Faith had flat-lined sometime during the night causing a new Slayer to be called. Her name is Sara Cummings, and she will be arriving within the next few hours. You are Officially through with Slaying. They want Miss. Cummings to be the Active Hell-Mouth Slayer. Neither you nor myself are to interfere with her or her Watcher. The Council has now disavowed any leeway that we had any access to." Giles said quietly, as he sat down next to Buffy in the Emergency Room that she was taken to.

"That is fine with me Giles. I hate the lot of them. Present company excluded of course. What about Faith? What happened to her?" Buffy asked her former Watcher.

"They were able to bring her back, however, she is still in a coma. I believe that Quentin is having her transported to a Council friendly Facility. She was actually picked up an hour before the Graduation Ceremony had actually begun." Giles answered Buffy's questions.

Before anyone was able to speak anymore on the situation, a Doctor had come into the room to begin her examination of Buffy.

"Just to let you all know, the only reason that I am doing this is because they said that I couldn't see my mother until I have been checked out. If we can, then let us make this quick please." Buffy said, as the Dr. began to poke and prod at Buffy, causing her to flinch in multiple areas.

The Dr. was completely shocked that Buffy was even still standing with the amounts of injuries that were covering her body. 'How in the hell was she till awake?' The Dr. thought to herself, as she moved to the wound that was covering the left side of Buffy's body.

"This may hurt just a bit, but I need to remove this piece of metal that is stuck into your side. I do not think that I will need to completely stitch it closed, however, I will need to seal the wound with some butterfly strips. As soon as that is done, you will be free to head on out to the waiting room while I check on your Mother for you." The Dr. now known as Dr. Gibson stated, just as she pulled the piece of metal out quickly. 'She did not even flinch.' Dr. Gibson thought to herself as she began to place the butterfly strips on the wound so they could heal evenly.

"Is that all Doc?" Buffy asked, even still in her dull emotionless tone.

"Yes, that is all Miss. Summers. Just head on out to the waiting room, and I will go and check on your Mother." Dr. Gibson said, just before Buffy walked out of the Emergency Room area to find the next area in which she will have to play the waiting game.

Meanwhile, back in the White House.

"Mr. President? I think that I found something that could workout in our favor Sir." Mr. Jumper stated as he walked into the Oval Office without even knocking.

"I better hope so with you just coming in all willy nilly. What is it then?" Henry Hayes asked, as he began to walk over to his Chief of Staff.

"I was looking into her family information, and I had come across her birth certificate. I think that you should take a look at it Sir." Jumper stated, as he handed the piece of information over to his Commander in Chief.

"What exactly am I looking for John?" Henry asked the man that had just barged into his office.

"Trust me Sir, but you will know it when you see it." Was all that Jumper would say on the matter.

"Oh, Wholly Hell Batman! Is this accurate? Does the Slayer know? Does he know? This just gets better and better. Get me the Mountain on the phone and I mean 5 minutes ago!" Henry shouted loudly.

"I guess that saving the world must run in the family Sir. And, I do not think that The Slayer has any clue Sir." Jumper said, as he began to dial the number on his red phone that sat on his desk as well. "Here you go Sir." Jumper said, as he handed the phone off to the President.

"Thanks John." Henry Hayes said, as he put the phone to his ear.

"What can I help you with Mr. President?" The voice on the other end of the phone asked.

"Well George, I need you to get Colonel O'Neill to the White House as soon as possible. I have some items that I need to go over with him, and I also need him to be put on leave as soon as possible. That is all that I can say for the meantime. He needs to be here in the next 15 minutes because we are due in the air in 20. is that clear George?" President Hayes said succinctly to his good friend, trying to stress how important this is going to be.

"Yes Sir! I will contact the Prometheus and have him there on time. As of 16:30 Colonel Jack O'Neill is now off Active Duty transferred to Special Assignment via President Hayes." Was all that General George Hammond said, just before hanging his phone up.

Meanwhile, at Cheyenne Mountain via SGC.

"Walter, I need you to get me Colonel O'Neil in here ASAP!" General George Hammond shouted to his assistant that was in the briefing room with Major Carter, Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c, waiting on O'Neill to beginning to be preparing for SG1's next trip that will now need to be scrapped.

As soon as Walter left the briefing room, the remaining members of SG1 were now looking towards the Generals office deeply in thought.

"What do you think is going on?" Major Samantha Carter asked her 2 teammates.

"Not sure Sam, but it must be big. He was on the red phone that goes straight to the President himself." Daniel Jackson stated.

"Whatever the situation that has risen, we will face it all together as the team we have become." Teal'c stated in his ever stoic tone.

"Well said Buddy." Colonel O'Neill said in response, as he came in through the back door entrance before continuing on. "So what is with the whole 911 thing?" O'Neill asked his team members.

Before anyone could have a chance to respond, the group heard the General shout out Jack's name sharply.

"O'NIELL! Get your ass in here right now!" The General shouted, trying to make the President happy.