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A Life Unknown

Summary: After Buffy's horrendous Graduation debacle comes to a close. Several different things come to light. The 1st being that Buffy's future will be a lot different than what she ever could have thought. That is with a father that she never knew had existed, and a father gaining a daughter that thought that he would never be a father again. How will the SGC be able to cope with a Californian Blonde running rampant throughout their halls?

PREVIOUSLY: Once the living room and kitchen were all squared away, Samantha entered the room to hand a wrapped gift over to Giles to give to Buffy.

"Buffy?" Giles said to gather his Slayer's attention before continuing on. "While we were all packing up this afternoon, Major Carter came across your Graduation present from your mother, myself, and the others. It may not be perfect timing, but I know that your mother would want you to have it before you left." Giles stated, as he handed the gift over to Buffy before sitting back down in his former seat.

As soon as Buffy grabbed the gift, she placed it on her lap and looked at the gift fighting back the tears that she trying to hold in before she began to gently open the last gift that she would ever receive from her mother.

A/N: In this story, Buffy will still be 17 and a minor for some of this to work. Plus, I am going to be adding another Slayer in the mix to allow Buffy to leave the Hell-Mouth. You will just have to wait to see who and how this will come to be. I hope that you like this. I am not sure of the Stargate Time line, but there will be no special order to their Big Bads. Some things will be the same, but some will be different.

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A/N III: Just to let you all know, the next chapters will be the last chapter of Buffy in Sunnydale. Colorado Springs...Here we come. Go'ulds beware.

A/N IV: I would like to thank everyone for all of the condolences and I hope to start getting more posted. For right now I am going day by day. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 15

Buffy sat in the recliner holding the gift on her lap for just a few moments before gingerly taking off the wrapping paper that was on the gift.

'I can do this.' Buffy thought to herself.

As soon as the paper was gone, Buffy was holding a plain looking box on her lap.

The remaining people in the room decided not to sit around staring at Buffy, as she was now looking at the box like it was the best thing in the world.

"While you are opening that up Buffy, we will start loading up the truck with everything that you have decided to take right now. Go ahead and take your time. There is no rush. We got this handled." Jack said, as he and the rest of SG1 stepped out of the room to leave Buffy and Giles alone for a moment to open the gift. 'Even if I don't really care that much for the man, Buffy does. I guess that I can give the guy a shot. We may be working together eventually.' Jack thought to himself as he joined the rest the team with the loading of the truck.

Buffy opened the box carefully, as she began to take different items out one at a time.

"Wow! This is the Samsung Brightside full keyboard." Buffy whispered in a shocking tone as she took out the first item that happened to be a new Verizon Samsung cell phone. "This is one of the newest models on the market, and it also comes with a one year pre-paid service plan. How on earth was she able to afford this?" Buffy questioned to no one in particular, before remembering just what she inherited.

"I thought that you already had a cell phone Buffy?" Daniel asked as he passed by the two carrying another load of boxes out to the waiting truck.

"Nope, I have never had one before. Mom didn't think that I was responsible enough for one yet. All I have working at the moment is my beeper. What made you think that I already had a phone Dr. J?" Buffy asked back as she removed the bubble wrap that was around the new phone.

"You can just call me Daniel." Daniel said before continuing on with his inquiry. "Didn't you take that picture of Jack on a cell phone earlier this morning?" Daniel asked.

"HEY!" Jack shouted just before coming in view to finish. "What picture are you two talking about?" Jack asked as he poked his head around the corner of the wall.

"I don't know what he's talking about dad. I have no knowledge of any pictures that have been taken of you." Buffy stated rather quickly, at the same time that Daniel replied with. "Sorry Jack. I guess that I was misinformed."

Jack froze for a moment at being called dad without it being in a describing manner of their relationship before saying. "You better be misinformed Space Monkey." Before walking away to get back to work.

"Now back to the phone thing." Daniel stated to get back on topic.

"Yeah I did, but it's not active or anything. It was actually mom's old one before she upgraded hers. I only use it to store pictures or other people's numbers so I won't forget them." Buffy answered with a shrug of her shoulder to the waiting Archaeologist.

"I still can't believe that you still use a beeper." Daniel said with a chuckle before speaking again. "If you need help setting it up or anything I would suggest going to someone other than Jack. He hates most technology unless it has to do with weapons." Daniel finished before continuing on with the loading of the truck.

As she watched Daniel walk away, Buffy continued on with the gift to see what was left in the package before she felt the need to cry once more. "I can take a guess and say these are from you, Giles." Buffy said, as she pulled out a set of 4 throwing stars that were perfectly balanced.

Buffy stood suddenly, and made her way over to give her Watcher a tight hug. "I do need to breathe dear girl." Giles stated in his ever present British manner. "Thank you Giles." Buffy said quietly, just before returning to her former seat to finish the box.

As Buffy continued on with the gift, SG1 continued on with the loading of the final truck before they were to leave Sunnydale for good.

The next thing that Buffy pulled out of the box was a set of hand carved stakes. "These are really beautifully done. I bet that these are from Xander." Buffy stated, as she pulled the next item out of the box.

"Those are actually from both Alexander and Cordelia. They wanted to add a little something as well." Giles stated as Buffy set the stakes off to the side, just before she pulled the next to last item out of the box.

As Buffy pulled out the next item, she was shocked to see a older version of a laptop computer in the box.

"That is actually from Willow and Daniel. Willow got a new one from her parents for Graduation. She and Daniel upgraded it a bit I believe but it should work well enough for any school work that you have at whatever University that you choose to attend." Giles stated the information that was given to him.

"Now I feel horrible at the gifts that I was able to give them. Maybe I can give them something else now and claim that it was late due to delivery issues." Buffy said to herself quietly.

"You shouldn't feel bad about that Eli...Buffy. I'm sure that your friends understand and appreciate whatever it was that you gave them, just because you gave it to them." Jack said, as he came up next to Buffy to help her calm her nerves over the gifts. "Just think of it this way. At least now you will have a way to keep in touch with them once we leave here." Jack ended just before she nodded in acceptance, and then continued on with the last part of the gift at the bottom of the box.

Buffy was shocked to see that the last item was a group of acceptance letters from several Universities that she had applied to just to make her mother happy. "I can't believe that she kept those from me." Buffy said, just before she added on to that statement. "I can't believe that I was accepted anywhere other than UC Sunnydale." Buffy finished quietly, as she began to cry once more at the thought of her mother being proud of her for getting into those schools.

"You should know by now at how proud she was of you Buffy. Of course she would keep them all. There is still plenty of time for you to make a decision once you make it to Colorado. And I am quite certain that if you do miss the admissions date, and that you explain your circumstances an allowance or two could be made for you." Giles said, as he began to open the packaging that held the cell phone. "It may be best if you add everyone's phone numbers in here before you leave Sunnydale. That way you and the others will be able to stay in contact even on the trip to Colorado." Giles stated as he turned on the phone to hand to her.

Buffy barely heard what Giles said near the end due to the envelope that she was looking at.

"What's that that you're looking at kid?" Jack asked Buffy.

"Watch who you're calling kid old man." Buffy said with a small smile that turned into a large grin once she heard laughing coming from the next room. "I was accepted to University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. What are the odds that I would apply to a school that would be the same area that my biological father lived in." Buffy ended with a small chuckle.

"Just think that if you would have chosen that school and none of this happened, we could have ran into each other and have never have known who we are to each other." Jack ended sadly.

"I know, but let's not think about that train of thought right now. I could choose a school that's close to you so I could save on housing and we could still get to know each other without the threat of me having to leave right away to go to school somewhere else that is far away." Buffy ended with even a larger smile than before on her face as she showed the letter to Jack.

Jack let out a breath that he didn't even know he was holding at the possible chance that his daughter would leave him just as soon as she would get there to go to school far away after seeing some of the other schools that she was accepted to.

"Are you sure that you wouldn't want to go to any of the other schools that you were accepted to. I don't want you to regret your choice later on. There are really good choices for other schools in that mix. I want you to be sure before you finally make your choice." Jack ended, hitting himself for even giving that chance knowing that he would hate it if she did choose another school.

"How about I think on it over the trip back to your house. I promise that I won't make any choices until I'm all settled in with you first. Sound good to you?" Buffy asked, as she began to put all of her gifts back into the box to take it upstairs to pack her travel bag to have on hand during the trip to Colorado.

"That sounds good. Why don't you go and pack up the rest of the stuff that you want to load into the truck and a bag to take with us tomorrow for easy access. By the time that you load up the last of the stuff you picked out, your friends had called and will be here to go to some place called the Bronze for a last hurrah's or something like that. That way you can do your goodbyes and everything tonight. Daniel and Teal'c had decided that they are going to be leaving here with the Gallery truck here tonight to get a head start. I believe that Sam will be leaving tonight as well not to long after they leave." Jack ended as he helped her out of her chair to get upstairs to finish her packing.

"I believe that I will be heading home as well. I still have to contact my landlord to cancel my lease and likewise my utilities. I believe that I will see you once I arrive in Colorado as well. I am saying my goodbyes now. That way there won't be any rushing that you will have to do tomorrow. I will be along in a week or so as soon as I end all loose ends here and find a place to stay out there. I must say that I too will be doing some shopping too. Do try to stay out of trouble young lady. I don't think that Colorado will be as prepared for you as you are for it." Giles ended with a chuckle as he gave Buffy a sideways hug, just before sending her on upstairs before turning to Jack O'Neill. "I am glad to see that she will have so many people around that cares about her before going to a new place. I know that you are not 100% certain of my training Buffy, but I can not change those facts. I hope that in the future we can be as civil as we're being right now at least seeing as though I may be working with you as well. I just have to say this one time, be better than Hank Summers and we'll not have any problems." Giles ended with a handshake, just before walking out of the house to get into his car and head home and get ready for his move as well.

"That is one scary librarian." Jack heard is 2IC Sam state as she came up to stand next to him.

"You have no idea how true that statement is." Buffy said as she came up behind the pair that was staring at the door, causing them to jump at the sound of her voice.

"HOLY HANNAH! Maybe a warning next time. I don't think my heart can take another jump." Samantha Carter stated as she held her hand to her chest.

"Sorry Major Carter. I mean Sam. Sometimes I forget that I can be exceptionally quite as I move. It's almost 2nd nature to me now to move like this. I'll try to not be as quiet for now."Buffy said as she tried to look remorsefully. "I just wanted to let you guys know that I have the last of the boxes packed up and I will go ahead and start loading them in the truck. I looked for any type of clothing that would work in the coldish weather, but I only found a set of skiing clothes that I had bought when I was still living in LA and went to Aspen with some friends. I can't even fit them anymore. I was thinking that when we go and see those banking people and give them my info and stuff, that we could just hit a store or two in LA for like a couple outfits. Is that alright with you?" Buffy ended her babble with the question to her father.

Buffy couldn't be sure, but she could have sworn that she heard a small whimper come from her father and a chuckle from the Major at the thought of shopping for clothing.

"I guess that you do need the clothes and I don't think that a pair of shorts and tank top would be very good up in the mountains. You promise that it's just a couple of outfits and that you will save the big shopping to the pros once we get home?" Jack asked back to Buffy.

Buffy began to smile and jump up and down and said, "I promise that you will be saved from manic shopping Buffy. I am going to go and load the last of the boxes." Buffy ended as she decided to give Jack a quick loose hug, just before running off to the stairs to get the last of the boxes packed before her friends arrived to go to the Bronze.

"Crap. I forgot all about needing to stop in LA. I hate LA with a passion." Jack sighed as he took a seat on the couch.

"It shouldn't be too bad Jack. You will only be there probably an hour or two." Daniel said, as he and Teal'c joined the other two in the living room in a somewhat awkward silence as they listened to Buffy travel back and forth loading her boxes.

"Do you believe that Buffy Summers O'Neill would allow me to take the remaining Hostess snack cakes that are sitting in her pantry. They would go bad otherwise." Teal'c asked the group with a raised eyebrow, trying to end the quiet.

'I never thought that I could add his name on to mine. I kind of like the idea of something different.' Buffy thought to herself before speaking … "I forgot about all the food that was in the house." Buffy said aloud as she joined the group in the living room. "Can I use your phone for a few calls to ask anyone if they need some canned goods and stuff?" Buffy asked her father, but before he could answer she turned to Teal'c and said. "And yes Teal'c, you can have the snack cakes. It would give you something to snack on on the trip home." Buffy ended her babble.

"Thank you" Teal'c responded with a tilt of his head in Buffy's direction.

"Is there anything that you would want to take with us that is left in there?" Jack asked back.

"The soda for sure. They don't need to be cooled or anything. Do you need any food or anything at your place? Like the Mac and Cheese or the other pastas. Or even the canned goods would be safe for transport. The only things that I would be worried about is the milk, juice, eggs, and ice cream. That's pretty much all that's left in the fridge and stuff since we ate the lasagnas and stuff last night." Buffy ended as she looked towards Jack.

"Why don't you set up your new phone and ask your friends if any of them want the stuff in the fridge?" Sam stated aloud, instead of having Jack handing over his phone.

"Before you do that, why don't we eat as much of it as we can tonight once you get home with your friends. We could have a breakfast for dinner type thing, than we could just throw the rest of the stuff out before we leave. While you are gone, I will pack up the non perishable foods to put in the truck and place the sodas up front where we will be." Jack ended.

"Are you sure? I feel bad about all the work that you all are doing. I appreciate it cause it would have taken a heck of a lot longer, but I still feel bad. I mean you guys are like super important people and because of me you got put on babysitting and pack mule duty." Buffy stated rather guiltily.

"I see no reasoning for those types of thoughts. I believe that if we did not want to assist you than we would simply refuse to do so." Teal'c added on trying to ease Buffy's thoughts of guilt.

"But you could still set up your phone. That way you can give your friends the new number that goes with it." Daniel added on after the talk about the food and guilt.

"Good idea." Buffy said with a huge smile as she ran towards a set of bags at the foot of the stairs.

As Buffy was setting up her phone, Jack and the rest of SG1 were just basking in the quiet of the group before they all went their separate ways for the next day or two.

By the time that Buffy was finished activating her phone and adding all of her friends' numbers and the number of the new Slayer, there was a knock at the front door.

"Are you expecting anyone Buffy?" Daniel asked of his friends' daughter.

"No, not yet I don't think." Buffy responded with a wrinkled brow on her head as she made her way to go and answer the door.

"Stay there for now and let me check it out Elizabeth." Jack stated in his Colonel tone, causing Buffy to sit down instantly and not even say anything about the name mix-up.

"Is he always this over-protective?" Buffy asked the group that was still in the living room.

"Yes!" Was the resounding answer from Major Carter and Daniel Jackson, plus an "Indeed!" that came from Teal'c.

"It's pretty bad for us and we're just his friends and team-mates. I have a feeling that it will be even worse for you since you are his child." Daniel added on.

"I hate to have to be the one to tell you, but I fear for whatever boyfriends it is that you may have when you bring them around back at home. I know that he likes to scare the crap out of our honorary niece Cassandras' boyfriends to see if they hold up, so I think that it may be worse than that since you are his daughter." Samantha Carter added on after Daniel was done.

"Is this Cassandra the daughter of the lady that will be going shopping with us once we get into town?" Buffy asked as she wanted to learn some more of her father and friends.

"Yeah. Janet is her mom. She is the Chief Medical Officer at the place that we work. She adopted her around 2 almost 3 years ago. Cassandra is a few years younger than you but it shouldn't be to big of a difference." Sam ended her response.

"So you guys work with Aliens and stuff then? That is like super cool. I wonder if I could work there instead of going to College? I don't think that dad would let me do that would he? I guess that I could make a few calls to Tony and get myself invited." Buffy wondered aloud as she was looking off towards the door where Jack is at, also trying to see if there is any danger lurking and what is taking so long. 'Maybe I shouldn't have said that thing about Tony? Oops.' Buffy thought to herself.

As Buffy was looking off to the side, she failed to see the look of shock on the remaining 3 members of SG1 as Jack made his way back into the living room with a giant bouquet of flowers in one hand and a sealed large yellow folder in the other.

"What's the what dad?" Buffy asked, causing Jack to pause for a minute as she had called him dad once more.

"You just had a special delivery here from England is all." Jack started until he took a look at his team-mates. "Is there a problem here Carter?" Jack asked just as soon as he set the flowers down in front of Buffy giving her a look at the connected card.

"They're from Tony about mom. That is very sweet of him to do that." Buffy said as she began to tear up a little bit before she grabbed for the envelope.

"Buffy?" Sam questioned to gather Buffy's attention. "Who is Tony? Is this the same Tony that you said you could call to join your dad at work?" Sam finished her question and noticed a lost look on Jack's face.

"What's this about joining me at work?" Was all that Jack could come up with as shocked as he was at the turn of the conversation.

"It seems O'Neill that your daughter is rather well informed of what it is that we do back at Cheyenne Mountain." Teal'c stated at the same time that Buffy answered Sam's question with. "Yeah. Tony Blair, and I guess that I shouldn't of mentioned him. Let us keep that between us alright? I just suck at being secret keeping girl."

"We'll get back to the Tony Blair business later. What is it that you actually think that we do?" Jack asked.

"I figured that it has to do with Aliens or something along those lines. I mean Teal'c feels clearly not fully human, but not fully demony either. Plus yesterday you said that word Tarter or something was what the people of Earth was called. Also, you keep calling Daniel Space Monkey. That makes one think that you have met some people or whatever that weren't from Earth. It's just some deductive reasoning." Buffy ended her response.

At the end of Buffy's explanation, Jack placed his head in his hands and mumbled to himself. "Hammond is going to have my ass."

"Huh? Did I say something wrong again?" Was all that Buffy asked, just before another knock at the door before it opened admitting the group of Scoobies into the house.