There was some final, wonderful, things unsaid before you both went on about your lives, co-existing and taking comfort in just the presence of one another for a while. No one even said anything, certainly not Pepper that was giving Tony mildly worried, exasperated looks as he went on with his day-to-day life. Living almost softly for a very short time.

Then there was a call to action, the Avengers assembling once again to force out a threat beyond military abilities. Thor split the earth as he was flung again to Midgard, Clint and Natasha appearing like wraiths from the darkness at your back, your leader Captain America standing tall before you, willing to lead this rag-tag band of misfits into another battle because you need him - not because he wants to fight, but because you have no one else and he is willing to fill that gap.

It is comforting that he is willing.

Is it more so that Tony is at your side, hand on your shoulder, calm in the energy storm that is your team.

And during the battle against, of all things, giant robots, you realize just how deeply Tony is now in your very psyche. That, when he goes down, everything go red and green and white hot.

It is an eternity before you come back, heaving breaths that shake your ribs and thump your heart hard against them. You shake with adrenaline and anger and fear and exhaustion that slowly melts away when ozone and grease and the scent pure TONY tingles your senses. And, when you look down, down to see that uncovered, happy, soot-stained face, you smile wearily, delirious over the fact that you had been guarding your lover and friend and something infinitely deeper, better, sweeter than any word can account for. And blush. You are nude again, Tony not having time to finish his stretch formula, not that he's complaining.

You wonder if your face will permanently be smiling and blush red from now on where he's concerned.

You decide you don't mind that either.