Chapter six

On this hot, fresh and beautiful day of July, four people woke up really early, each for a very different reason. The first person to have woken up this early was a men of almost sixty-five years old. He had two places he wanted to visit on this early hour, before going to his son room and wake him up to prepare for his special day. This is why, after having freshen up a little, he slowly went down the stairs, into the kitchen and went out from the door that lead to the garden and went straight into where the big apple tree was situated, where he knew he would always find the small red rose planted under it. There, he sat down besides it for a moment and started a conversation with little Joyce in his head. He told her that even though she didn't leave to become a beautiful girl and women like her mother, he knew that today, she would be there, watching over her big brother, maybe even be together with her mother, and smiling knowingly at the wedding that will be taking place in just a few hours… The other place he wanted to visit this morning, was the tomb of his wife. This is why he started to slowly make his way to the cemetery, like he was used to doing every day since his wife had left him. When he arrived at the cemetery, he knew by heart where he would find the tomb of his wife, always freshly decorated with new and beautiful flowers. There, he sat by it for a moment, having a little conversation with her in his head. He said to her that today he knew she would be there, watching over her son, her little boy, who had grown to become the doctor that she had always wished for him to be, marrying the women of his dreams. He also confessed to her that he wished that she could be there with him, right besides him, for real, on this special day that was their son's wedding. How often they had imagine how this day would be like, when they used to have conversations of when their little boy would be a grown up men. How they had always said that on this day, they would be so glad to still be together, because their son would be leaving them for good. At least he had the small comfort of knowing that she will be there with him today, if not in person, but in his head, on his heart and always, always by his side.

The second person to have woken up this early on this special day, was a tall and slender women of almost sixty years old. The first thing that she did after having freshen herself a little, was to go down in the kitchen, to prepare some tea, muffins, toasts with a fresh cup of orange juice. She wanted to prepare a strong and healthy breakfast for Anne, who was going to be marrying Gilbert Blythe today. She paused for a moment, thinking, my Anne his going to marry John Blythe's son. Providence do really make things right after all ! Thank goodness Gilbert had come back to his senses and had apologize for his one and only mistake and that Anne, who was as prideful and stubborn as him, had reconsider becoming friends with him even though she had swore to never talk to Gilbert Blythe ever again. I on the other hand, never had the same chance as she did. Because John Blythe, who had the Blythe stubbornness to strong at the time, never came back to apologize for his one and only mistake that he had made towards me. I am sure that neither him, his wife or myself would have thought for one moment that, the little orphan girl that I had adopted such a long time ago and their little boy would have grown up to be in love with one another, get married and start a family together ! But I am sure and certain that Gilbert knew that he was going to marry Anne one day. For him, it never was any other girls, it was always and have only been Anne. This is why he had almost died of typhoid fever, making Anne realize that she couldn't leave without him either. Oh, but enough thinking of the past now Marilla, today is a day of celebration where I will be witnessing the true love that my girl and John's boy share for one another...

The third person to have woken up this early on this special day, was a young and beautiful red headed women of almost twenty-five years old. But, today, without having gotten up and going straight to the bathroom to go and freshen up, she had stayed a little longer in her bed, thinking of happy and beautiful things for a while. Today was the day of all days. The day that she was always dreaming of in her head, when she will be marrying the men of her dreams. The men that she had created one day, piece by piece, who would be tall, dark and melancholy. Who would sit by candlelight with her, reading Tennyson in their house of dreams. But she had come to realize that it is not all of what we dream of that can come true. That she had fooled herself into thinking that Gilbert Blythe could never be the men of her dreams. Oh, how I was wrong. Sure, Gilbert his not tall, dark and melancholy. But he is so much more then that. With his hazel eyes that are always shining with happiness, mischievousness, tenderness, love, passion, whenever he is looking straight into my own eyes. His lips who are forever and always smiling now, whenever his is not talking and looking straight into my face. And his kisses, his sweet, perfect, gentle, romantic and very Gilberty kisses that he is always giving and sharing with me, whenever we are alone together and that I am always responding and giving back to him, with all the love, care, happiness, sweetness and very Anne-ness to him. Let me re-frase what I had said earlier, that not every dreams that we dream of that can come true. Yes always and forever yes, every dreams that we one day dream for ourselves can always become true and a reality. Because Gilbert Blythe is the one dream that I had dream of that as become a reality into my own life.

- My, Anne-girl, what are you still doing in bed at such an hour of this new day ? You should have already been downstairs in the kitchen, eating the breakfast that I had prepared for you ! And going straight back into your room, right after, to get ready for your wedding !

It was Marilla who had said that, having entered into Anne's bedroom, with the breakfast tray into her hands, setting it besides Anne on her bed.

- Oh, my dearest of Marilla's, isn't it such a beautiful day ? I feel like all of the universe, had arrange for it to be this beautiful and perfect, because I had wished for it yesterday, for it to be just like that, for my wedding day. And it seems that it had answered all of my prayers !

- You are right Anne, today really his a beautiful day. But, this do not mean that you have to stay in bed and be late for your own wedding. You do not want and wish to make Gilbert wait impatiently for you at the altar now, do you ?

- Oh no Marilla, there's no need to be in a hurry. Besides, Diana has not even arrived yet. Remember, she is the one to help me get dressed today. Let me stay in bed for a while longer, eat the breakfast that you had brought for me and wait for Diana by continuing of dreaming of Gilbert and our special day, by not doing anything else then that !

Without saying another word, Marilla gently kissed and caressed Anne's cheek and slowly and quietly left the room, to let Anne for once, leave into her own and imaginary life !

The fourth person to have gotten up at such an early hour on this special day, was a young men of almost twenty-eight years old. Unlike his soon to be wife, the moment he had woken up, he had went straight into the bathroom, and into the shower, to take a very long one with really cold water. Because he needed to put back his senses into reality and wake up from this beautiful dream that he had dreamed of last night. In the dream, he and Anne were in a bedroom, he imagined it to be their bedroom, it was an early morning just like this one and they were facing each other face to face. They were smiling gently to one another. Anne had come closer to him, and had started to kiss him on the lips, very slowly at first. Then, she had started to touch him, first on his face, then on his hair, slowly descending on his shoulder while starting to kiss him more passionatly. This made him respond to her in the same way, witch only lead to one result, them making passionate and romantic love with their body making the same movements, all at the same time, like they were synchronize, knowing exactly what the other one would be doing next, because it was and had always been that way for them to wake up to each and every morning, since their wedding night. But Gilbert knew that this wasn't still their honeymoon, because when they were done and had said good morning at the same time to each other, their bedroom door flew open and a bunch of little kids, their kids had come running onto their bed to greet them a good morning. Gilbert didn't had the time to count how many children had come into their room, because he had woken up just at that moment, but he had time to count at least five of them. When he was done with his shower, he put on his more casual clothing on, shaved his beard and went back into his bedroom, to only find his father there, sited in a corner of his bed, with the little box of his mother in his hands. They said at the same time :

- Dad !

- Gilbert !

There was and had never been any moments of shyness between them. But, today with the small box of his wife into his hands, he didn't know how to aboard the subject with his son. He didn't really know how this box got into Gilbert's hands ? Does he knows what's inside of it ? Gilbert sensing the discomfort of his father, came to sit right next to him onto the bed. He could see that his father couldn't look at him straight in the eyes. Without really knowing it, he answered to one of his father's mental questions by saying :

- Mom told me where I could find this box, the day that she died. When you and Anne had left me alone a moment with her.

By still looking affectionately at the box and still holding it with such care, John asked his son :

- And did you look for what was inside of it ?

- Off course I did, dad. Mom told me that I would know and find all of our family secrets in it. Witch surprised me greatly really, because I didn't know we had any secrets kept into our family.

John didn't answer his son right away. First he slowly opened the box and took out the first item he found inside of it. It was the picture of him and his wife on their wedding day.

- Did you know that back then, we couldn't really take more romantic, affectionate and personal pictures then this one on our wedding day. I remember very well your mother asking the photographer if we could kiss each other instead of just holding into each other's arms. The photographer's answer was categoric, no ! She decided to keep this one private and secret to ourselves only.

- I had notice that there was never any pictures of just the two of you anywhere into the house.

- Oh, but there are many pictures of you and us, all three together, of you at all ages, all around the house. Maybe for you and Anne it will be different ? Maybe the photographer will let you kiss each other, when you will be taking your wedding pictures...

Both Gilbert and his dad smiled at this. Then, the other item that John took out of the box was the picture of him and Marilla together.

- Oh, I didn't know that your mother knew anything about this picture and that she even kept it on this box.

- You and miss Cuthbert knew each other from a really long time as it seems. What am I saying, off course you knew each other, you are both islanders, you grew up together and went to the same little Avonlea school that Anne and I went to ! You and mom met a long, long time after that, right ?

- Yes that's right Gil. Marilla and I were almost the same as you and Anne when she entered into your life when she came to leave with the Cuthbert's. Without you having realizing anything, you two had almost made history repeat itself when you two had not talk to each other for such a long time.

- What are you talking about dad ? I don't get anything of what you are saying !

- You will understand Gil, in just one minute. Just give me time to go back down memory lane... You only have to know and understand that if things had went and gone differently with Marilla and I, she and Matthew wouldn't have adopted this little orphan girl and that me and your mother we wouldn't have gotten married and you wouldn't have come to be born into this world.

- Does this mean that you and miss Cuthbert were in love with each other ? And that something happened, witch had lead to your separation ?

Dropping the box by accident, when John went down to take it up, he noticed the pearl ring that was also inside of it, witch he hadn't seen yet, onto the floor. With shaking hands, he took it back and looked at it with confusion, surprise and tears in his eyes. John continued with the story to his son, with a shaking voice.

- Now I know why your mother had hide this box away from me, for all those years. You see, your mother was a really bright and smart girl, this is why I couldn't never keep anything a secret from her. One day, shortly after we were married, she had found the picture of myself and Marilla together with the ring. I just had gotten her this little box as a gift to her, for making me so happy. She had said that it would be our little secretive box, known only to us. Well, the picture and the ring were not really hiding properly, this is why she had found them so easily. She wasn't really mad at seeing the picture, she only wanted to know who the girl posing with me was, but for the ring, she wanted to know why it wasn't her wedding ring and to whom it belong to then ? I answered her that the ring belonged to both the girl on the picture and the women I wanted to ask for in marriage a long time ago !

- Then, this ring was for miss Cuthbert and not for mother ? What happened ? Why didn't you had the chance to ask miss Cuthbert hands in marriage ?

- Oh, for a silly reason, really. You see how Marilla was a lot taller then me back then ? He was pointing at their picture for Gilbert to see. Well, at that age, I was already doing some small work on the farm for my father, and every week, he was giving me some allowance money. I was saving every penny, for one reason and one reason only. To be able and buy the most beautiful ring and, when I would have been old enough, I would have proposed to Marilla. She and I were the best of friends, always together. Talking of our future, taking long walks together, doing our home work together. I wanted and knew that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with her. We never had anyone of these romantic conversations that two people who are in love have, but we both knew that one day we would end up married to each other.

- I still don't understand, what happened for you two to separate and never talk to each other ever again ?

- Oh Gil, you know how we Blythe boys are around girls, especially the one girl that we always want to have all of our attention ! We always play little tricks on them, but we never think that we are doing anything wrong, until everything gets out of our control. Just remember how it was for you and Anne, when you had called her ''Carrots'' and she had smashed her slate into your head !

- Oh, dad, how could I ever forget that day ? But she forgave me. It took her five long years, but she did forgive me. I guess that we both had put our pride out of the way at that moment...

- That's right, and that's exactly where you and Anne had done things differently from me and Marilla. One day, she and I were taking a walk, I believe that I was escorting her back to her house precisely after we had done taking these pictures and, I don't remember how we had gotten to have this conversation, we were talking about if we ever had to propose marriage to one another. And I had said something like : Well then, the men that will be proposing to you, will have to get into a chair or get on his toes to be taller then you, to be able to propose to you properly. Because Marilla had always been a little or much taller then any other guys and girls in school or in Avonlea for that matter. And I guess and had always known that her tallness was a sensible subject for her and I had insulted her by saying this to her. My Blythe stubbornness and her Cuthbert pride got the better of the both of us, and she like me, never apologized to each other and never talked with each other either. The funny thing or the sad thing, is that at that time, I had already bought this ring to ask her hand in marriage... I had never said or mentioned Marilla's name in front of your mother. The picture had helped her to know of whom I was speaking about and I guess that she had been able to discover who she was, only by looking closely at the women that looked the same as the one in the picture, at church or at any Avonlea events that we went to. After this, I never saw this little box again and your mother and I never talked about this ever again.

- And today, Anne and I are getting married to one another ! Don't you think that it is a chance for you and miss Cuthbert to let go of all of these nonsenses behind you two ?

- Marilla and I we have already started to have small talks and take small walks together from time to time. But I don't think that we are ever going to be anything else from one another. I think that she and I are happy to have a part of our friendship back and that is enough...

Gilbert smiled knowingly at his father, but with a funny expression in his eyes. He knew that he and Anne won't let this friendship between his father and Marilla stay that way for long...

- Gilbert, my son, since Marilla never knew about this ring and it is only your mother you and I who knew and knows about it, I think that this ring should belong to the daughter of the women I never got the chance to propose to and that you today, will have the chance to get married to this said daughter !

Now, they both had tears into their eyes.

- Dad, it will be an honor for me to slide this ring into Anne's ring finger as a promise of my eternal love...

Father and son both cried into each others embrace, after so many emotions shared between them, at such and early hour in the morning...


Anne and Gilbert are married, they are at last a husband and a wife. They had got married into the back garden of Green Gables. Diana and Fred with Fred Jr. and little Anne-Cordelia into the loving arms of her mother, had got down the isle first. Then Gilbert had went down the isle with Marilla, as his mother in-law by his side. John had taken Anne, his daughter in-law down the isle, to his son, who was patiently waiting for her at the altar, with Marilla by his side. When Anne had realized that Gilbert was putting the pearl ring onto her ring finger, she had looked up at him with questions in her eyes. Only resulting in him whispering in her ear ''I'll explain everything to you later'' and he winked at her right after that !

They had their first dance and now everyone of their guests was dancing all the way around them, under the tent who was only reserve to the dance section. At one moment, they both exclaimed at the same time :

- Gil !

- Anne !

Witch resulted in them laughing at the same time. And finally, when they could speak again, they again said at the same time :

- Are you thinking what I am thinking right now ?

- Are you thinking the same thing I am thinking right now ?

Looking at each other in the eyes of one another, they shared one small kiss, before going their separate ways. Anne was going to where John was standing alone at one side of the tent and Gilbert was going to where Marilla was standing alone at another side of the tent.

- Mr. Blythe, would you like to share a dance with me ? Anne had asked John.

- Miss Cuthbert, would you like to share a dance with me ? Gilbert had asked Marilla.

John had accepted greatly to dance with his daughter in-law. Marilla had accepted greatly to dance with his son in-law.

- How many times did I asked you to stop calling me Mr. Blythe, Anne ?

- How many times did I asked you to stop calling me miss Cuthbert, Gilbert ?

Witch Anne and Gilbert replied to both of their dance partners :

- I guess that it will take me a longer time now to start calling you John !

- Oh, it is just an old habit of mine, I guess I will have to learn and start calling you Marilla from now on !

Both Anne and Gilbert danced for a little while longer with both Marilla and John, before they got nearer to one another.

-Excuse me dad, you won't mind if I take back my wife to dance with her, while I will let you dance with Marilla here ?

Without waiting for his dad answer, Gilbert took Anne back into his arms and started to dance with her once again. As they were dancing, they were from time to time, looking at where they had left John and Marilla, to see if they would start dancing together ? They were standing near from one another, but never touching any parts of their body. They were from time to time, looking at each other in the eyes and at other times, they were looking at anywhere but from each other. Each lost into their own thoughts. ( After all this time, she is still a little taller then me ! ) ( It has been such a long time since I had dance with him. Or, did I ever danced with him ? I don't really remember ) ( The last person I had shared a dance with, was my wife. Do I have her permission now to dance with another women, this other women being Marilla ? )

They never had any time to have the answers to all of their questions, neither to share their first dance together. As one moment later, the only thing they heard, was the laugh of Anne, who was laughing because the tent had got broken and gotten down on all of their heads.


After the wedding, Anne and Gilbert, had left Green Gables, Diana and her family, John, Marilla and Avonlea behind them to go settle into their little house of dreams, to start their life together. Every time Anne had got pregnant, they had send letters to Marilla and John to informed them of the good news. And, each time they received a letter, either it was Marilla who had gotten hers first or John, they would always be coming to each other's house to celebrate the happy news together. And this is why, for each pregnancy, they had either shared a cup of tea, a cup of fruit juice or a cup of raspberry cordial, depending on the time it was, whenever they were receiving a new letter, from the happy couple.

Ten years later...

On a warm summer afternoon, Marilla and John were both at Green Gables, sharing quality time with all of their grand-children. Sadly, Rachel had died a year ago. Dora was still living at Green Gales with Marilla, but she would soon be leaving the dear house, because she was getting married at the end of the month. Davy was still living here also, and like his twin sister, he already had a girlfriend, and he wanted to get married and find his own place to be living in. He had become the assistant of John at Blythe farm and the farm was working really well. You could see that John and Marilla were really proud of how Davy had turned out to be a hard working men and an handsome young men.

Some time later, Marilla and John had gotten out to the back garden of Green Gables with all of their grand-children, where they had ask the kids one small question, witch had resulted in them giving back strong answers.

- Joy, what would you like to be when you grow up ?

The girl of almost ten years old, who was the perfect replica of her mother at the same age. With red hair, freckles on her face and grey-green eyes, took her time to answer the question of her grandma. After a moment, she said :

- I would like to have an orphanage, to be able to help all the orphans into this world and to try and find them the best family that they should deserve, just like you and Matthew had done for mother when she was younger !

- What about you, Jem, what would you like to be when you grow up ?

The boy didn't take long to give an answer to his grandpa :

- That's easy, I want to become a doctor, just like dad !

It was the turn for Walter to give his answer :

- I want to become a poet !

Now it was the turn for the twins, Anne and Diana, or as they prefer to be called, Nan and Di to give their answer :

- We want to stay together forever and never leave each others sides !

They had talked at the same time and were also holding hands.

Because Shirley knew that it was his turn to speak, he had gotten closer to his grand-father, until he got unto his laps and said, looking proudly at the older men :

- I want to become a farmer, just like you, grand-dad !

Rilla who was already sited into her grand-mother's laps, said after thinking for a while :

- I would like to stay pretty all of my life and I would like to see grandma and grandpa get married !

At this answer, both John and Marilla looked at each other, Marilla with really red cheeks and John only winked at the both of them.


At Ingleside, it was two in the morning. Gilbert Blythe was getting back home after a long night of attending to very expecting mothers and other medical cases. But, what he was doing now, was the best part of his married life to Anne Shirley. Excuse-me, his wife, Anne Blythe ! It has been ten years now. Ten happy and beautiful years. Oh, sure, they have had some arguments from time to time, like every other couple, but never anything big for them to go sleep angry at each other. Entering into the house, he was remembering the one dream that he had dreamed of on the night before their wedding day. He realize now that their life together, had always been, just like in the dream. Beautiful, loving and romantic nights together, with beautiful, loving and romantic mornings together. With many passionate love making. Always having their seven children come running into their bedroom in the mornings. Yes, seven children ! He had always dreamed of having a big family, with Anne. His dream was fully fulfilled now. Knowing that all of their children where in Avonlea, at Green Gable with their grand-parents, Gilbert only had to go into his room, knowing that Anne was already in bed, half asleep, waiting for him to return. To his surprise, she was not in their bed, but at her hairdresser table, with her nightgown on her, her head down into her arms facing the mirror in front of her. Seeing this, Gilbert went straight to her, and put his protecting arms around her shoulders.

- Anne-girl, my love, what's wrong ? Couldn't you sleep because of the children absence ? My absence ? Are you not feeling alright ?

Turning her whole body to be able to face him properly and that Gilbert could sit on the bench of the hairdresser for her to sit on his laps, with her having her arms around his neck and him having his arms around her waist, she said :

- My love, the children have been absent from Ingleside for three days now, and although I miss them dearly, them not being there, cannot disturb me from sleeping. And you know that every time you are out on late nights calls, I always half sleep because I always want to make sure that you have come back home safely. And no, I do not feel anything wrong, everything is alright with me.

As she was talking, the both of them started to play with each other's hair and tracing small signs on their faces with their fingers.

- Then dearest Anne of mine, what is troubling you at such an hour at night ?

Before saying anything, she put her head down unto her husband chest and he started to slowly and gently caress her hair.

- It's Marilla !

- Well, the last I heard, Marilla was doing really fine and great, taking care of all her grand-kids at Green Gables. With the help of my father.

- Oh Gil, I know she his doing fine in all her every day life... But, it's been ten years now Gil and you and I didn't succeed in our plan of getting her and your father married ! This is why I was thinking, since the House of Dreams is again for sell, we could buy it for her and make her come leave there and have Susan go there every day to prepare food for her and all that ? Because, she won't be able to stay alone at Green Gables, now with Davy and Dora practically starting their new lives with their new spouses...

- And what will you be making of my father ?

- I was thinking of making him come leave at the House of Dreams as well. And Davy could go leave at Blythe farm with his wife ?

- What a scandalous thing to be thinking of now, Anne Blythe. What would you say instead, if I buy the House of Dreams for us, as a summer house we could go to when the children would be out of school and later for us two only, as a retreat house. I agree with you, Davy and his wife can go leave at Blythe farm and that leaves Green Gables into the hands of Marilla, but, she won't be alone for that matter.

Anne who was surprised by what her husband was saying to her, looked up to him with a start and asked :

- I don't understand Gil, what are you saying, Marilla won't be alone at Green Gables for that matter ?

- My dear sweet and amazing wife, you must know that our children have succeeded where you and I have felled. How would you feel if I told you that soon, another wedding would be taking place at Green Gables ?

Now Anne was understanding everything that Gilbert was saying to her. Everything was making perfect sense now. This is why she bursted out a happy and glorious laugh before leaning closer to her husband's face and beginning to kiss him very passionately on his always readied lips...

Some time later...

It was another perfect summer day in Avonlea. The sky was clear and blue, with birds singing on every tree. The first couple to walk down the isle was Dora and her husband. She was now pregnant with her first baby, and she was glowing with such happiness throughout all of her body that her husband couldn't take his eyes off of her beautiful face.

The next couple to walk down the isle was Davy and his wife, with a tiny small boy, with blonde hair just like his father, into the loving arms of his mother, slowly but with proud smiles on their faces, making their way at the front of the altar.

The third couple to be making their way down the isle, was Diana and Fred, with Fred Jr. who didn't let anyone call him Fred Jr. anymore, because he had gotten much taller then his father, with Anne-Cordelia who was beginning to look like a fine young women and both Diana and Fred had each on their arms, a small baby of about four years old for the girl and seven years old for the guy.

The fourth couple to be making their way down the isle was John and Anne. Followed closely by all of Anne and Gilbert's seven children. Joy was leading them, followed by Jem, then Walter, then Nan and Di and as the ring bearers, the both of them each holding into their arms a coffin with the rings on them, was Shirley and Rilla.

After that, it was supposed to be the turn of the fifth couple to walk down the isle, but two minutes passed, then it was five minutes, then ten minutes, and their was still no sign of the fifth couple. Everyone in the assistance was starting to look at one another with questions in their eyes. Before Anne could give orders at Joy to go look and see what was taking the last couple so long, she saw the smiling face and fit figure of her husband coming with a rapid pace and alone down the isle, take the coffins with the rings off of Shirley and Rilla's hands, to give them to Joy and Jem and took his two younger children by their hands and went back with them to where he was supposed to be coming out of, with the bride. Again, to the surprise of the assistance, Gilbert came down the isle once more, alone, marching slowly and calmly with a big smile on his face, to where his wife was standing.

They didn't have to wait much longer to finally see Marilla, for the first time wearing a long pale creamy dress with short sleeves on her arms. She had one happy and proud smile on her face, but, she didn't let the girls, Anne, Diana and Dora do anything else with her hair, then her usual and every day tight chignon. She had given her bouquet of red roses to Rilla to hold for her, as she was holding both one hand of Shirley and Rilla, to walk down the isle, as a bride, to her future husband, John, who was patiently waiting for her at the end of the altar, with the same happy and proud smile on his face, with his son Gilbert, his daughter in-law Anne and Joy, Jem, Walter, Di and Nan all by his side, waiting for the three of them. The happy bride who had only wanted to walk down the isle, with the two small and dearest person, that had convinced them, to finally get married. The two youngest children who were named after her Marilla, the wife to be and John, the husband to be. These two small children that carried with them, very big names and they were : Bertha Marilla Blythe and John Shirley Blythe !

This all made them come to the conclusion, that really, at last, Good things comes to those who wait...

The end !

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