So I'm just going to post some one shots here, really.

Name Choosing


'But Lottie-'

'I've said it before, I will say it again. No child of mine will be named Buford. I am completely against it.'

'It's such a nice name though, different from-'

'It's a horrid name! I don't mind different, but Buford is stepping over the line.'

'Not even as a middle name? Please? This is my child too Charlotte.'

Henry sat, hopeful. He thought, even if he couldn't get away with calling his child Buford, he would get away with making it his second name.

Charlotte sighed.

'Fine. But only as a middle name. I'm still stuck on name idea's. I want a nice name, one that's known but not completely common.'

'What about James?'

'No. No, it would remind me of Jem too much, not to mention Will.'

He knew his wife still wasn't over the fact of letting Jem go, and he didn't like saying goodbye either. At least he wasn't actually dead. He did visit sometimes, when Will would make a purposeful 'emergency' call to the Brothers, but that was mostly it.

'Henry Jr.? I've always wanted to name my son Henry Jr. Or Henry II.'

'That would be too confusing, dear.'


Charlotte shook her head.

'What about Thomas or Edward?' She asked.

'I don't like Edward. Although I'm fairly sure Thomas is the name of an American mundane inventor.'

'Well we have to agree on something!'

'Jonathan? Or Nathan for short? John? Little bit more modern...'

'I don't want modern I want traditional.'

Henry sighed. Charlotte was very particular about important matters.

Such as choosing a name that they're child will have for the rest of his life.

'I like Fred. Or Samuel. And Harry. I like the name Harry.'

Henry deliberated. He liked the names Harry and Fred too. But it didn't sound right.

'I like George or Frank. Maybe even Richard, but I don't think it suits.'

He could see Charlotte thinking, her mind wondering, trying to know if she liked the names or not.

'I don't like Richard. And Frank's a little too traditional. I want something that sounds right, and is both modern, traditional and common.'

Henry thought about this. What did he like in a name? What names were special?

He remembered meeting a particular Shadowhunter in the Devil's Tavern once, that he'd got into a game of gambling with. The Shadowhunter was so drunk he had let slip that he was a mundane murderer and told him not to open his mouth or he would shut it for him. He had also gotten in a fight with him because he had gotten mad that Henry had won the poker game. He remembered their brawl at the bar, whipping out his knife and putting it to the man's throat before he could stab Henry's chest. What was his name again? He remembered it being authentic and traditional, but modern and common at the same time. He remembered liking the name. What was it? Clyde? Carl? Charles? Wait...Charles! That was it. Even now, Henry liked the name. And Charles Buford Fairchild had a nice ring to it.

'What about Charles?' Henry asked into the silence. Charlotte deliberated.

'Yes. Yes, I like that name. It's traditional yet also quite modernly common. It sounds nice too.'

'I know, I like it as well.'

'Charles Buford Fairchild.' She said wonderingly. 'I do really like it.'

Henry was relieved that they had found a name they both liked.

Charlotte didn't need to know their child was going to be named after a murderer.