Sorry I haven't been posting recently, had other things to do and other things to write and I do intend to carry on with this. Here's a tiny oneshot.

Henry, Not Hyde

Charlotte was heavily engrossed in her book, becoming even more invested with each paragraph she read. She loved the book she was reading, particularly for its morals and very peculiar characters. Charles and Matthew were playing happily upstairs and this was the peace she could revel in for a while without work or disturbance.

She didn't realise Henry had wandered back in from his laboratory and spotted her there bundled up on the sofa. With his usual perky interest he sat down beside her. He gave her that warm smile of his that sent her heart spiralling and for a moment she lost the words on the page.

'What are you reading?'

'Jekyll and Hyde again.'

'Really? What's it about?'

'I'm nearly at the end, where they find Hyde dead. Essentially the respectable Dr Jekyll is a doctor and creates a potion in his laboratory doesn't matter.' She ended strangely, staring at him unnervingly.

'What, why?' He asked, confused.

Charlotte chuckled in disbelief.

'Because I've just realised the similarities between you and Jekyll. You're both scientists of sorts, for one thing.'

'Charlotte, I'm an inventor, not a scientist.'

'But you're curiosity and manner just reminds me of him. You both like playing around with different things and experimenting.'

'And is that a bad thing?'

She deliberated. There certainly were flaws in the character and yet her comparison was accurate.

'Admittedly he is very extreme to the point of crazy. You are just adorably wacky,' she replied, 'and you are definitely handsomer.' she added, playing with his hair.

'Bet Jekyll doesn't have a beautiful woman like you with him. Nor Hyde for that matter.'

'Neither do, no. Just think yourself lucky.'

He smiled, taking her in his arms.

She lowered him down into the sofa, resting on top of him and giving him a smile of caution, 'as long as you don't start experimenting with the human soul and start creating devilish creatures you're absolutely perfect.'

'Remind me never to do anything of the sort.' He grinned.

'You better not, Mr. Branwell.'

'Wouldn't dream of losing everything I have for an experiment.'

She pulled him down to kiss him, holding him tightly and knowing he was truly a better man than she could have ever hoped for, and certainly one better than Jekyll.