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I woke up, took a breath, and I knew nothing of the past
Was thrown into a maze and had to re-learn things, and fast

No one could remember anything, and it was strange
And we'd make do with what we had, but everything would change

For that place had no future, it was death; we had to flee
I was surprised when many of them chose to follow me

We fought, we ran, we lost a few, we struggled, we got out
And learned why we were there and what the whole thing was about

No sooner had we left that hell when we were dragged away
They said that we were saved, and safe; that things would be okay

They told us they would help us if we just stayed well-behaved
But things were not okay, and we were anything but saved

Again, we ran; they followed; we kept running, staying low
Were caught again, were freed again – the maze seemed long ago

We lost a friend to complications after an assault
I met his eyes and thought: This is my fault, my fault, my fault

We got to the resistance, we had finally reached our goal
When we were caught; betrayed by one of us – a spy, a mole

We were attacked, we stood no chance, we had no time to hide
They came and captured most of us; a few fought back and died

A stroke of luck, a desperate act – it worked, and they withdrew
They left us – battered, hopeless, injured, scared; a precious few

And standing there, I realise – this can't be how it ends
I have to end it all, I have to go back for my friends

For if she is not stopped, she will do all of this again
And everything we have gone through will all have been in vain

They tell me it is suicide; that I will surely die
Rather me than you, I think, and say "I have to try"

It's crazy and it's pointless and I probably won't succeed
But it's my fault; those people died for following my lead

These people, too, who stand here now, who were well-off before;
I ruined it by coming here; brought danger to their door

I haven't known what I should do since all of this began
And yet, they put their faith in me again: "So what's your plan?"