Just a heads up, the names are coming from the Les Miserables 2014 Broadway revival Playbill and the Wicked names from the UK and Ireland tour Lowry souvenir programme so sorry if I get them or the accents on the French names wrong. Also the French is coming from Google translate because that is what is available to me so please PM me if it needs correcting. Lastly all the character will be give places to live and sources of income when the crossed over, when appropriate so none of them die on the streets of Paris or something ending the crossover early, and we wouldn't want that would we?. As well as that Nessarose gets to keep her wheelchair no matter how anachronistic it would be because it is kind of one of the key traits of Nessarose in the musical, the novel is a different story (No pun intended) and the Les Miserables characters are from the time period Look Down the Beggars is set in and Fantine is from Fantine Arrest period unless mentioned and finally the Wicked characters are from Post Defying Gravity but pre Thank Goodness also unless mentioned. Now that is over, time for the main story to begin and sorry for being so long!

Malinda=Marius/Glinda Elphnine=Elphaba+Eponine