Chapter 1: Another story must begin.

12:00 in the morning, Champ De Mars, Paris, France, May 25th, 1830, Les Miserable's Earth

The very first thing Glinda felt when she woke up was a strange feeling of nausea followed by the feeling of the hard, wooden bench she was sat on. She realized that she was in the middle of a park but not much else, as she had a terrible migraine that was somewhat clouding her vision. As her vision cleared she saw hundreds of people sitting, standing, laughing and doing almost any activity imaginable (some of which I can't even mention) all around her, but what was strangest about this scene was that none of the people were staring at her, which was odd, as her clothing would usually get a few stares, even when compared with the dazzling beauty of the Emerald City.

She was wearing her interview suit, which she had for speeches and the like. (It was a pleasant shade of turquoise with a subtle flower motif and had one sleeve with one rhinestone studded glove and enough green and yellow beads on the collar and cuff to make it shine brightly in the early summer sun) although her small hat had fallen off and she had not yet regained enough composure to pick it up.

But this fact was nothing compared to the fact that everyone around her was frozen in place in what they were doing a split second before she woke up. But what mystified Glinda the most was that, now that her vision had cleared, she could see that she was seated next to a fairy, which was strange even for the standards of Oz as fairies were either seen as either mythical or long departed from the Land of Oz, depending on who you asked.

The fairy was dressed all in white with silvery stars on her dress that Shone just as brightly as Glinda. Also on her back was a set of glistening butterfly wing that shined all the colours of the rainbow in a constant cycle. The most striking thing about her thought was her raven black hair that fell to her mid back that contrasted sharply with the rest of her light and colourful appearance. Glinda reacted to this as naturally as she could "excuse me but where am I? And who are you? And what is going on?"

"Well" replied the fairy "To answer your questions, this is Paris, France May 25th, 1832, which would make it about the 23rd, 24th year of your lovely Ozma XIX's reign wouldn't it? I can't keep track of it, the assembly using Standard Earth Time and all that. Sorry, you must be getting very confused by all of this, I'm Lurline by the way, pleased to make you Miss Galinda Upland or Glinda the Good as you are now being called."

"Wait! Did you just say you were Lurline? The fairy queen who supposedly enchanted Oz and may or may not exist?" questioned Glinda full of questions.

"Yes the one and the same" Answered Lurline "The one who enchanted your Oz anyway, the other 1000's of Oz's are a different story anyway the gist is that you are in an alternate dimension, that is to say a dimension that is not your own, they do still teach you about those in Oz don't they?"

Glinda politely nodded. "Now when I disappear the park will un-freeze and trust me, you do not want to be out in the open when it does so when it does find the nearest carriage, give the driver this" Lurline said while giving Glinda a 20 franc coin and a piece of paper that had number 47 Rue Polonceau written on it. "And tell them to go to the address on the piece of paper which is Numéro 47 rue Polonceau s'il vous plaît I think. Finally, I also sent Boq and Nessarose here so expect them soon, good bye and good luck Glinda, you'll need it also your hat is now back on.

And with that, she was gone, and Glinda's hat was indeed now back on through a bit dirtier than she was used to.