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Oh, It Is Love

Chapter 12- Embry Call


He held onto me, "Get Sam we're leaving. Alastar's Beta was after her just now…" soon after we were all standing outside as they tried to figure out what to do.

When they saw I wouldn't let go of him he climbed into Sam's car along with Emily and Leah, letting me stay in his embrace as I continued to weep.

His arms stayed around me, soothing me softly into a peaceful state before softly whispering, "Why did he call you Cat?"

I said nothing in response to that, I only held him tighter softly murmuring, "Don't let go…" before letting myself fall to slumber.

"Of course not…"




"How are you doing sweetheart?" Carlisle asked me softly as I sat curled up on the floor in the farthest corner of my room.

My eyes drifted towards the closed door, "I have been better…"

"We are all working on finding Alastar. Alice has been vigilant on any visions concerning him but she says he is constantly changing his mind," he told me.

"Alastar knows about her gift- it's why she can't get a clear reading."

There is a heavy sigh from the other line, "Caitlin please tell me what is bothering you? Sam called to say you've been locking yourself in your room the past couple of days…"

"Lonán and I used to be good friends you know," I whispered knowing the he was sitting outside my door just like the past days.

"Lonán? The one who found you at the mall?"

"When mom and dad moved me to the second academy- I was bullied a lot…"

"Why didn't you-"

"I didn't want to move again. I minded my own business and kept going. But it was hard… I didn't have any friends. Not until I met Lonán…"




"You're a disgrace; those mutts should have killed you along with your coven!" some boy shouted.

"Shut up, you don't know anything," my eight year old self shouted at the group of boys in front of me. Yet another day of this. They had tripped me and cornered me once again.

The group broke into laughs before another sneered, "You don't belong here!"

"Oi, I suggest you leave her alone or I'll make sure you don't live to see midterms," the older boy threatened and the others scrambled away never looking back.

Turning back to me he eyed my bleeding temple, "What cowards. Hey kid, are you okay?"

The boy was obviously in his teen years, he was light skinned, gray eyes and blonde shoulder length hair. His eyes gleamed- amused.

Scoffing, "Do I look okay to you?"

Laughing he shook his head. "No you don't. Come on kiddo I'll take you to the clinic. My name is Lonán by the way," he said clearly entertained at my scowl.




"Lonán made the others stay away from me. He made it all so much better because I wasn't alone any more…"

"Sweetie… you were never alone…"

"Yes! I was alone!" I snapped. "I was 8! I needed to be around people I cared about not bouncing from school to school!"

"…Lonán… he took care of me. For a year he was everything you all should have been. I shouldn't- I know I shouldn't but I miss him…" I trailed off and hung up the phone.

Turning to the door and the shadow of his form I hugged my knees to my chest and cried.




The bathroom door swung open as I continued to cry.

"What happened to your hair love?"

"When will they stop?" I asked through my muffled sobs resting against the bathroom cabinet.

He sighed as he dropped next to me wrapping his arms around me and enveloping me in nothing but warmth. His hand carded through my now choppy hair a threatening growl leaving his lips.

"One day Kitty-Cat. One day all these low-lives will see you for the lion you truly are and you will make them regret every single thing they have done to you…"




Knocking at my door woke me up today. Emily's soft voice informing me breakfast was ready downstairs- reassuring me that all the boys were gone.

I ate silently my mind wandering.

When the sound of a car approaching drew me back I drifted back to my room and locked the door.




"Happy Birthday Kitty-Cat!"Lonán shouted next to my ear early in the morning.

Groggily I pushed his face away from me and sat up. Scowling as I checked my phone, "They forgot…"

"Who forgot?"

"My parents forgot my birthday… again."

"Maybe they'll call you later on?"

"Time difference. They forgot."

"Well... all you really need is me anyway," he said smiling widely as tugged on my hair.




This morning I woke up before the others had and dressed in warm clothes, I made sure to leave a note before wandering outside and past the tree line.

The sky was cloudy and the air chilly, the echoes of the birds chirping was calming as I slowly made way through the forest.

It was peaceful.

Nothing like the boarding schools or the various cities that were always bustling with people and loud noise. La Push was something else… something that I was growing to love.

Eventually I made it to a small clearing. The grass was a deep green, flowers scattered here and there. Towards the middle was a small patch where the grass was worn-showing that something obviously likes resting here.

In the end I sprawl out on the grass and let myself drift off.




It was cold as I was led outside the main dorm building, "Lonán, where are we going? We're going to get in trouble since it's really late," I whispered softly holding onto to the end of his arm sleeve.

Waving his hand in dismissal he smiled brightly at me, "We're just going to the gate Kitty-cat and then I'll take you back to the dorms."

Nodding slowly I clung harder my attention diverting to the dark silhouette standing behind the school gate, "Hey, who is that?"

"Ah, that is my friend Alex Kinsley. I told him about you and he wanted to meet you," my older friend said lightly smiling.

I said nothing for a bit observing our surroundings the uneasy feeling intensifying, "Lonán… I want to go back to the dorms now."

"Just let me say hello okay?"

I trailed behind as Lonán eagerly talked with the man at the gate. All it took was one look at the man's face, one look at his eyes before my heartbeat faster and my breathing grew erratic.

"You okay kiddo?"

My eyes widened and fear slipped in, "It's you…"

The man only smiled softly, "Hello Caitlin."

Turning to the one I considered one of my only friends in this school I ignored the tears threatening to spill, "Why?"

He shrugged lightly saying, "Did I forget to mention that I'm the beta of his pack?"

The other guy only gave him a stern stare before turning to me with a nice smile and bright eyes, "Let's go home Caitlin…"

A small whimper left me as I scrambled back.

He flinched slightly, "Grab her and jump the gates before security gets here."

"No!" as I shouted those two cursed as I saw the outlines of the school faculty approaching us. Lonán grabbed a hold of me as I trashed wildly in his hold, "You traitor let me go!"

"Not now sweetheart! You can scream at me when we get back home!" he yelled as we jumped over the gate while dodging fire bolts.

My eyes narrowed just as we landed before I bit the hand covering my mouth. He dropped me and I sprinted off to the gates.

As Miss Laree ran towards me, security flooded the gates.

"Caitlin, get behind us!"

"Stop running away from me Caitlin," his voice was rough, but it was so obvious he was hurting. His pained growl made me trip, eyes wide and lips parted I watched as his expression softened and a calloused hand reached out to me, "Caitlin…"

Everything else disappeared as the hand caressed my cheek. He kneeled in front of me the moonlight highlighting his form, so beautiful…

Then his eyes narrowed, his hand dropped gripping my wrist painfully, "You're coming home with me…"




When I wake up I notice I am no longer alone. I am still in the small clearing but there's a sweater covering me and there is a large gray wolf curled up around me protectively. Embry.

Absentmindedly I process that his sweater is big on me and without thinking I bring it up to my nose- it smells uniquely of him. The large wolf is still sleeping peacefully.

My magic twitches and I can feel the warmth of the connection to him. I drift off feeling an answering nudge.




Note 1: Sorry it's short but this one is a bit of filler- I mostly wanted to show a bit more about her relationship with Lonan.

Note 2: Think of it as an Interlude of sorts.

Note 3: I'm working on ADORE YOU [Seth] and on NOTHING'S WRONG [Alistair]! I promise!