Puppy Love

It was 10pm at the Turnblad residence when scratching and whimpering was heard at the door to the Hardy-Har-Hut. The only person in the house to hear it was Tracy, as she was grabbing a glass of milk to help her go to sleep. However, she could forget about sleeping now with that curious racket at the door. She grabbed a can of Ultra Clutch with the intent of self-defense just in case this was an attempt on her and/or her parents' well-being, shook it, and opened the door.

"Stay back!" she defensively exclaimed as she blindly aimed the hairspray can out in front of her. "I've got hairspray, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

She looked around and saw nobody, but the whimpering from before led her eyes down to the ground to find a surprise:

"A dog" she gasped.

It was a golden retriever. It lay at Tracy's feet, tired and desperate. The poor creature likely ran off from home for reasons untold. Tracy noticed the green collar it wore and knelt down to examine it. Maybe it would give her a clue as to where it came from.

"Emerald" she read on the collar's I.D. tag, "that must be your name, isn't it?"

The dog nodded trustingly.

"You poor thing, what are you doing all alone in the world at this time of night? Well, whatever the reason is, I'll make it my duty that you find your way back home…but it would have to wait until tomorrow when I get home from school. It's 10 o'clock at night and I don't want to wake my folks up."

"Too late" a voice said from behind.

Edna Turnblad stood at the stairway, with her head in curlers, having just awaked due to the scene downstairs. She tapped her foot, clad in bunny slippers, waiting for her daughter's explanation.

"You know about our rules against dogs in the house, not to mention the rules against waking me up in the middle of the night…"

"Mom, I wasn't planning to keep him. Emerald here was scratching at the door all lost and I was just…"

"I understand" she smiled, "I know you by now, always doing the right thing by any means necessary. But couldn't it have waited until the morning? I was having this marvelous dream about two large banana marshmallow cakes and…oh well. Let's set up a resting spot for our unexpected visitor. From the look of it, she must be more exhausted than I am."

"See that, Emerald?" Tracy told her new doggie friend. "My mom doesn't mind helping you out either…wait. Mom, how do you know Emerald is a she?"

"Woman's Intuition, I just know these things, dear. In fact, she may be in more dire need than you think!"

Tracy began to worry as Enda motioned for Emerald to come to her and began to examine the dog. She began feeling the dog's belly, nodding as if her 'Woman's Intuition' was telling her something. At that moment, Wilbur came down the stairs to see what his wife and daughter were talking about.

"Edna, Tracy, what's going on here in my Taj Mahal of joke shops? And who do we have here?"

"Oh Wilbur, good timing! Feel this dog's stomach."

Wilbur did so.

"Me oh my" he began, "either this dog is going to be a mother or she ate my recent shipment of jumping beans!"

"You mean…?" Tracy cried.

"Yup" Edna replied. "Emerald is going to have puppies. And from what I felt, it may happen at any time now!"

Tracy squealed in joy and hugged Emerald gently as Edna prepared a special bed for her.

"See you in the morning, Emerald!" Tracy called over as she went back upstairs. "After school, I'll bring you to WYZT where I'll get my friends from The Corny Collins Show to help you find your owner! It helps to know people who are on TV."

"And if you need anything" Wilbur began, "food's in the fridge, and I'll go look for a hydrant just in case you need to…"

Edna took her goofball husband by the ear and pulled him upstairs with her.

"Ok, ok. No hydrant…By the way, Edna, have you seen our pillows? I couldn't find them when I woke up."

Edna just burped in embarrassment.