A week or two past since Tracy and her friends found Emerald's owner. One Saturday morning, Tracy and Edna were at the breakfast table when they heard a knock at the door. Seeing as her mother was too busy eating, naturally, Tracy went and answered. She opened the door to find Emerald with a brunette woman of 32 years of age. Emerald jumped and licked her friend's face.

Tracy giggled, "I'm happy to see you too, Emerald!"

"You must be the Tracy who found my dog" said the women. "I'm Lucy. My neighbor Patrick told me how you took my dear Emerald in when she ran away carrying her mate's puppies. I must admit, I was surprised that he and I were technically grandparents now when I heard the news!"

She and Tracy laughed together in response to that.

"Anyway" she continued, "it really was kind of you to do that. And I'm more impressed that you even turned down the money Patrick offered you."

"I was just happy to see Emerald happy" Tracy replied with a smile.

"However, Emerald was grooming one of her pups the other day and she seemed to have an idea…"

With that, Lucy motioned for Tracy to look down. There she saw one of Emerald's puppies. It was a slightly fluffy little mixed breed, brown fur with some light blonde streaks with eyes that told her that she loved her just as much as Emerald did. Seeing this, Tracy bent down to Emerald's eye level.

"Emerald" Tracy whispered, "You trying to tell me I should have one of your puppies?"

The dog happily nodded with wagging tongue.

"Oh my gosh!" Tracy cried. "Though, I'm not entirely sure. We kinda have a rule against pets…"

"Rule against what?" Edna asked, coming by and still chewing on a slice of bacon.

"Mother" said Tracy, "Emerald would like us to bring one of her puppies into our family."

"Aww, that was nice of you…" Edna fawned, "but we do, indeed, have a no-pets rule in the…"

But before she could continue, she looked at how deeply the little animal and her mother were looking at Tracy. It was obvious that Emerald and her new family were in her daughter's debt after she selflessly took her in and helped her get back home.

"Oh, what the hey! Tracy, we'll make an exception. But remember, you have to walk it, feed it, and brush its fur…"

"Oh, I know" Tracy said. "I'll take care of this little one as if she were my own baby!"

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, my little Tracy's becoming more like me every day!" joked Edna. "…except she doesn't mind moving around a lot."

With everything settled, Tracy hugged her new little pet as Lucy and Emerald bid their farewells to their new friends, the Turnblads.

"I think I'll call her…Marissa" Tracy declared as she started brushing her puppy's fur.

Edna squinted.

"Funny, she looks more like a Nikki."

"Either way" Tracy gazed into the little dog's eyes, "I can tell we were made for each other. After all, her mom and I are friends after all!"