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So with all the angst I've been writing (i.e. Reincarnated and Misconceptions with PolHop) I've decided to do a much fluffier story with only minor conflict. I'm also doing a JJ/Rossi pairing along with my traditional Morgan/Garcia pairing. Thank you to Polhop for your help with this!

This plot was inspired by something on Parks and Recreation that I thought was really funny and thought I could apply it here. I hope you'll enjoy!

"Can you repeat that, please?" JJ coughed as she sat across from Penelope in their favorite coffee shop. Their Saturday afternoon couldn't have been better; the sun shining, good coffee, just the two of them hanging out and having a good time.

But the confession Penelope just dropped on her made JJ pause.

"I want to get your help looking at sperm donors," Penelope repeated, taking a sip of her coffee. "I'm gonna have a baby."

Blinking several times, JJ nodded slowly. She had no idea how to feel about what she'd just heard. Part of her wanted to be thrilled for her friend. She wanted to have a baby, and she would be a great mom. But somehow it felt out of character for Penelope. She hadn't heard anything about this before, and it was so impulsive that it didn't seem very Penelope-esque.

"You're really quiet," Penelope observed. She bit her lip, looking nervous.

JJ shook her head vigorously. "Oh!" she said quickly. "I…I really don't know what to say." She smiled. "I'm happy for you! But…" er voice trailed off as she tried to figure out how to form her next words carefully.

"But what?" Penelope asked, her voice getting a bit higher as she got more defensive.

"But is this really what you want?" JJ finished. "I mean, you just broke up with Sam a month ago, and then before that was Derek. And I'm pretty sure the latter still isn't over you." She snorted with laughter as she thought of the wounded puppy looks Derek gave Penelope constantly.

Penelope rolled her eyes. "Jayje," she cautioned. "We're not even going there. Derek and I did not work. Yeah, the sex was great, but we argued constantly. We broke up, and we've managed to still be friend." She narrowed her eyes, not wanting to rehash this again with JJ right now. "And you're changing the subject. What was your point about the boyfriends?"

JJ knew now might not be the best time to rehash the Derek thing again, but damn it she wanted to. Her two friends had been broken up for over a year now, and even though they had a friendly breakup, it still seemed like something was incomplete between the two of them.

"I just remember you telling me you wanted that fairytale ending, that's all," JJ said.

Penelope shrugged. "That fairytale ending doesn't have to include a man in it."

Tilting her head to the side, JJ studied her friend. She couldn't tell what was going through her head, but she seemed absolutely sincere in her desire. Something seemed missing, though. Until she figured out what was going on, she was going to be the best supportive friend she could be.

"Let me know when you want me to look over binders full of men with you," JJ said with a wink.

As Penelope brightened and became more animated, JJ observed and listened. Despite this, she still felt the twinge of certainty that something deeper was going on. This didn't feel right. She believed her friend wanted a baby, but she had always talked about having babies with someone in the gushy romantic sense. What was it that had her jumping into this in a way she had never seemed to want?

Maybe this was something JJ's lover could help her solve. If anyone knew anything about romance, it was herItalian Stallion.


"Don't you think you're jumping to conclusions a bit fast, bella?" Dave asked, moving a lock of JJ's hair behind her ear. The two of them had just put Henry down to bed, and had moved to the couch where they could have a few glasses of wine before going to bed themselves.

JJ shook her head as Dave poured wine into her glass. "Dave, I don't think Penelope has ever wanted something like this to happen," she said. "She wants to be with someone she loves, who will support her. She has told me before she wants a fairytale ending, and I can't imagine this is the ending she meant."

Dave arched a brow. "And what ending is it you imagine she had in mind?" He sat down beside her and clinked their glasses.

"She wants a family," JJ concluded. "Penelope is the lovey-dovey type. You know that and I know that. She wants a person to cuddle with, and not just a baby."

"Why do you care so much?" Dave asked, sipping his wine. "Why does it matter that Garcia wants to be a single mom? If she wants a baby, let her have a baby."

JJ rolled her eyes. "Dave, she needs to have a baby with someone she loves, with someone who loves her! She deserves that."

Taking her glass from her hand, Dave set both their glasses on the coffee table. He pulled her toward him so she was on his lap. She pressed her lips to his, and wrapped her arms around his neck. With a giggle, she leaned back to look him in the eye. Since her marriage with Will had disintegrated, Dave had been there to pick up the pieces of her heart. And she loved every second of it.

"This is what Garcia deserves," she murmured in his ear. "Something as wonderful as this."

Dave laughed. "I'm fairly certain I'm not what our technical analyst wants," he said. "Her tastes lean in a different direction than me."

Growing serious, JJ pulled away from Dave's attempt at kissing her again. "We've got to find her the perfect guy, Dave," she insisted. "We have to help her realize that so she doesn't do something she'll regret. I bet if we try, we'll find her the person she'd want to be her sperm donor anyway."

"You have to promise me if this starts to get out of hand that we stop," Dave insisted, "We can look for her soulmate or whatever the hell you want to call it. But if she gets pissed, that's it. I'd rather not have my personal record rearranged by Penelope Garcia."

JJ grinned, straddling his waist. "She won't even know we're working our magic."