A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


Episode IV: A New Hope

It is a period of civil war, Rebel spaceships,

striking from a hidden base, have won

their first victory against the evil


On the planet of MOBIUS, the

evil ruler, DR. IVO ROBOTNIK,

is preparing one of the greatest

weapons he has ever devised, one

that will allow him to rule over all.

The resistance group, the FREEDOM

FIGHTERS, led by Sonic the Hedgehog

and Sally Acorn, desperately try to rise up

against the sinister doctor to stop his plan

and save their people and planet, unaware

their own destiny is beginning...

Chapter 1: Mobius

"ETA, Planet Mobius, thirty seconds," said a droid shuttle pilot.

On the edge of the Mid-Rim of the Galaxy, a lone shuttle began its entry into a brown-tinted piece of atmosphere of the planet Mobius, flying past its crystalline blue rings, and into its largest city.

"Preparing for final approach to Mobotropolis," said the pilot droid.

Mobotropolis, the largest city of Mobius, and it's capital city, appeared through the thick smog, with its tall buildings just peering through the top, and giving little sunlight to the streets, lined with garbage and scrap metal. The shuttle flew over the river, the smell of sludge in the air, and security droids lining the streets, keeping any trouble free. Aboard the shuttle, was the man responsible for all this.

"Five seconds to landing, Doctor Robotnik," said the droid.

"Ah...it's so good to be home. I do miss the beauty of this place while I'm away," said Doctor Robotnik.

The shuttle flew towards the tallest tower in Mobotropolis, the Citadel tower. As the shuttle approached it's landing platform, a large squad of droids stood ready to recieve their leader, led by a diminutive human, who bowed his head as Robotnik exited the shuttle.

"Good morning, Doctor Robotnik. I trust your trip was exciting?"

"Shut up, Snively," said Dr. Robotnik.

Snively grumpily followed Robotnik inside the Citadel, and into it's central command center. Snively then headed for the control panel as Robotnik took his seat.

"I am pleased to report that the project is on schedule, sir. We have completed tests, and we've performed test on the substance as you've requested," said Snively.

"Good. I trust the substance performs as expected?" said Robotnik.

"See for yourself, sir,"

Snively activated a screen which showed a test chamber with a flower garden. He then pushed another button as Robotnik watched. The chamber began to fill with a green haze. Seconds passed, and the flowers slowly began to dissolve as quickly as they would burn. Within seconds, the flowers were no more.

"Excellent! Excellent! The formula has indeed been perfected, Snively! Our efforts are a success. We must begin mass production right away. Our project depends on it. And once it comes to fruition, we'll finally be able to destroy...that Hedgehog," said Robotnik.

Snively beamed in delight in bowed, but when he turned around, his expression turned to disgust, as he looked back at his Uncle. He then went back to work.

On one of the main roads outside the city limits, a fifteen-year old Blue Hedgehog stretched his limbs, and hopped a few times to warm himself up. He then started to run, and began to gather speed, running at the average road speed of a vehicle. He ran down the road until he reached some buildings, starting to run up the side of the walls, until he hopped off to a stop atop a roof. Reaching into his backpack, producing some electrobinoculars, he began to watch for something. He tapped his foot until at last, he saw his target; a convoy of speeder craft. He leapt down, reaching into his backpack again, producing a small object which he then placed on the ground, pushing a few buttons on it. He then hastily covered it with dirt and retreated back to the roof, crouching down. He tapped his fingers as the convoy slowly moved toward his trap. Soon, the lead vehicle crossed over the trap, and it exploded, sending the lead vehicle flying forwards, landing upside down, and the others swerved to avoid crashing, but they were unable to slow down in time, hitting each other and the sides of buildings. The hedgehog looked delighted.

"Aw, yeah! This is happening!"

Squads of SWAT Bot droids, hustling out of the vehicles, began searching for whoever caused this pileup. The hedgehog began to rev himself up, his feet appeared to be running in a perfect figure-8. He dashed forwards, smashing through any droids in his way.

"Priority One Hedgehog! Priority One Hedgehog! Sector Eleven! Repeat, Priority One Hedgehog, Sector Eleven!" said the SWAT Bot Commander.

"Sonic? Sonic, you ready?" said a voice on the communicator on his wrist.

"I'm here, Sally. Are you, Bunnie, Rotor, and Antoine all ready?" said Sonic.

Not far from where Sonic was, behind the wrecked convoy, we see the rest of his team, Princess Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot, Antoine D'Coolette, and Rotor Walrus, preparing to spring into action themselves.

"We're ready, Sonic. Rotor, Bunnie, are you ready with those bombs on that derelict tower?" said Sally.

"We're ready, Sally. When this tower comes down, it'll prevent them from retreating, and slow down reinforcements. That should buy you some time. Charges set on your end, Bunnie?" said Rotor.

"Just about...all done! Let 'er rip, sugah!" said Bunnie.

"GET CLEAR!" said Rotor.

Rotor detonated the bombs, and with an explosion at the base, the tower began to tip over, landing on top of one of the straggling transports, crushing it and blocking the road. Bunnie then began to rev up her robotic left arm for a punch, which she administered to a few SWAT Bots trying to get out of the wrecked transport.

"Y'all got company comin' in, Sally-girl!" said Bunnie.

"I see them, Bunnie. Come on, Antoine," said Sally.

"Oui, oui! EEK! There are so many of them!" said Antoine.

"Quit twiddling your thumbs and keep moving! We only got one shot at this! Sonic, you need to keep them busy," said Sally.

"No problem! They couldn't hit the broadside of a tower, even if they tried!" said Sonic.

Sally and Antoine climbed atop the middle vehicle of the convoy, which was a tanker. When they got on top it, Antoine began to open the hatch on top of the tanker, while Sally produced a small pump and tube.

"My Princess, we are going to all this trouble just for a little vial?" said Antoine.

"Not just any little vial, it's a vial full of something that I hope isn't for real," said Sally.

Antoine finished opening the hatch and Sally inserted the tube into the fluid that was in the tanker. She then turned the pump on, and a green liquid began to flow into a vial on the pump. Antoine then looked up.

"Look out!"

A group of flying "Buzzbomber" droids arrived to try and stop them. Antoine hastily pulled his vibrosword, swinging it at them, but they easily dodged his swings, except for one, which lost an engine to his slash attempt. The droid flew out of control, flying around until it began to head straight for them.

"EEK! It is going to be crashing!" said Antoine.

But it never did. The Buzzbomber was blown up by Sonic's jump attack, and Sonic landed atop the tanker.

"Will you chill, Antoine? At this rate, you'll alert the whole city faster than I can!" said Sonic.

"I am chilling. I will not be for done!" said Antoine.

"'Done for,' Antoine. And Sonic, we're almost done. Just hold them off a little bit longer," said Sally.

"Sal, I could do this with my eyes closed. Just keep 'em coming and I'll keep on trashing," said Sonic.

"Yes, yes...keep them coming and trashing," said Antoine.

"'Thrashing,' not 'trashing,' Antoine," said Sally.

As Sonic kept the Buzzbombers off Sally and Antoine, Rotor and Bunnie were busy fending off SWAT Bots coming out of the other transports.

"Aw man, I wish Sally would hurry up. I got some heavy stuff waiting to be used!" said Rotor.

"Ah'm sho' she's goin' as fast as she can! You know Sally-girl! Speakin' of, are ya sho' that 'surprise' ain't gonna kill us when we're high-tailin' it outta heah, Rotor?" said Bunnie.

"You're talking to the guy who built it, Bunnie," said Rotor.

Rotor shot down a Buzzbomber and a SWAT Bot with his blaster, while Bunnie punched holes in SWAT Bots left and right, using one as a makeshift projectile, throwing it into a group of SWAT Bots.

"Sally-girl, tell me y'all are just about done! We're gettin' overwhelmed heah!" said Bunnie.

"Just a second...Got it! Alright, Bunnie, Rotor, and Sonic, cover us!" said Sally.

She and Antoine, after making sure the vial was safely secured, began to climb down.

"Oh yeah, just what I wanted to hear," said Rotor.

Rotor then reached into his bag, producing several grenade-shaped devices and handed one each to Bunnie and Sonic.

"You're gonna love these new grenades, they've been specially equipped with the spores of those metal-eating plants we found a while back," said Rotor.

"Metal-eating? Well what better time to test these babies out than right now?" said Sonic.

Sonic then ran ahead towards a few platoons of SWAT Bots, and stood atop one of the transports.

"Listen, it's been fun hanging out with you hideous bolt-for-brains, but I gotta juice! Oh, I almost forgot! I got a nice little 'parting gift' for you all!"

Sonic then armed and threw the grenade at the platoons of SWAT Bots, then ran off. The grenades released a gas that began to dissolve the SWAT Bots and Buzzbombers metal parts, turning them to dust. Bunnie meanwhile, approached another group of SWAT Bots.

"Ah know y'all wanted to rodeo with us some more, but we got othah plans!"

She then tossed her grenade at the SWAT Bots and began following Sonic.

"Sorry folks, but I'm happy being me!" said Rotor.

Rotor then threw his grenade at the other SWAT Bots, and followed Bunnie and Sonic, as they rushed to join Sally and Antoine. They then retreated back into the forest nearby, where the SWAT Bots couldn't chase them due to the thick brush. Sonic was enjoying himself at the success of the mission.

"Hey, Rote, any chance you can make any more of those grenades? Or at least make land mine versions of them? Because I'm the only just getting warmed up. Alright! Yeah!" said Sonic.

"Sonic, we gotta get back to Knothole before they regroup. Besides, we got what we came for," said Sally.

"What exactly is that stuff in that lil' ol' vial, Sally?" said Bunnie.

"Yeah, I was about to ask the same question. Why go to all this trouble for that little vial of...whatchamacallit?" said Sonic.

"I dunno. But we'll find out soon enough." said Sally.