Chapter 20: A New Hope

Cheers were heard across the hangar bay as Sonic quickly disembarked his X-Wing, seeing everyone gather around Luke's X-Wing to congratulate him. But before Sonic could join in, Sally rushed over to hug Sonic.

"We did it, Sonic! We really did it!" she said.

"WE DID IT!" said Tails.

"Yeah! One Death Star dusted!" said Sonic.

"I can't believe this, Sonic! We really helped destroy that thing!" said Sally.

Milena and Cream came running excitedly towards them.

"That was amazing! Maybe a little too close, but that was still amazing!" Milena said.

Cream and Cheese meanwhile, exchanged hugs with Tails and Amy.

Knuckles raised his fists in the air.

"Now that was more like it!"

"You said it, Knuckles! That was almost difficult!" Sonic said.

Sonic and Knuckles then exchanged a hi-five.

"Yeah! We showed the Empire a thing or two! YEAH!" said Jericho.

"Yeah, For the Rebellion! YEAH!" said Dayton.

As Milena gave her brothers kisses on the cheeks, Derek joined them.

"You see? I told you we'd be fine & in one piece, Milena! So, you can stop worrying, Miss Ice Queen! Say, are you crying?" he said.

"Wha? No, of course not! I wasn't worried, it's…uh…liquid pride, big difference," said Milena.

Jericho then saw Seraphine hold her hand out, expecting a shake.

"Great job up there, boy scout."

Jericho looked at Milena, who nodded, and then he shook Seraphine's hand.

"Yeah…you did fine…Mercy Giver."

"Well, Jericho, looks like that business on Scarif was all worth it," said Geoffrey.

"Indeed it was," said Jericho.

"What business?" said Seraphine.

"That's another story for another time," said Jericho.

"You did great, Mr. Sonic!" said Cream.

"CHAO! CHAO! CHAO! CHAO!" said Cheese.

"Thanks, Cream. You too, Cheese. And I thought the Empire was supposed to be invincible," said Sonic.

Sally then gasped.


Sally pulled NICOLE's damaged handheld, to everyone's horror. The screens were flashing through their damaged displays, and electricity arced from a few spots. Antoine gasped.

"Oh, sacre bleu…Is she…?"

"Oh…ouch," said Knuckles.

Rotor looked at NICOLE's handheld closely.

"It's barely working, I only hope we can still salvage what's left…."

"NICOLE's not the only one…" said Amy.

Everyone looked towards Luke's X-Wing, where the damaged R2 was being lowered.

"Oh my…R2? Can you hear me? Say something! You can repair him, can't you?" said 3PO.

"We'll get to work on him right away," said one of the technicians.

"You must repair him! Sir, if any my circuits or gears will help, I'll gladly donate them!" said 3PO.

"Oh, he'll be alright!" said Luke.

"I'll help!" said Rotor.

"Me too!" said Tails.

"But what about Vader and Robotnik? They escaped. It would have been a sweeter victory if we got them too," said Dayton.

"He's got a point," said Milena.

"I think they got bigger problems now, considering who they have to answer to," said Geoffrey.

He then gave a wink and nod.

"He would be quite right, considering zey will be licking ze wounds," said Antoine.

"And we'll be ready for 'em next time!" said Bunnie.

"Yeah! And Remember on Tatooine when I thought the Empire, Robotnik, & Vader were invincible? I take that all back! Next time they show, there won't be a next time! We'll just ask Han to ambush them again!" said Sonic.

"I doubt it'll be that easy next time, Sonic, but you're right about one thing. The Empire can and will be defeated. Even if it takes us ten more years to do it, we will liberate Mobius, no matter what!" said Sally.

"Yeah! You're right, Sal! But for now, it's time to celebrate!" said Sonic.

The Freedom Fighters then walked out of the hangar.

Later, inside the base audience chamber, the Freedom Fighters stood at attention as they watched Han, Luke, Sonic, Sally, and Chewbacca walk down the aisle past the long lines of Rebel personnel. Soon, the Rebels all turned to face the back of the chamber, as Han, Luke, Sally, and Sonic reached the podium, Leia handed them each their medals. Han got his first, winking at Leia as she put it on, and then Sally, then Sonic, and finally Luke. But soon, 3PO turned and everyone saw R2, fully repaired, walked onto the stage. As he came to a stop, he opened one compartment, revealing a small hard drive, and using his holoprojector, making NICOLE appear, and she bowed. Sally smiled with joy at seeing her best friend was well. Sonic simply winked at NICOLE, as everyone turned to face the audience, which begun to applaud in celebration of their heroic stand against the Empire.

The End