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Take place before the 7-years time skip.

"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Jutsu/Power/Technique.

"Kurama" Demonic/Dragon Speeches.

'Kurama' Demonic/Dragon Thoughts.

Fairy Guardian

Chapter 1

Fairy Tail charged at Acnologia.

The youngest generation of Fairy Tail, against the Dragon King of Apocalypse, leading by Erza Scarlet, the other members of Fairy Tail returned to aid Natsu in his assault against the Dragon, in order to protect their master, in order to protect their own, as a family. Bringing out everything that was left inside them, Fairy Tail team attacked Acnologia, bringing down wave after wave of magic on its gigantic body.

"You...You little." Makarov, the third master of Fairy Tail said in bewilderment, completely shocked for what happened in front of his eyes.

"I want you to know this Ji-san." Laxus looked at his grandfather and grinned. "I was against this. But do you really think that they're the kind of people who can run away and leave an old geezer behind?" his grinned got wilder as his hands sparked with electricity that could slay dragon. "It's your guild, after all."

"You...you idiots." Tears swelled up at the corners of Makarov's eyes, he couldn't believe it and he didn't know what to say...he just watched on while sobbing quietly.

A little not too far away from the battle, a young girl, with long, wavy, yellow-blonde hair that reached down to her feet with a single lock pointing upwards; large green eyes that appeared to have no irises; peachy skin and a slight childlike build. She was wearing a frilly, pink layered robe with a red ribbon tied in a bow around her neck. Around the chest were three blue diamond patterns with two blue triangles above. Each series of these was outlined in a hot pink. She wore wing-like adornments around her ears and small hoop earrings and going barefoot.

She looked at them with a soft smile, yet her eyes were in the sad manner. The next generation of Fairy Tail fighting against the strongest Dragon, anyone who knew about the strength of the dragon King could see that Fairy Tail was fighting in vain, as their attacks did almost no damages to the black dragon.

She closed her eyes and put her hands together.

"Please save them..." Mavis Vermillion whispered softly "Save Fairy Tail."

ROOOOOAAARRRR! The black dragon roared angrily and stomped its hands onto the ground, knocking the members of Fairy Tail away as if they were mere flies. The Dragon Kings spread its wings and took off to the sky before looking down at the Island and opened its jaw, sucking in a mass amount of air strongly.

"UWAAH!" Natsu cried, falling on top of Lucy's back.

"Is everyone alright?" Erza asked loudly as she got up from the ground.

"None of our attacks are working at all" Elfman said through gritted teeth, his sister standing beside him, forced to deactivate her Satan Soul form.

'This thing...isn't using the strength it used when it fought me...' Gildart thought as he gritted his teeth, looking up at Acnologia "It's just playing with them."

"It's a breath attack!" Gajeel shouted when he saw energy began to swirl around Acnologia's mouth.

"Is it planning on blasting the whole island away?" Cana asked in shock.

"No way!"


"Everyone who can use defensive magic put the power you've got into it, NOW!" Erza ordered, pointing back to her group.

"Right!" Wendy nodded.

"There's not enough time to draw the seals." Freed muttered.

"There's plenty of defensive magic that does not require writing symbol or seals." Levy said hurriedly, sweats pouring down her forehead. By now anyone could feel the vast amount of magic Acnologia was emitting, even from here.

"Everyone...focus all your magical energy on Freed." Lisanna shouted.

"Everyone, let's join hands together!" Mirajane Strauss said and offered her hands to the nearest person, her brother as he took it.

"We can't let it end here!" Natsu cried and grabbed Lucy's hand, his other hand quickly took Erza's hands into his.

"Okay! We'll never give up!" Lucy shouted, as tears flowing from her eyes.

"Everyone, join your power together as one!" Gray also joined in, holding Juvia and Lucy's hands as Fairy Tail stood in a circle.

Laxus turned to his grandfather and offered him his hand, smiling softly to the tiny old man whose body was shaking, looking at his children in absolute shock.

Then, gently he put his hand in Laxus much bigger hands, a smile made it to his face.

"We'll all go home together." He said.

Fairy Tail stood in a circle as magical energy flared up around them.

"TO FAIRY TAIL!" They cried out all at once, looking up at Acnologia who then unleashed his breath in a gigantic blast.

The whole sky lifted up as the massive attack of apocalypse approached them, the whole Tenrou Island shook violently at the amount of magic released by the black dragon.

Mavis opened her eyes and smiled softly.

"You came...after all..." she whispered softly.

"Man...What a bunch of noisy brats!"

Every single member of Fairy Tail's eyes snapped wide opened at that lazy and unfamiliar voice.

Looking up, all gasped in shock when they saw a young man standing on the sky, with his back facing them, looking up at the dragon and the dragon roared approaching them.

But what shocked them the most was that his body was glowing, as if it was coated in pure orange energy. He was wearing a long, energy like high collar cloak with strange black markings on his back.

A giant head made of pure raw energy then materialized around his body before the whole body of a gigantic beasts appeared, with the same black markings on its body and nine tails moving behind it like wild fire. The beasts itself was big, maybe even bigger than Acnologia himself, greatly resembled a fox with nine tails.

One of his hand raised and the nine tails fox opened its mouth, small black, white and red orb began to appear and gather together to make a massive black sphere, as big as or even bigger than Acnologia's breath attack.

"My job here is done" the young man said and shot the massive orb straight to Acnologia's roar "From now, is yours, Mavis."

"I understand." the first master of Fairy Tail said and closed her eyes.

Two attacks collided on mid-air, creating a powerful explosion that shook the entire sea area. Its shockwave knocked the boat of the spectators back with large and strong wave. Acnologia cried out in pain as the shockwave crashed into its body, launching it toward the sky with no hope to regain the control of its balance.

The whole Island disappeared without trace much to the shock of everyone.

Zeref stood, watching the destroyed Island.

"So...you finally return" The dark mage whispered and bowed slightly. "Thank you...for protecting Natsu."

End of Chapter 1

Yagami's note: Tada! My very own version of the legendary Fairy Tail's Guardians XD.

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That's all I want to say in the first chapter, the next one is going to be updated soon because I like to make crossover more than making a normal, non-crossover fanfiction on its own.

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