WARNING: This story contains TCest

Rating: R

Pairing: Raph/Leo

Summary: It's an annual occurrence that's inescapable. The best way to deal with it is to not fight it.

I wandered on alone into the mountainous heart of the Yoshino region, where great white clouds piled high among mountain tops and rain veiled the valleys. A few woodcutters' cabins dotted the hills. The sound of axes ringing on the western slope*…

Leonardo's dark brown eyes scanned over the translated work of the poet Matsuo Basho. He walked as he read, allowing memory to guide his feet from the living room where Michelangelo was playing his video games at high volume to the peaceful quiet of his bedroom. The young leader had no reason to suspect that there was any danger to be wary of inside his personal sanctuary and therefore did not bother to glance up from his book as he opened the door and flipped on the lights. If he had, he would have noticed the wide-spread pile of pillows on the gray cicurlar rug in the middle of the floor. Completely oblivious to it, he crossed the threshold, pushed the door shut, and began to advance.

...only to find it in ruins, collapsing walls overgrown with weeds*…

The rumpled edge of the rug presented a trip hazard that Leo fell victim to quite literally. His foot caught on the material and he pitched forward. Eyes wide with surprised alarm, he was helpless to do anything to counteract gravity. The hardcover book flew from his hand as he crashed down on the padded floor and slid well out of reach. Flat on his stomach, the stunned ninja was trying to figure what had just happened. His first clue came a second later when a heavy weight settled onto his carapace, a pair of emerald colored arms encircled his neck, and a soft nose nuzzled his right cheek.

"Hey…Raph…" the leader grunted.

"Hey, Leo," Raphael whispered seductively, his lips grazing his mate's skin. He had been waiting naked in the corner for nearly an hour. "Guess what day it is?"

"Thursday?" Leo supplied.

"It's March 20th…" Raph announced without acknowledging the fact that Leo was correct about which day of the week it was. The younger turtle laid a trail of chaste kisses down the side of the elder's neck. "…first day of spring. Ya know what that means, don't ya?"

Leo blushed and swallowed somewhat nervously. He did know what it meant. Spring signaled the imminent start of mating season – an affliction that the four turtle brothers had learned they still suffered from despite their humanoid mutation. This discovery had come at the onset of puberty several years prior and, circumstances being what they were, the siblings had turned to each other to deal with the tidal waves of hormones flowing through them that first season. Master Splinter had been shocked when he accidentally stumbled upon an intimate group activity that should have been held in private, but he was not angry. Once the initial trauma had worn off, he had become understanding and accepting. He did not object when his sons extended their escapades beyond "mating season" or when they chose to be exclusive with their preferred partner: Don with Mikey and Leo with Raph. Splinter's only two rules were that their romantic relationships could not affect the team's dynamic and that he never wanted to witness anything more intense than a kiss ever again.

The boys had accepted the conditions though it was more difficult to adhere to the latter especially during the first month and a half of spring. Natural instinct threatened both self-restraint and common sense, but strengthened temptation and self-indulgence. The simplest pose could be interpreted as provocative by a horny teen and it was almost impossible to have a group training session that didn't end with at least one turtle in an embarrassing state of arousal or a couple arranged in a very compromising position. Their jobs as ninjas were temporarily put on hold all because of that irresistible urge to reproduce. It was an annual period that Leo loved and hated equally.

"Is it that time of the year already?" the katana-wielder asked innocently, a shiver racing down his spine as sharp teeth nipped at his throat.

"Mmm-hmm," Raph hummed affirmatively as he gnawed on Leo's delicious flesh. He lifted his mouth away and traced a thumb over the indentations his teeth had left. "I've been smelling ya all day. Those damn pheromones of yers are driving me crazy."

"So you laid a trap for me?" Leo guessed. It wouldn't have been an unusual thing for Raph to do. Spring always seemed to hit him harder than anyone else and the hothead, who had a healthy libido even in the off season, developed a voracious sexual appetite and did just about anything to appease it. Not that Leo minded. His mate's actions always satisfied them both. "You know, you could have just asked me to go to bed with you and I would have said yes."

"Thought it'd be more fun ta tackle ya ta the ground and have my way with ya," Raph replied, his expression smug. He resumed kissing Leo's neck. "But then ya tripped over those big feet of yers and fell so I had ta settle for pouncing on ya instead."

"Oh, how thoughtless of me," the leader said wryly. He could feel his face flushing. In this close proximity, he had finally gotten a whiff of Raph's own pheromones and the effects of that intoxicating scent were rapidly becoming apparent. "Next time I'll let you pile drive me into the floor."

The sai-wielder chuckled at his brother's deadpan delivery. "Hey, I made us a soft landing. I didn't want ta bruise my sexy fearless leader." He looked at the bite marks on Leo's neck that were already starting to darken and laughed again. "Well, at least not too much."

"I see," Leo replied. Closing his eyes, he tried to quiet a groan as he felt a twinge in his groin. The weight on his back was starting to make breathing a difficult task. "You could probably save me a few bruises if you stopped squishing me."

"Gimmie a kiss and I'll let up," Raph bargained.

With some difficulty, Leo managed to turn his head to the right. Raph's face filled his vision and Leo noted the cocky grin of victory his larger sibling wore. Leo couldn't help but smile himself before connecting their lips. A full twenty seconds passed before he dared to pull away. Satisfied, Raph unwound his arms from around Leo's neck and pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. Relieved of the burned, Leo inhaled deeply and tried to wiggle out from underneath Raph, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Uh-uh," Raph scolded. "Ya stay just like that right there."

Leo rolled his eyes but complied. He had an inkling that he would be here for a good while. Grabbing one of the pillows surrounding him, he propped it under his chin to at least make himself a bit more comfortable. His gaze settled on the wall in front of him as he waited for his brother to proceed with whatever plan he had.

Satisfied that the leader would remain in place, Raph moved to kneel between his brother's legs. He slipped his left arm around the underside of Leo's waist and lifted it high enough so that he could shove another pillow below those leaf-green hips. Raph then made a great deal of adjusting the pillow as he went about putting his mate's hind end was in the most accommodating position.

"Is this going to take all night?" Leo wondered with bemusement. "Can I have my book back so I stay entertained? You interrupted me half-way through Basho."

"Ya want poetry? I'll give ya poetry…" Raph countered teasingly, plumping the pillow one last time. "…roses are red and so is my mask…" A broad grin stretched across his face as his hands framed the true object of his desires. "…I'm gonna enjoy tapping this nice piece of ass..."

The eldest couldn't help but laugh at the vulgar composition. "That was terrible."

"Terrible?" Raph repeated with feigned offense. "That was golden! I wrote it just for you!"

"Well, now I feel special."

"Ya should."

Fingers skated over Leo's bare cheeks and the tickling sensation made him squirm with anticipation. "Geeze, for someone so crazy on pheromones you sure are taking things slow."

"Anxious, are ya?" the red-masked ninja questioned, the humor in his tone obvious. "Seems I ain't the only one going in ta season today. Ya know damn well that the first day is always milder than the rest. Don't worry though…" His fingers reached Leo's tail and gave the thick appendage a long, slow stroke. "…by this time tomorrow, I ain't gonna be letting ya up off my dick for a second."

Leo shuddered both from the stimulation applied to his tail and the promise he knew had a high probability of being upheld. His housed cock was getting restless, twitching and swelling beneath his plastron. He shifted his hips in attempt to earn some relief. Witnessing the display, Raph nudged Leo's thighs further apart then reached between them to grope his mate's groin.

"Ain't no use hiding this, Leo," Raph husked. The heat from the smaller turtle's budding erection warmed his palm. He ran a teasing thumb along the slit in his brother's plastron, smiling as it widened. "Let it out now."

Eyes squeezing shut, Leo groaned and let his cock drop into Raph's waiting hand. Rather than keep the stiffening shaft in his grip, Raph pulled it out from underneath Leo and left it to hang down against the pillow that was supporting the other ninja's middle. The appearance of Leo's impressive member had release a fresh wave of his musky scent and Raph could feel his own penis strain against its cartilaginous prison.

Normally, Raphael was big into foreplay. For him, half the fun of sex was building up the anticipation for the dirty deed itself. He could tease and be teased by his partner for hours if he had a mind to do so. Tonight, however, his plan to tempt and torture Leonardo was cut short by the overwhelming need to relieve the ache in his loins. The hothead wasn't so barbaric that he wouldn't prepare his mate first though. Reaching under the pillow on his right, he retrieved the bottle of lube he had stored there previously.

Leo's breathing had quickened. Smelling his brother's overbearing odor had sent him into a tizzy. The rub of the soft pillow fabric on his sensitive cock was making it even harder. He felt a warm drop of precome bubble from the tip. As soon as he heard the pop of a bottle cap, Leo automatically lifted his tail high into the air. It was like a flag signaling that it was okay for Raph's cock to emerge as well. The younger turtle's erection popped into the open and immediately rose to a salute.

"Have I ever told ya how beautiful yer ass is, Leo?" Raph rumbled, squirting a good helping of lube onto the fingers of his right hand.

"Not today," the katana-wielder replied, a blush still forming on his face from the overused compliment.

"Damn, it's so fucking perfect…" Raph brought his greased fingers to his brother's tailhole and wasted no time massaging at the tight pucker. "…I could stare at it all day…"

"…you…you better do more than…s-stare at it…" Leo stammered as a large finger breached him.

"Oh, I will. Don't ya worry about that."

Raph worked as quickly as he possibly could to stretch his lover. Gasps of discomfort escaped the leader throughout the process. It was only when he heard the sounds switch to a drawn out moan that Raph ceased his probing.

"Good enough?" he asked.

"Good enough," Leo agreed.

Withdrawing his fingers from his brother's passage, Raph coated them with a fresh dose of lube which he then applied to his now throbbing cock. He lined the tip of it up to Leo's entrance and slowly mounted his mate. Beneath him, the submissive turtle clenched at the pillow supporting his head as Raph's thick rod stretched him more than any pair of fingers could. The hothead gripped Leo's hips and drove into him fully. Pulling back out, he thrust in again. He was about to repeat the motion, but a hand suddenly clutching at the side of his right thigh kept him from moving.

"…wait…" the leader requested. In his needy state, he had misjudged his preparedness and felt a much sharper sting from the penetration. "…too fast…"

"Ya okay?"

"Yeah…just give me a minute…"

Raph winced as Leo's fingernails dug into his bare leg. He could sense that his big brother was having a hard time relaxing. That was another reason why foreplay was important to him – he never wanted to hurt Leo and he cursed himself for not being more patient tonight. Moving his hands up from the hips he held, Raph rubbed along Leo's exposed sides soothingly as a way of apology. His fingers crept all the way up to Leo's shoulders where they massaged at the knots that had formed in the tight muscles. Leo groaned in appreciation. Finally, Raph felt the tension leave his mate's body and the hand gripping him fell away.

"Ready now?" he inquired softly and saw Leo nod. "Are ya sure?"

Receiving a second nod from the eldest, Raph slipped his cock free and pushed in with a much gentler force. He increased the tempo of his thrusts gradually while closely monitoring Leo's reactions. The blue-masked ninja had his eyes closed and hugged at his pillow, waiting for the moment when…

"Ahhh!" Leo moaned loudly as Raph's dick brushed his prostrate, triggering an eruption of pleasure that was felt throughout his entire body. "Ahhh…god…"

It didn't stop with just one. He felt that powerful reaction over and over as Raph pumped in and out of him. Between his legs, Leo's cock longed for attention. More specifically, it wished to feel itself enveloped in Raph's rough hand.

"…Raph…touch me…" the leader begged in a breathy voice. "…please touch me…"

Raphael's lips curled into a cruel smile. Leaning forward, he rested his plastron over Leo's carapace once again and gripped his brother by the biceps. His hips gyrations didn't slow in the slightest as he growled out a refusal to the request.

"No. I wanna see ya get off just from me pounding ya."

Leo's whimper of protest morphed into another low moan after a particularly strong thrust rocked him. More pre dribbled from the tip of his swollen cock, wetting the pillow that dragged back and forth across the stiff flesh. The older turtle's ears were filled with the slapping sound of their thighs connecting repeatedly. He felt teeth graze the back of his neck again and a second later they bit down hard.

"Raph!" Leo shouted as he was catapulted to the very brink of orgasm.

A final stab at his prostrate pushed Leo off the edge with a loud cry. He trembled as his cock exploded, spurting its contents over the pillows and onto the rug below. Stars danced in his eyes and all of his energy was zapped from him.

Raph kept his mouth firmly in place. His hips continued to roll, seeking friction for his cock from the tightly flexed muscles in Leo's ass. He could feel the wave of pleasure building inside him. It crashed two seconds later and a massive dose of potent seed washed over his brother's insides.

Leo's senses returned just in time to feel Raph's cock fall free of his body. Hands wrapped around his middle and then yanked him backwards into a sitting position. Limbs limp, Leo allowed himself to be pulled into Raph's lap with his carapace resting against the hothead's chest. He did not object when the younger turtle began to undress him.

"We should go ta the farmhouse tomorrow," Raph said, unwinding the leather binding Leo's wrist.

His suggestion wasn't odd. The farmhouse had become a retreat for the teens during this hormonal time of year. It gave them privacy that couldn't be had inside the cramped lair.

"We can ask Master Splinter in the morning," Leo replied as a kneepad was tugged off of his foot.

"Hope he says yes. I already packed yer stuff and put it in the BattleShell."

"…what?" Confused, Leo turned his head to look up his sibling. "When?"

"When ya wasn't looking," Raph sniggered, taking away Leo's last elbow pad. He could see a lecture about seeking permission before touching someone's things building in Leo's mind and quickly thwarted it. "Don't get mad at me. I know ya wanna go."

"What if I don't?" the leader argued.

"Aw, come on, Leo," Raph implored as he slid the blue mask off his brother's head. "I'll let ya bring Basho along. Though I don't know why ya want ta finish that book seeing as I'm the better poet."

"Yeah, right," Leo scoffed.

"Ya need more examples?" the sai-wielder wondered. "Okay…here in my lap ya bounce and rock…" His hands smoothed down the front of Leo's plastron. "…riding on my big, thick cock…" He grinned naughtily as his brother's face turned scarlet. "…yer begging for mo-…"

He was hushed by a single finger pressing against his lips.

"I'll only go if you stop with the dirty poetry," Leo declared.

"Deal," Raph agreed and promptly wrapped a hand around his lover's still-exposed member, already eager for the night's next round of sex.

*Excerpts from Narrow Road to the Interior and Other Writings by Matsuo Basho, translated by Sam Hamill.