Their departure from New York City the following afternoon had been under an overcast sky. After forty-five minutes of driving, the heavens had opened up and a heavy rain had begun to fall. The windshield wipers of the BattleShell beat a fast rhythm to clear away the large drops of fresh water. Behind the wheel, Raph cancelled the cruise control and slowed his speed as the risk of hydroplaning on the old, rutted highway increased.

In the passenger seat, Leo had his feet propped up on the dashboard and his nose stuck in a book once again. It was only the rock music playing softly on the radio that kept complete silence from overtaking the vehicle. There was an obvious problem between the two brothers – one that discussion couldn't resolve. Sneaking looks at each other every couple of minutes, both teens tried to ignore the perfume of pheromones clouding around them and the dull ache in their loins.

"What are ya doing?" Raph asked as Leo suddenly snapped his book shut, lowered his feet, and unbuckled his seatbelt.

Leo said nothing, but smirked as he got to his knees in the aisle between their seats. Very carefully, he pried Raph's right hand from the steering wheel and pulled the limb out of his way. Raph's eyes flipped back and forth rapidly between the highway ahead of him and his older brother who had started to rub the inside of his thigh.

"Leo, what the hell…?" Raph grunted. He seized Leo's right wrist and removed the fondling fingers from his leg. "Cut that out. I'm trying ta drive here."

"Then I suggest you keep your attention on the road," the katana-wielder replied as he yanked his hand free and immediately returned it to its prior location.

"H-hey now…" Raph stammered. His cheeks flushed as Leo's fingers wandered higher up his thigh which caused his hidden cock to rouse. Laying his hand over top of Leo's, Raph stopped any further advancement. "We're almost ta the farmhouse. Can't ya wait until then?"

"No," Leo answered quite frankly. He escaped Raph's grip once more by grabbing the larger turtle's arm with his left hand and holding it outstretched. Finally unhindered, he went straight for the space between Raph's dark green thighs. "There's still another hour and a half of driving and I'm bored."

The red-masked ninja squirmed in his seat as the softest and most sensitive part of his plastron was stroked. "If ya want my dick so bad, I'll pull over somewhere…"

"Keep going," Leo commanded while staring avidly at his brother's groin that had started swelling quickly under his ministrations. "This is a perfect opportunity for you to practice maintaining your focus when you're surrounded by…" The slit in Raph's lower plastron widened enough so that Leo could run his thumb along the hardening shaft it housed. "…distractions…"

Raph made a noise low in his throat and tightened his one-handed grip on the steering wheel. "Ya better hope I'm good at it or I may end up driving us into a damn tree."

"That'd be a heck of a way to go," Leo mused, becoming more insistent with his touching.

"Geezus, ya got a weird-ass sense of humor, Le—oh…"

The end of Raph's remark changed to a short groan as his malehood slid into the open and was instantly claimed by Leo's fingers. Releasing Raph's right arm, Leo leaned forward across his brother's lap to kiss the side of the cock rising to attention before him. The meaty member twitched in anticipation and Leo wasted no time giving it the attention it desired.

Raph let out a slow breath as a hot tongue skimmed the underside of his erection. The urge to close his eyes and enjoy the service being done to him was great, but he resisted it. Gaze drifting from the windshield to each of his mirrors, Raph noted that the highway was still as empty as it had been since their trip started which was for some reason a relief. As he watched the windshield wipers clear away another coat of rain drops, he subconsciously laid his right hand on Leo's shell and started to trace the pattern of his scutes.

Swiping his tongue over Raph's dark tip, Leo glanced up at his younger brother. Grim determination had Raph's jaw firmly clenched, but the field of goosebumps growing on his arms and legs belied his thrill at having Leo go down on him. Leo's smile returned. Lowering his head, he took the first three inches of Raph's cock in his mouth.

Truth be told, Raphael was so pent up that even such a simple action could have made him blow his load. But the devious Leonardo had ringed his thumb and index finger snugly around the base of the red-masked ninja's cock, effectively staving off his orgasm. The leader bobbed his head, curling his tongue around the hard shaft between his teeth as he gradually worked his way further down its length.

Raph's breathing hitched as Leo began to suckle noisily. His hand slid up from Leo's shell to rest on the back of his neck – a subtle encouragement for his brother to take him deeper. Barely a second later he felt Leo obey his request as the katana-wielder leaned in more and swallowed big, pulling Raph's cock into his throat.

With each passing mile, the pleasurable pressure in Raph's nether regions built higher. Leo licked, sucked, and swallowed eagerly, hungering for his brother's sweet seed. Warm beads of saliva slipped past Leo's lips to dribble all over his hand which still had a firm grip of the root of Raph's cock. Out of patience, Leo loosened his fingers and gave one final loud slurp.

"Shit!" Raph swore as his orgasm hit hard.

Limbs trembling from the intensity, he did his best to keep the vehicle aimed straight. His grip on the back of Leo's neck tightened as he pumped fresh cum down the leader's throat. Leo drank it all, kneading his fingers into Raph's muscular thigh as if doing so could coax more out of him. When the flow finally stopped, Leo pulled off slowly and cleaned any final traces of cum from Raph's cock with his tongue before tucking his brother away.

"You're speeding," the blue-masked ninja observed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Glancing at the speedometer, Raph saw that Leo was correct and eased his foot off the accelerator a bit to slow down. He was white-knuckling the steering wheel, his breath came in short huffs, and his face was beet red. Amused, Leo chuckled and rose to his feet, planting a kiss on Raph's cheek before returning to his seat. Raph looked over at him then shook his head and refocused on the road.

"What?" Leo wondered curiously.

"Yer so gonna get it when we get ta the farmhouse," Raph threatened, trying and failing to suppress a grin.

"Looking forward to it," Leo replied and opened his book again.

Ten minutes before their destination the rain stopped. They had turned off the highway by then and were driving down the muddied mess of dirt road that led to Casey's property. At last, the farmhouse came into view and Raph parked the BattleShell right next to the front porch. Pulling the keys from the ignition, the sai-wielder unbuckled himself and hopped out. He took a minute to stretch the stiffness out of his muscles from sitting for so long then walked to the back of the truck where he was met by Leo. The katana-wielder looked as he were about to lunge for his brother, but Raph held up a hand to ward off his attack.

"Simmer yer butt down," Raph told him. Opening up the back doors, he started peeking through the bags of groceries April had been kind enough to purchase for them that morning. "Let's at least unload the truck first." He extracted two brown paper bags and passed them over to Leo along with the keys to the house. "Here, take the cold stuff and get it in the fridge. I'll bring in the rest."

"And you accuse me of being bossy…" Leo teased as he turned and climbed the porch stairs.

Snorting, Raph rolled his eyes and bunched the four remaining grocery bags in his arms. He closed both doors by nudging them with his shoulder and headed for the house. It took a bit of juggling, but he somehow managed to open the screen door and step inside before it banged shut on his heels. As he entered the kitchen, he caught a glimpse of Leo bent over arranging things in the refrigerator. The sight had Raph's mind filling with all kinds of naughty thoughts and reignited the fire in his loins. Raph strode past his brother to set his burden down on the counter and walked back over to stand next to the fridge.

Finishing up his assigned task, Leo straightened and closed the fridge. He looked around for Raph and was slighty surprised to find him so close, leaning against the counter with his arms folded over his chest. Smiling wide, Raph pushed off from the counter and reached for Leo.

"Alright ya little nymph…" he growled. Raph hefted Leo up and carried him over to the island counter to plop him down on top of it. Positioning himself between his brother's toned legs, Raph untied first Leo's belt and then his own. "…time ta give ya exactly what ya deserve…"

Grinning, Leo wrapped his arms around Raph's neck and brought their lips together. His rear scooted to the very edge of the counter as he sought to grind with his mate. Their kissing became aggressive and soon degraded into harsh nips at each other's throats. All-the-while, their lower plastrons swelled to the point that they could no longer contain the penises they were meant to protect. Leo's cock spilled free and he rubbed his hot flesh against Raph's making them both moan from the sensation.

Using one arm to support Leo's shell, Raph tilted him back and dragged his ass off the counter entirely. The new position allowed him to reach a hand under the katana-wielder and flick his forest-green tail aside to get at his entrance more easily. He thumbed the end of the anal plug Leo had the foresight to insert before leaving the city. Gripping the plug, Raph slowly pulled in part way before pushing it back in. Repeating the motion, he took up a steady rhythm of thrusts.

"…gah…Raph…." Leo gasped against his brother's lips that he had recently recaptured. His toes curled as his prostrate was brushed repeatedly by the invading toy. "…Raph…give…give me the real thing…"

Raph's had immediately stopped and the corner of his mouth lifted into a smirk. "As ya wish…"

Extracting the plug completely, Raph let it clatter to the floor. He took a half step back so that he could reach between them for his own solid cock. The organ, slick to the touch from the copious amounts of pre-come both turtles had produced, throbbed in his hand. Guiding it to Leo's readied hole, Raph drove straight in. Beneath him, Leo groaned as he was penetrated completely.

"This real enough for ya, Leo?" the hothead asked as his hips began to piston. "Huh? Does it suit yer needs better?"

"…ye….ye…yes…" Leo stammered, each thrust from Raph jarring him against the countertop. His fingers scrabbled for purchase on his brother's shoulders to hold on for the ride. "…oh god…yes…"

Leo's moans grew in volume the faster Raph moved. The leader nearly shrieked when one of his subordinate's rough hands closed around his needy, neglected dick and began to pump with vigor. Nails digging into Raph's skin, Leo felt that wonderfully familiar knot start to form in his gut.

"…oh, yeah…come on, Leo…" Raph encouraged, sensing that his brother was close to finishing. "…come for me now…"

No sooner than the words were out Leo's pleasure peaked. Neck snapping back, his eyes rolled into his skull and a fountain of white, hot cum blew from the end of cock. He was barely aware of Raph still thrusting into him as his body numbed.

The passage that Raph was continually sheathing his penis into became even tighter. Hips snapping forwards a final time, he groaned long and low while he released his latest load of potent seed into his brother. Raph hugged Leo close, burying his face into the older turtle's soft neck.

Their chests heaved, both in dire need of more air. Eventually, their breathing calmed as did their beating hearts. Raph's softened cock slid free of his brother. Pulling back slightly from their embrace, he kissed Leo softly and then swept him from the counter to carry him out of the kitchen. Startled by the sudden change, Leo's eyes flew open.

"Where are we going?" he asked, glancing around and then up at Raph.

"Upstairs," the sai-wielder replied. Looking down at Leo, he smiled lasciviously. "It's time I put yer naughty ass ta bed."