Wide Open Sky

Author : 27x18

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Warnings : Language I guess, where there is Hayato there is swearing.


Notes : This is semi-AU, Vongola Tenth Gen never met the Simon famiglia back in Japan, the Curse of the Rainbow arc happened and the Arcobaleno were de-cursed, but there has been no contact between the Simon and Vongola since Primo's time.


Sawada Tsunahime, also known in Italy as Vongola Tsunahime, or Decimo, was currently buried under a collection of leaning towers, not just any towers mind you, towers of paperwork.

Tsuna had taken two days off from her work in the office to spend the day with her mother in Japan for the elder woman's birthday.

When Tsuna had come to Italy to formally at eighteen, take over the position of paperwork lackey (Read : Boss) for the Vongola famiglia, the then teen had promised her mother that she, unlike her father, would not miss any occasion, and over the past five years Tsuna had kept that promise. Not even Reborn's many threats of training (Read : Torture) could deter Tsuna from that promise.

Every birthday, her own or her mothers, every Christmas, every New Years, Tsuna would book a flight to Japan and go home to spend time with the woman that had raised her almost completely on her own.

Of course there had been financial support coming from her father, but Tsuna had never really thought of him as a real father, a father was supposed to be there for them, and other then the brief few days that Iemitsu had spent at home (A time he had filled with drinking eating and sleeping rather then spending time with his wife and daughter) the man had not been there for her, nor Nana. Tsuna of course thanked the man for the financial support he had provided his family with, but in no way would she ever think of that man as a father.

Even her sadistic tutor turned advisor was more of a father to her then Iemitsu ever had been, though she would never dare say that to Reborn for fear of more training sessions. Reborn didn't like all that mush and sentimentality, something he had enforced more then once in the past. So Tsuna kept it to herself, that she thought of the Spartan tutor as family, as long as he never knew she could keep thinking of him as family

However back to the present. After spending two days away from her office, almost a full day spent on flights to and from Japan, Tsuna was currently playing catch up on her paperwork. Like every other time she left the Vongola HQ for even a day or two, her Guardians tended to go out of control when she wasn't there. This always resulted in the massive towers of paperwork she was now facing. The parts of the mansion, city or country that needed to be repaired, the people that needed to have memories altered, the medical costs for anyone that managed to get caught up in the fighting between her strong Guardians

Without the Sky there to act as a mediator between them they all ended up contributing to the chaos and destruction. Of course they would also come in and out of her office all day today apologising, bringing her coffee, looking guilty and trying to make it up to her with cake and such. Tsuna really didn't hold it against them, though she did sometimes wish that they could survive without her for two days, it truly couldn't be that hard could it? Even if they just avoided one another for two days.

"Juu-hime." a knock came at her door while Tsuna called out to her silver haired right hand man, Gokudera Hayato poking his head in, looking at the stacks still to go guiltily while he slid on

"I brought you some coffee." Hayato explained approaching the desk and setting the mug down in one of the rare gaps between papers on her desk, Tsuna smiled at him thankfully while sipping at the drink he had brought to her

"Thank you Hayato." the silverette flinched while he peeked at his boss, his lips twisted into a grimace while she sighed heavily "There's more paperwork isn't there." Hayato nodded as he moved back to the door and pulled in the trolley covered with papers

"I'm sorry Juu-hime, the seasonal offers also came today." Tsuna groaned softly her forehead hitting her desk when she dropped her head down on the cool surface

"Really? I thought they were at least a month off…" Hayato smiled sadly at her, every few months a wave of marriage offers and couples event party invitations were sent to her, the entire Mafia world was waiting with bated breath to see who the Vongola head would eventually ally with. Most of course also believing that once she got married her partner would take over Vongola and she would turn into nothing but a wife. They would really prefer that option, Tsuna of course rejecting every offer that came in for just that reason, all of them put forward men that would try to make her submit to them as nothing but a pawn.

"Sorry Juu-hime, this stack arrived yesterday." Hayato explained "Nono thought that you should look at this one too." Hayato added grabbing the top of the pile, the request letter and details all enclosed in a flame sealed file, Tsuna recognised the gentle warm old flame on the file as Nono's, only he could make such a gentle Sky flame seal (Though her Guardians insisted that her own was just as gentle)

"Nono thought I should take a look at a marriage proposal?" Tsuna paused before groaning "Oh no, don't tell me he's been talking to my mother." Tsuna groaned, her mother had been asking when she was going to find a nice boy and settle down since she had been sixteen. Hayato cringed at that thought, Sawada Nana was a scary woman when it came to her daughter's love life, the mother had been badgering Tsuna for years now about getting a boyfriend, getting married, having kids.

A whole list of things scared Tsuna to no end.

Tsuna sighed heavily and touched the seal, channelling some flames to break the seal while she slid open the folder, Hayato making a real show of tidying some of the teetering towers of papers, he was peeking over at the desk trying to see what exactly what Nono had sent, all he could see around his fussing and stalling was a mugshot of someone and a whole lot of writing.

What he could definitely see was the rapid paling of his boss, Tsuna's chocolate eyes scanning line after line of writing the colour fleeing her cheeks until she was quite ashen. Hayato shifting from foot to foot nervously while he studied her, not even pretending to be working anymore while he studied his best friend and boss in worry.

"Juu-hime?" Hayato asked when her forehead met the desk with a loud clunk, Tsuna unable to stop the sob that escaped her lips. Hayato was beginning to panic, his eyes darting around for help, but there was no one there, he hurried to her side and hesitantly put hand on her shoulder, the one thing he would never be good with, his hime crying.

Juu-hime or his lover Takeshi, if either of them cried he was truly lost.

"W-Want me to get someone? Chrome? Uh...Reborn? Someone?" Hayato stuttered anyone but me he desperately thought while Tsuna pushed herself up and forced a strained smile to her right hand man

"Hayato...can you please excuse me for a moment?" Tsuna asked softly, Hayato nodding, fleeing to go find someone that could help, even if she hadn't asked for it, he knew that something had been in that letter and his hime needed someone more emotionally able to cope with a crying female.

"Hey Hayato." Takeshi grinned at his lover, raising one hand in greeting with his normal bright grin, Hayato just made a beeline for him and grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room "Uh...Hayato?"

"Don't talk you baseball-idiot. Juu-hime needs someone." his lover moved after him eagerly then, his mind going over everything that could have happened to bring Hayato looking for him to help Tsuna, and everything his mind came up with was bad.

"Do I need to call Ryohei? Is she hurt?" Takeshi asked seriously while Hayato stopped before the closed doors of Tsuna's office. It was silent inside, and that worried him more "Hayato...what's going on." Takeshi demanded seriously while Hayato hesitantly opened the door and peeked in, Tsuna was sitting at her desk glaring at the file that Nono had sent her, fire was consuming her hands but the paper refused to burn.

"Just go comfort Juu-hime!" Hayato hissed shoving the tall Japanese male inside, dark eyes blinking back at Hayato before darting to Tsuna where she sat glowering at the papers in her hand. If looks could kill the paper would have combusted and disappeared forever a long time ago.

"Uh...hey Tsuna." Takeshi greeted, glancing back at his lover, Hayato was peeking in through a crack but had mostly closed Takeshi into the office with their boss and Sky. "You alright there?" brown eyes rose to him while Takeshi rubbed the back of his head nervously, he suddenly realised why all the famiglia bowed to Tsuna when she glared at them, it had never been directed at him before, and now that it was he felt suddenly guilty over everything he had ever done, he felt the powerful need to apologise even though he knew he hadn't done anything wrong, her eyes just made him feel so...guilty.

"Takeshi, your sword." Tsuna ordered, the Vongola Rain Guardian blinking at her startled before looking down at his hip where his shigure kintoki rested in its dormant state. Slipping it away from his side he held it to Tsuna "Activate it." Tsuna ordered while Takeshi quickly shifted it to its blade form from the bamboo disguise and handed it to Tsuna, still looking more then a little confused while she slammed the tip of the sword into the paper on the desk that she had tried to burn. To Takeshi and the peeking Hayato's surprise, the blade buried into the paper but didn't pierce it, Tsuna tried dragging the tip down the paper to tear it but nothing.

Tsuna growled lightly and tossed the blade back to Takeshi, the swordsman tilting his head at Tsuna while she grabbed up the paper again and flames once again took her hands. "Hold this." Tsuna growled while Takeshi nodded confused, grabbing the paper and holding it before him, peeking at the paper to see Tusna had set it so the words were towards her and he couldn't read it

"Operation X." Takeshi paled while his bosses now golden eyes lifted towards him, her hands held from her body while flames tossed up a storm of paperwork behind her, the explosive end of a terrifying Sky Flame attack pointed directly at the Rain

"Uh Tsuna…" Takeshi stuttered while looking for help, glancing at the door to see it completely closed, Hayato had abandoned him "Tsuna! Uh, l-let's think about this." Takeshi stuttered while his blood ran cold and hands began shaking "Tsuna!" the young woman just narrowed her eyes at him and let the power burst from her with a roar of flames.

Takeshi felt his feet sliding along the floor as the force of the attack pushed him backwards, his eyes closed against the light while he held the paper out in front of him like some sort of shield, even though it was just paper.

The power faded while he peeked over at Tsuna carefully, breathing a sign of relief while he checked himself over, he was alive, and in once piece even.

Looking down at the paper that had just fended off a direct attack from Tsuna with wide eyes he blinked at the title

Marriage agreement between Giotto di Vongola and- Tsuna tore the paper from his hand before he could read more, glaring at the paper with another growl

"Get me acid, a gun. Anything and everything. This paper is going to burn, we're going to find a way." Tsuna ordered while Takeshi blinked at her stunned before nodding and fleeing the room, running into Hayato just outside while the silver haired man was bowled over by the tall dark haired Japanese male

"You're alive?!" Takeshi pouted at Hayato then

"You abandoned me!" Hayato could only fidget then "No time for that anyway, we need acid, and flames and guns and everything, Tsuna wants to destroy that marriage agreement." Takeshi explained even as the colour fled from the cheeks of his lover. The Vongola Storm Guardian gaping at him in silence while his hands twitched towards his dynamite

"Marriage agreement?!" Hayato hissed. He had brought her marriage offers, not an agreement. What the hell had Nono sent to Tsuna? "I'll call Reborn." Hayato deadpanned as he grabbed out his mobile already dialling the hitman, Takeshi nodded to his lover

"I'll get everyone else." Takeshi noted doing a quick stretch before sprinting down the hallway.

"What?" came a grumpy voice from the mobile while Hayato tch'd softly at the man

"I know it's your day off, but you have to get here now." Hayato growled while silence fell for a few moments

"What, did she run away from her paperwork?" Reborn sighed over the line

"No, something came from Nono, something to do with a marriage." there was a crash over the line, Hayato could hear a woman's voice disappearing into the distance over the line

"Nono sent something to do with a marriage?" Reborn demanded ignoring the woman he had just run out on. "Tell me exactly what she was sent!"

"We don't know, Juu-hime got something from Nono sealed with a flame seal. She freaked out, I got Takeshi and she just shot a fucking X-Burner at him to try destroy this thing!" Hayato was getting close to hysterical over the phone now, Reborn could only sigh internally at how unprofessional the Storm was being, but whenever it came to his precious Juu-hime Hayato tended to lose all his composure

"I'll be there in under an hour, just try calm her down and find out what's going on." Reborn ordered before cutting the line to Hayato, the male looking over at the closed door of his boss' office. He was meant to go in there and talk to her? Tsuna has just fired one of the strongest direct flame attacks in the world at Takeshi point blank because of this letter from Nono, and Reborn wanted him to go into the room and talk to her?

Knocking timidly at the door Hayato peeked in, his juu-hime was no longer trying to burn the paper with her flames and was just glowering at it as it sat on her desk "Hime?" her brown eyes flicked up and he flinched, they were still shimmering gold, she was riding a fine line just before hitting hyper dying will mode. The pure orange Sky flames flickered on and off on her forehead while the golden eyes that made many a Mafioso shrivel in fear and guilt glared straight at Hayato.

"Did you bring acid?" Tsuna demanded while Hayato blinked at her startled, flicking his eyes down the hallway where Takeshi had disappeared in his quest for acid and Guardians

"Uh...no….I do have dynamite." Hayato noted while he brought out some of his compact hidden dynamite "But...uh...can we take this outside?" he asked timidly, golden eyes jumping from his dynamite to his green eyes. Hayato swallowing heavily while he forced himself not to take a step back from her "Th-The office isn't made to take explosions." Hayato reasoned, her eyes flicking down to the paper while her lips curled upwards into a smile

"You're right, we should go outside, tell Mukurou we need a real illusion as well, I'd like a missile, maybe a nuclear warhead too." Tsuna mused the terrified green eyes of her right hand blinking at her while he swallowed nervously

"O-Okay, but first, let's go outside." Hayato bade while taking Tsuna and guiding her outside, treating her a little like a crazy person he admitted, but right now his boss was acting more then a little crazy

Along the way he met up with his still looking frazzled boyfriend and the rest of the Guardians that had been on site, Ryohei was yelling loudly at Tsuna to check she was fine but a single glare from her shut him up quickly, the boxer silencing completely when those golden eyes hit him.

Mukurou just snickered but followed along quietly otherwise, Chrome quickly moved to Tsuna's side as support and just quietly followed along with her, one hand moving to wrap around Tsuna's arm so that Chrome could hug her arm in a physical form of support.

They had only just made it outside when Reborn caught them, the tall hitman sighing at Tsuna while he reached in and tugged the paper from her, a growl coming from the Vongola Decimo in return while she lunged for the paper. If someone else read it this was real, she had to destroy it and pretend it never existed

"Stop this madness now dame-Tsuna." Reborn noted while his eyes flicked over the paper "Nono has put this off as long as possible for you, it's time for you to take responsibility as the boss."

Marriage agreement between Giotto di Vongola and Cozarto Simon

Tsuna finally crumpled, her glare disappeared and her face twisted with disbelief and grief, looking at her once tutor and now advisor to please tell her this was all a lie

"Reborn, what's going on?" Hayato asked nervously while Tsuna glomped onto Chrome and buried her face in her female Mist Guardian's shoulder

"Vongola Primo made a pact with another famiglia back when he first retired from Italy to Japan. If they had children of opposite genders that ended up getting back into the Mafia world when they had both left it, then they would be married if single after marriageable age."

"Which is bullshit, back then women got married when they were young, just because I'm 23 doesn't mean I'm-" a sharp look from Reborn shut Tsuna up, the girl just burying her face back in Chrome's shoulder

"To ensure the two famiglia's had a strong alliance the two heirs would be wed. Turns out, the Primo of that famiglia's great great great great grandson is now their Decimo as well, and that he's the same age as Tsuna." Reborn explained while Tsuna shot him a betrayed look

"You knew about this!" Tsuna accused while Reborn shrugged in response

"I had heard from Nono that the agreement existed. I didn't know when he was going to send it, if ever."

"I'm not marrying some stranger, you can't make me!" Tsuna growled while glaring at the paper she had been trying so hard to destroy "If only that stupid thing would burn." the Vongola Decimo muttered while Reborn frowned at Tsuna

"You don't have a choice in this, you will be meeting with the Decimo of the Simon famiglia, and you will not be getting out of it." Reborn ordered while Mukurou snickered in the background, silencing as soon as the brown/gold glare fell on the tall blue haired illusionist

"Kufufu I said nothing." he defended his hands up in surrender while Tsuna let out a disgruntled cry and buried her face back in Chrome's shoulder.

Why her?


Over the course of his life Kozart Enma had gone through many different levels of grief and hardship.

He had seen his entire family murdered by a man he had never met, watched helplessly while the man sneered at him and disappeared into the distance leaving him covered in the blood of his loving parents and sweet kind sister. He had then grown up alone for a majority of his life being tossed from one Mafia family to another as none wanted anything to do with the strange powers of the Simon famiglia.

He had made a new family, a disciplinarian older sister that looked out for their family and no one else; he had made new brothers if his friends and new famiglia, and even a very quirky new sister almost the same age as he was.

He had dragged his new family kicking and screaming from the slandered and unknown little seven person family to a real famiglia, his entire family fighting each and every day just to make their tiny place in the world against all the powers of the Mafia world.

Enma had been harassed and abused himself as a child and student, being tossed from family to family he never had much of a stable school environment, then when he finally did have a real family again he was tossed into his grade at school with no knowledge and a more then embarrassing clumsy streak

He had been tutored in a terrifying manner by Adelheid, a woman that was scary at the best of times, let alone when she had full leave to do anything in her power to force his grades up, and his attitude and mentality into that off a boss, not just a brother.

Enma spent more then a few years fearing for his life from the Spartan and sadistic tactics she employed to help him, but he still thanked her for it in hindsight. Enma had been so jaded and beaten down by the world that he had given up hope on himself, Adelheid had beaten him back into reality and made him question himself deeply until he had once again found a drive to do better not just for his famiglia, but for himself. The older sister he had never before had, had forced him to take pride in himself and to stand up for himself, not just for the family.

Of course her methods were questionable, but Adelheid wasn't very good with words and speeches and encouragement in such a manner, so she had to resort to a method she knew best, forcing him to look at himself, the way he was treating and perceiving himself and others, and finally, that he was worth more then what he was doing to himself with his own mentality.

If that had used explosions and freezing conditions, literally, to wake him up, then he would never have it any other way, though her methods hadn't changed a bit over the years as they now instead forced him to take on his paperwork regardless of how tired Enma was, and how much he wanted to run screaming from the room filled with those terrible white sheets of doom.

Today was very much one of those days as he looked at his piles of paperwork a very pitiful expression on his face, but a glare from Adelheid sitting at another desk in the room discouraged him from trying to do anything to escape. As soon as his now brother Koyo Aoba entered his office with a very old file in his hands Enma brightened thankful for the distraction. That was until the red eyes of the Simon family flicked from the papers in his hands to the younger male sitting at his desk surrounded by papers. A strange expression was on the normally cold young man's face while he set the file down with a almost grimace

"Koyo?" Enam asked confused while the young boxer just tilted his head at the papers while readjusting his glasses on his nose

"That came, some old man called Talbot dropped this off, flame sealed." the young man noted, his frown deepening "Earth Flame sealed." he added while Enma's jaw dropped and his eyes darted down to the file before him, sure enough there was a flickering flame on the file to stop anyone from getting into it without the correct flame.

Earth users were rare, in fact Enma didn't know of anyone that held the same Flame as he did bar his blood related family, and they were long gone and dead, so who had managed to pull off this flame seal?

Hesitantly reaching out Enma dispelled the seal while he blinked, a stack of papers and a photo falling out onto the table in front of him, on the top was a very old letter, in writing that he recognised, the writing of his ancestor and the first Simon boss

Marriage agreement between Cozarto Simon and Giotto di Vongola

Enma could only stare at the paper then, of course he had heard of the Vongola, if you lived in the Mafia world and hadn't heard of them then something was wrong, they were after all the most influential Mafia famiglia in the world.

"M-M-M-M-" a pen flying at him from Adelheid's place at her own desk not far away filling out unimportant forms and keeping an eye on Enma to ensure he continued doing his paperwork without running away as he was prone to do.

"Stuttering." the woman reminded even as Enma whimpered and grabbed up the paper and waved it at her desperately while trying to get his mouth working again.

"Marriage agreement?!" Enma screeched finally, panic of a level he hadn't know since his days in school taking over him while he stared at the offending piece of paper. At the words that escape Enma both Adelheid and Koyo studied their boss sharply, Enma just staring at the paper still while a whimper escaped his lips

"Did he just say…." Koyo asked of Adelheid, the woman also blinking at her boss

"Marriage?" No one sent marriage offers to their tiny family, they were much too small for most of the Mafia to bother with them, but it would seem someone sent a Marriage offer. Adelheid's red eyes narrowed when her mind reminded her of what Enma had said. This was no offer, it was an agreement.

Standing quickly the tall woman grabbed the paper from her boss and glared down at it her eyes scanning the text while her anger rose off her in waves. Someone was trying to force her family into something, and that she couldn't allow.

"Koyo, get everyone, now." Adelheid ordered while the slim man nodded and hurried from the office, Adelheid turning her red eyes to her boss while Enma looked through the remaining papers trying to distract himself from the photo of a young woman sitting to the side. A blush appeared in his cheeks every time he peeked over at the pretty young brunette pictured there. Enma couldn't help but wonder what she thought of all this.


Marriage agreement between Cozarto Simon and Giotto di Vongola

I Cozarto Simon agree that should a generation of our descendants take to the Mafia world again and be of opposing gender, that come a time when both children of age and if no other partner or offer has taken precedence then my heir and descendant will be wed to the descendant of my best friend and ally Giotto di Vongola.

May an alliance and close partnership exist between our famiglia again.


Marriage agreement between Giotto di Vongola and Cozarto Simon

I Giotto di Vongola agree and wish to enforce that should a generation of our descendants one again enter the Mafia world even after our withdrawal and be they of opposing gender that once both children reach to or exceed the conventional marriageable age of eighteen, and should no other partner or offer have taken precedence then my heir and descendant will be advised of this agreement and consequently wed to the descendant of my best friend, ally and brother, Cozarto Simon

May an alliance, partnership and trust exist between our famiglia again


Update of the plot bunnies today isn't it...

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