Wide Open Sky

Author : 27x18

Warnings : Language, some talk about dark topics, fluff and texting~


After the time Reborn stole her phone Tsuna and Enma both guarded their phones with their lives, refusing to have their friendship messed with by the people around them trying to get them married. They had found a rare friend out of this, and both fighting the wedding thing as hard as possible, Tsuna almost had Reborn convinced, as long as they officially allied with the Simon famiglia even without nuptials

Apparently Enma was having a harder time convincing his right hand woman, Adelheid was very insistent that this marriage happen regardless of an alliance, the chance to get in bed with the Vongola, literally in this sense, was much too good for her to let go of. The agreement so far, was still being talked over.

Enma was pretty sure Adelheid had already fully planned the wedding, which was kind of scary especially when the tall woman mentioned dresses for Tsunahime, complete with measurements that Enma had no desire to learn about, and was actually somewhat scared that Adelheid knew.

Enma found himself disappearing from the Simon compound more and more often to sneak over to the Vongola just so he and Tsunahime could hang out as friends do, at least he was pretty sure it was what friends did, he never really had any beyond his own family.

Today was one such day, Enma had snuck out and headed for the Vongola HQ, standing outside Tsuna's window he knocked at the glass of the repaired wall and window quietly. The Window swung open not long after as Tsuna jumped out the window onto the grass below

"We have to be quick, Hayato has another stack of paperwork coming." Tsuna giggled grabbing onto Enma's hand while she tugged her friend towards the hedge maze in the garden. Hayato, for all his genius tendencies, was actually pretty terrible with directions. Unless he enlisted Reborn to help him find Tsuna they would be able to stay hidden for a good hour or two

So there they were, the two bosses of Mafia famiglia sitting in the middle of a hedge maze talking and laughing together, completely content to just stay friends.

Of course until Enma recalled Adelheid listing off Tsuna's sizes, the red haired boss blushing furiously while peeking over at Tsuna. The Vongola Donna was telling him about the battles to break the curse on the Arcobaleno, he really was interested in the story, but thanks to his damn right hand woman his eyes were also scanning his friend as if she was a woman, not his friend.

"Enma-kun, are you alright?" Enma snapped his eyes away from Tsuna's body quickly while his eyes rose to meet her own

"S-Sorry, I was listening." Enma assured "I was just….remembering something Adelheid told me." Tsuna tilted her head at her friend while Enma flushed again, should he tell her? "You remember how I said Adelheid had this whole wedding thing pretty much planned out?" Tsuna nodded recalling that text conversation, it was really kind of scary, Tsuna had met the tall woman and she was very intimidating. Like a female large breasted Hibari Kyoya. "W-Well." Enma stuttered while lowering his gaze so his bangs might cover his eyes slightly "She was talking yesterday about….Uh wedding dresses for you." Tsuna flushed at that her brown eyes hiding behind her own bangs in response "And uh…" There was more? "She was talking, uh, about your sizes." You could almost see steam coming off Enma's furiously red cheeks, the red a competition for his bright hair and eyes

"M-My sizes? How does she know that?" Tsuna squeaked before grabbing her head with a groan "Oh Primo, I bet it was Reborn, I'll kill him." the pair both shuddered when a dark killing intent flooded the small area

"Who exactly will you kill dame-Tsuna?" both bosses flinched their eyes finding Reborn while Tsuna stuttered over an excuse or an apology even while Leon morphed into his 10 tonne hammer form and swung at Tsuna's head only to be blocked by a calm looking young man with a blazing rust coloured flame on his hands and head

"I'll buy you some time, run." Enma ordered even as Tsuna frowned at him and quickly pulled on her mittens, she knew the gleam in Reborn's eyes much too well and there was no way she was leaving Enma behind. Activating her flames Tsuna quickly grabbed Enma's arm and blasted flames from her other hand taking them both out of the hedge maze

"Ah….Tsu-hime?" Enma squeaked while she landed them on the mansion roof with a sigh

"Reborn can be a real sadist, we both had to run." Tsuna noted while Enma peeked over the edge of the roof his flame cutting out while Tsuna blinked at him when he paled "Enma-kun….are you….scared of heights?" the shaking boss backed as far from the edge as he could without getting too close to the edge behind him

"N-No, o-o-only a k-kid would b-be sc-scared of heights." Tsuna hid her smile while deactivating her own flames, which of course seemed to make him panic more "N-No! Wh-What if I-I f-fall!?" Enma squeaked while Tsuna blinked at him confused

"But Enma-kun….you can fly too, I've seen it." the panicking Simon boss shivered in fear while looking around them, all the edges seemed much too close and all he could think of were the huge drops just past those edges

"I-I can't a-activate m-my flames….when I'm th-this….sca….uh d-distracted." as soon as Tsuna was in grabbing distance the Simon boss quickly dragged her into his arms and pressed his face into her shoulder so he didn't have to see how high up they were "P-Please." one gentle hand rested on his head to pet his hair gently.

Letting him go Tsuna slid her mittens back on while activating her hyper dying will mode again, Enma clung to her neck while Tsuna flew them back down to the ground, still far from Reborn, at least she hoped it was, he was probably looking for the both of them to apply punishment

Enma was so eager to be back on land he pulled out of Tsuna's hold and knelt down on the ground with a sigh "I'm alive." Tsuna couldn't help but giggle at her friend, who would have thought a Mafia Don was scared of heights? One that could fly too.

Enma pouted over at his friend while Tsuna bit at her bottom lip trying to stop laughing at him "Sorry, Enma-kun…." Enma grumbled lightly sitting on the ground with a sigh while he peeked up at her. After a few moments of assuring himself he was back on ground level he reached up for a hand up, Tsuna grabbing his hand to tug him up even as a mischievous glint entered Enma's eyes. Tugging hard Enma pulled Tsuna down as well

"Hieee!" Tsuna squeaked while she landed on Enma even while the young man laughed at her this time. Tsuna pouted down at him for a moment before realising something, her cheeks burning while Tsuna tried to form words "Y-y-your h-h-hand." Tsuna managed to squeak, Enma looking down with a blink, he was still holding her hand in his, his eyes flicked over to his other hand with a blink to see his other hand, which had moved out to cushion her fall, was gripping something small and soft.

"E-Eh?" Enma stuttered while he blinked at his hand, Tsuna's face flaming while tears welled in her eyes, Enma still unable to comprehend what he had done just stared at the situation.

Enma was jolted out of his surprise when Tsuna screeched again and slapped him, scurrying back from Enma her hands crossed over her chest to defend herself from him.

Enma's brain was only just starting to come online while he blinked at the Vongla Donna he had just groped. The Vongola, biggest Mafia family in the world, and he had just groped their boss. He had just felt up his friend….oh shit he had just groped Vongola Tsunahime?!

"Tsu-hime, I'm I-I'm." Enma was stumbling over an apology even while the young woman pushed herself to her feet with a sob and ran away from him, Enma only able to blink after her startled. Once she was out of sight the young Simon boss looked back down at his hand. The part of his brain that was still disconnected from the reality of the situation couldn't help but embarrass him further by noting internally that Adelheid had been right in her measurements. "I'm going to be killed." Enma whimpered looking back off where Tsuna had disappeared "Oh shit, what have I done?"

"Yes, Kozarto, what have you done?" a new voice growled, Enma stumbling to his feet while he whirled around to see a very angry looking hitman, swallowing the lump in his throat all he could do was fumble over an explanation. Reborn however was not listening to any excuses, to make Tsuna cry, no matter the reason or if it was an accident, that was a taboo for the Mafia world and would turn the entire Vongola against you.

I'm so dead.


Kozart.E : I'm sorry

Kozart.E : I'm really sorry

Kozart.E : Please, I'm so very sorry, I didn't mean to

Kozart.E : Tsu-hime please forgive me

Kozart.E : I truly never meant to, Tsu-hime, please forgive me

Kozart.E : I really miss talking to you, please forgive me.

Kozart.E : Tsu-hime, I miss my friend. Please, forgive me.

Enma was going out of his mind with regret and Tsuna withdrawl, he really had never meant to do something so embarrassing nor hurtful to Tsuna, he had tried texting her multiple times and even sent some official apologies to the Vongola, the only response was a very formal letter from Tsuna's right hand man assuring them there would be no war even though they had committed an unforgivable sin against the Vongola.

Other then that, nothing, no response by text, no response from Tsuna by any other official or unofficial channels. Enma was getting to the end of his tether, he had really enjoyed having a friend, his first real friend, and now he had messed it up so completely.

It had been over a month now and no response from Tsuna, Adelheid had even stopped her talks with the Vongola over the wedding until Enma was forgiven. Every day he got a glare from Adelheid and a demand to know if he had made things right again. Every day the answer was the same, a teary sad Enma and a shake of his head.

Kozart.E : Would you prefer I stop contacting you? I don't know what else I can say or do Tsu-hime, I never wanted to hurt you, and I most definitely never wanted to make you cry. I don't know what else I can say. Please, at least give me something?

V. Tsunahime : Stop bringing it up.

Enma blinked at the text he had finally received, looking over it for something more, but he really didn't understand, at least until he showed Adelheid whom just sighed at him

"Every time you bring it up it reminds her of the event. The Vongola wants you to stop bringing it up so she can forget about it." Enma looked back at the text with a sigh, he had never thought of it like that "On that note, was my sizing correct?" Adelheid asked, she had avoided it before since every time she mentioned anything about the Vongola their boss looked like he was about to burst into tears.

Enma flushed furiously recalling exactly what his hand had encountered while he hung his head with a groan "Don't bring it up, please!" Adelheid smirked, so she was right, ticking off the note in her "Enma's Wedding" file

Enma stopped sending her texts for a week after that, Adelheid said that he should give her some time before trying to contact her again, finally he took out his phone and stared down at the message he was fussing over, he felt as nervous texting her as he had the first time. Pushing the button he let out a breath he hadn't known he was holding, he had extended his hand to her, that was all he could do.

Kozart.E : Can I see you?


Tsuna's eyes flicked down to her phone when it beeped at her, checking the message Tsuna frowned while worrying her bottom lip with her teeth, What should she say to that?

Tsuna wasn't angry at him, though Reborn had told her Guardians what happened and they were livid. Tsuna had been beyond embarrassed and her Guardians kept bringing it up, then Enma kept bringing it up as he texted her constantly apologising for groping her.

Hayato had said she should block his number, Hayato also had offered on many occasions to hunt down the Simon bastard to defend his Juu-hime's honour.

Tsuna stared at the text for some time while she thought it over, she was pretty sure she was going to blush the second she saw him, but Tsuna missed her friend too.

Enma was someone she could talk to openly and know they weren't judging her, every other Mafia boss she had met had been so stuck up, had looked her over and judged her with their eyes. Tsuna could hear everything they were saying in their heads while they sneered at her behind her back Halfbreed, child, girl, brat, civilian, commoner. That was all without them knowing she had been a no good idiot in middle school. Enma knew all about her middle school days, and she knew all about his. They had both been no good and losers. Both had been bullied, and both pushed into being Mafia bosses while resisting the whole way,

Tsuna had never met someone that could understand her like Enma could, the incident had been a startling reminder of the fact that they were both in this situation as part of an engagement. They may be friends, but Enma was also male.

Tsuna had some bad experiences with other Mafia men that had all thought to own the Vongola Donna by force if they had to. Tsuna hadn't enjoyed the reminder, she knew Enma hadn't meant it, she knew that, but it brought back memories that she would prefer stayed buried forever.

Tsuna had always managed to defend herself from the enthusiastic advances, but there had been one time when her Guardians had to step in to save her.

Tsuna knew that Enma wasn't like that, but she just wanted him to stop bringing it up.

"I'll book you in for a dinner." Tsuna squeaked while stumbling out of her chair and blinking up at Reborn, the tall hitman had snuck up on her, as always (Tsuna was sure he was a ninja, not a hitman) and lent over her shoulder to read her text

"Y-You think I should go?" Tsuna asked while picking herself up from the floor with a sigh, she always turned into dame-Tsuna when he was around. The hitman was just too good at surprising her. Or maybe she was just so comfortable with him she wasn't always on edge and trying to be in Mafia boss mode.

"You're still engaged to him." Tsuna deadpanned at that sighing at Reborn

"He's just a friend."

"A friend you're engaged to." Reborn reminded while Tsuna pouted at him, the hitman just ignoring her look, that pout may be her most deadly weapon, but Reborn was much too used to her cuteness and was completely immune. Well, immune to nearly all her looks except one.

It was a look he never wanted to see on her again.

Pushing his thoughts aside Reborn grabbed her phone and began texting back even as Tsuna screeched and launched at him trying to get her phone back. Last time Reborn interfered she had ended up with a broken office

"Noooo, Reborn give it back." The hitman just kept dodging her with ease "Don't send anything weird!" Tsuna caught the phone as it was tossed back to her, fumbling with it for a few moments as she quickly checked her sent messages with a relieved sigh. Nothing weird this time.

"Get dressed, you're going to dinner." Reborn ordered from the doorway while he glided out of the room, Tsuna grumbling after him.


"What was that?" Tsuna flinched peeking over at the tall man frowning at her from the doorway



V. Tsunahime : I'll meet you at X Restaurant at seven for dinner.

Enma let out a huge sigh of relief when her message came through, he had really worried that he might have lost his friend because of his stupid actions, he never should have pulled her down.

Pushing the incident out of his mind Enma instead told Adelheid what was going on and began to get himself ready for their dinner.

"Make the most of your date." Adelheid called after him while he sighed

"It's not a date."



Reborn had gone all out for them, again, he had booked out the entire restaurant (Tsuna spent a moment to cringe at the bill she was sure she would find on her desk from him having to compensate and cancel all the reservations this place had) and she was sitting at the table fiddling with her napkin nervously

"Tsu-hime." Tsuna looked over at the red haired young man running towards her with a wide smile. A smile that didn't even twitch as Enma squeaked and tripped on his own feet falling flat on his face.

Tsuna jumped out of her chair and hurried over to help him up, bright red eyes looking up at her while he smiled brightly at her not even noticing the blood trickle from his nose from his impact with the floor "Thank you for coming." Enma smiled brightly at her Tsuna quickly pulling him up and pushing him into a chair while she brought one of the cloth napkins to his nose

"More importantly you're bleeding." Tsuna advised even as she checked him over for any other injuries, Enma just reached up to hold the napkin to his nose still smiling at her

"I'm used to it, I've always been clumsy." he shrugged while Tsuna flushed when his hand brushed at her own when he took the napkin from her, Tsuna withdrawing her hand and looking away from him feeling shy all of a sudden while moving back to her seat. Peeking back over at the brightly grinning Enma, Tsuna couldn't help but smile in return

"You know, I didn't know anyone other then myself could trip over thin air." Tsuna teased while the pair shared a look before both bursting into giggles

Enma was unable to stop smiling at her, so relieved to have his friend back he couldn't stop smiling if he tried, he didn't care that he had tripped, nor that his nose was bleeding, all that mattered was that Tsuna was smiling at him again. I want Tsu-hime to be able to smile like this always.

"I-" Enma cut himself off startled while he blinked confused….what was he about to say? His cheeks flushed furiously while Enma swallowed heavily. This was bad, this was very very bad. Enma had just….I love you

"Enma-kun, are you alright? Does it hurt?" Enma smiled softly at her and shook his head while studying her

"No, I'm alright. Shall we order?" Tsuna nodded with a smile while she looked down at the menu. Enma just watched her for a few moments before smiling down at his menu. He would do anything, as long as she would keep smiling. Enma would just be happy to be her friend.


Reborn sighed heavily while he kept a tight hold on the back of Gokudera Hayato's red shirt, the silver haired right hand man was struggling and pulling trying to go into the dining area and punch Enma in the face

"Let me go Reborn-san, he touched Juu-hime!"

"By accident." Reborn reminded "They're just eating, it's not like he's throwing her on the table and having his way with her." Hayato paled at that

"I'll kill him!"

"Maa maa, come on Hayato." Takeshi chuckled while he stood in front of the silver haired Italian to block off his view while he smiled at him "It's okay, she's smiling, she's fine."

"It's not okay, he's looking at her!" Reborn delivered a quick chop to the back of the Storm Guardian's neck as he collapsed limp into Takeshi's arms. Takeshi quickly scooped him into his hold, giving Reborn a serious look

"I'll go lie him down. You won't leave her alone will you?" Reborn nodded, he was never letting that happen again.

Even when the pair had snuck out, Reborn was always watching. The Vongola Decimo was too precious to too many people to be leaving her unchaperoned. Reborn had long since had the duty of keeping an eye on her, Tsuna much too often got herself into trouble. Reborn didn't think she could draw much more trouble if she went out of her way to try. Tsuna had many enemies, she was breaking down the systems and the traditions of the Mafia and dragging it kicking and screaming into a new era.

Reborn had done his research, this kid was just as much of a failure as Tsuna had been, he was well known to those that did know anything about the tiny Simon famiglia as being kind and fair. There were not many chances they would have to pair Tsuna with someone that she might get along with. They had been friends almost immediately and not once had Reborn seen a lie in the strange eyes of the brat. Enma had screwed up and brought up bad memories for Tsuna, but he had no idea about that incident and had never meant to go grabbing at her, it had been a coincidence that his hand had caught Tsuna's breast to break her fall

Though Reborn had just seen something in the young Don's eyes when he looked at the hitman's charge, something he was glad Hayato hadn't seen. Realisation. Enma had just realised that he had fallen in love with his best friend.

Reborn smirked watching over the pair, hey if you're going to fall in love and get married it might as well be your best friend.


Enma was feeling incredibly out of place, Adelheid had insisted he go to this event as it was such a rare instance that a tiny famiglia like their own got an invitation to this sort of prestigious gathering. He had sent Tsuna a message and it seems like word had been leaked that they were discussing marriage and since Enma had been flooded with requests to come to fancy events that they had never seen a look in at before.

The entire Mafia world wanted to know just who this unknown that was to be wed to the Vongola Donna was. Tsuna had tried her best to give him some coaching to survive the event, Adelheid had also given him some tutoring and he still shuddered at the memory.

So here he was, dressed in a suit Tsuna had helped him pick out, he had been completely embarrassed when she had bought it for him, but the suit was beyond his means of disposable cash, they were a small famiglia and not one that did dirty deeds for money. Hence his disposable cash was a tiny amount compared to Tsuna's

Now here he was in a room full of elite Mafioso having to put on his 'Mafia Face' while panicking inside and being watched like some sort of creature under a microscope. He could feel them all staring and making assessments. His posture was under scrutiny, he was sure that someone had pointed out his strange eyes too since there was a mutter from everyone he stepped past while they peered at him.

Enma really just wanted to run out of here and hide, but he had to do this, Adelheid had reminded him that by knowing Tsuna, and even if they weren't married they were allied with the Vongola now and he was going to be thrown into situations like this more and more.

"You're certainly gaining a lot of attention this evening, Simon wasn't it." Enma looked over at the young man that was smiling at him, something about his smile made Enma's skin crawl

"Yes. And you are?" There was just something decidedly creepy about this man, Enma did not like the way he was looking at him at all, had one of his Guardians been at his side they would have already broken a few of his bones Enma was sure. However all Guardians had to wait outside for this event; too many trigger happy Guardians in a very small space.

"Buio, Fifth of the Buio famiglia." Enma took the offered hand while the young Mafioso shook his hand with a smirk "What's it like to be engaged to damaged goods?" Enma's blood ran cold and his eyes flickered dark red while he tightened his grip on the other's hand, enjoying the flinch and panic in the mafioso's face

"Excuse me?" Enma had never felt this calm without going into hyper dying will mode. Right now however he felt completely calm while he studied the Mafioso he was entertaining the thought of killing

"You don't know?" Buio smirked while tearing his hand free "Guess an insignificant famiglia like the Simon wouldn't be up to the current news." the young Don was feeling more then a little vindictive now, angry at being intimidated for a moment by some nobody like the Simon Decimo.

Any Mafioso in the room with even a lick of sense was backing up from that nobody, there was a dark miasma coming from him and to their horror and confusion it felt like something was pressing down on top of them without anything being there. The Simon were known for their strange powers and they were about to have a first row viewing

"If you continue insulting Tsu-hime then I'm afraid I won't be able to stop myself." Enma's voice was polite and calm, but it still managed to chill the entire room to the bone. Buio of course not wanting to bow down before some small time Mafia Don refused to back down, even though his knees were shuddering at the pressure pushing down on his head that only got stronger the longer he stood before the Simon boss.

"I'm just stating the facts. Everyone knows, your fiancée is damaged goo-" not another word escaped him as the pressure increased exponentially and slammed him down to the ground. A whimper escape him while he looked up at Enma in terror. The young Don's eyes were blazing red and a rust coloured flame sparking on his forehead while he glared down at him with those strange crossed pupils

Enma quickly turned away from the man before he killed him and strode out, Adelheid and Julie both catching him when he left. Adelheid was demanding to know what had happened, they had felt his Earth Flame come to life but they had been barred from entering. Now seeing Enma look so mad, they had never seen their kind gentle boss look so furious before

"They insulted Tsu-hime." Enma growled out finally as they sat in the car on their way home, Adelheid frowned deeply looking back at the bright haired Simon boss

"They actually insulted the Vongola? In front of her fiancé?" the dark haired fighter looked completely gob smacked that someone would be foolish enough to do something like that to someone that was close to Tsunahime. Then again it was definitely possible that they had thought the pair were an arranged marriage pair (Which they were) and didn't care about the other at all. Even so it had been a highly risky gamble to take.

"What did they say about the pretty hime?" Julie called back while he grinned back at Enma "I didn't think anything would ever get you mad~ Must have been pretty bad." Enma's fists clenched when he recalled what the bastard had said about his Tsu-hime.

"I need to contact Reborn." Enma replied, he had no idea how to contact him but he knew that Adelheid had been in contact with him, how else had she gotten the sizes. Tsuna herself had said that it was probably Reborn.

"Alright." Adelheid smacked Julie as he went to say something else, now was not the time to poke Enma, the young man was in too dangerous a mood. Instead Adelheid would just get him home and give him the number he had asked for so that he might be able to calm down

Kozart.E : No matter what I will always be your friend.


Enma shifted under the dark gaze of Tsuna's hitman advisor while he frowned over at Enma

"If you ever mention anything that we discuss here in front of dame-Tsuna, then your life is forfeit, Am I understood?" Enma could only nod quietly while peeking up at him, how the hell had Tsuna survived so long with someone as scary as this? He made Adelheid seem like a cuddly kitten in comparison.

"The incident that schifezza spoke of was a few years ago. A Mafioso managed to drug Tsunahime and assault her. However the brat fought like a demon and we interrupted and dealt with the bastardo before anything too traumatising could happen." (Trash, filth, disgusting thing - and Bastard) Reborn spoke the facts in a dead detached voice, his eyes were distant and there was a twist of rage on his lips that scared Enma "We apprehended him and then took out anyone from his famiglia that had assisted in the planning and execution of the act for crimes against the Vongola."

Reborn would never forget though, Tsuna sitting in the corner her clothes torn and bruises on her throat and skin while she sobbed and hugged herself protectively. Takeshi had been the first to move, hurrying to Tsuna and wrapping his black jacket around her small shaking shoulders while Hayato beat into the Mafioso with his bare hands, Reborn planning many ways of skinning and torturing the bastard that had hurt Tsuna. Ryohei had moved as soon as Takeshi had and hurried over to Tsuna to heal her up, her sob had stopped him while she fumbled back from him in fear when his hands approached her. Reborn would never forget that incident, and he would never again let Tsuna out of his sight around other Mafioso. Tsuna's tears were the only thing that could still affect him like that and hike up his protective instincts to a homicidal level

In fact that event had left the Guardians all in overprotective mode, Mukurou had ended up dealing with the stupid man that had hurt the Sky personally. It had taken a long time for him to finally die. The famiglia that had started the war had no chance at all. Rumours had still circulated claiming that they had declared war on the famiglia and wiped them out because their Donna was now damaged goods.

No one ever said it to their faces of course, but the rumours were all over the place. The marriage offers had dropped off for a while until it was confirmed that Tsuna wasn't pregnant from the incident. The Vongola had been tight lipped about the situation so everyone had drawn their own conclusions that the Donna had been completely brutalised. Vongola never made mention of the topic except for advising that to speak a word in front of Tsuna meant death. So the rumours had continued to circulate

Tsuna had told them to ignore it, even if they spoke the truth of what happened there was no way that they would be believed, other famiglia would just agree in front of them and go continue the rumours behind their back. Tsuna just wanted to forget it so she had just told them to leave it alone.

"What would you have done if I said she was damaged goods?" Reborn asked spitting out the term, he hated those words almost as much as he hated any trash that would dare do such a thing to a woman. He was however curious to know exactly what Enma's answer would have been had he said that yes, Tsuna had been hurt on their watch. Even if they were slow on the uptake her Guardians would never let that happen to her, not then and not ever. It had been a wake up to her Guardians however that they needed to keep a closer eye on Tsuna, yes she was strong, but she was also too trusting sometimes.

"Had her participation been consensual I would have not cared. Tsuna deserves to be happy...However had it not...I would have asked where exactly the man was so I could have my go at him for hurting her." Reborn smirked internally and nodded to the young man. Well, that bought the Simon Don some brownie points with Reborn

"You pass." Reborn noted while Enma tilted his head curiously at the hitman, Reborn sighing, the brat was just as bad as Tsuna was when she was in her normal mode. They had just set up Tsuna with a male clone of herself.

I shudder to think what traits they'll pass to their children. An entirely new generation of dame uke bosses.


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