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Here's the rest of the summary: The time has come for the real enemy to be revealed, and defeated for the final time.

Chapter One:

A place to stay.

Cecelia's P.O.V


"The Thorntons have four cats and two dogs. They live in a place called Greendale."

"Taylor, they live in Greendale? Don't you think that sounds just a little . . . boring? Don't you want to live somewhere exciting? Somewhere where things happen? Somewhere-"

She interrupted me. "Isn't that why we're doing this? Look, Cecelia, I know you want to live somewhere 'exciting,' but really, life isn't a book! One day you're going to have to wake up and realise that people like Snow White don't exist, okay!"

I thought about what she had said. I wasn't stupid, I knew Snow White didn't exist; I knew that the books I read weren't about that kind of thing. I thought about what we were doing. We weren't doing this because I wanted to find somewhere 'exciting', I knew the real reason was because we didn't want to stay with our dads, but we also didn't want to get stuck in a place called Greendale with a pair of mooching adults who had four cats and two dogs. We wanted to settle down somewhere more exiting, where we wanted to make real friends. So, we were looking to find a relative who would keep an eye on us because we were still minors. I had just turned seventeen, and Taylor was two months away from that age herself.

"You know that's not why we're doing this, we have to follow our dad's around, and it's just not fun. I'm fed up with moving from place to place, and so are you. Ever since your mum died, our dad's got real close and so did we; that was a good thing. But they also started to move around a lot, and they don't settle." I took a breath. "And as for how Snow White went, well, I'd prefer a near death experience! The books I read are about adventures, they involve dangerous magical creatures, not princesses! And forbidden love is way better than any mushy fairytale slop!"

Taylor laughed, and I was glad - we didn't like talking about our parents. We had strangely similar back stories; both our moms were dead from cancer. Both our dad's were journalists who traveled, documenting places like South Africa, Egypt and Jamaica, dragging us along with them. We were cousins - part of a very extensive family - but were more like sisters. We certainly bickered like sisters!

"Well, I think I've found the place!" exclaimed Taylor, breaking my train of thought.

"Oh, Where?"

"Forks! A couple there have adopted a girl who's sixteen. She's our cousin-"

"Another cousin?"

"Yeah, I know! So anyway, I was going to say we would have someone our age to keep us company. Plus look at this blog thing about it!"

I looked at the screen.

Forks, the place of nightmares. It is advised that dwellers of Forks stay inside at night, as recent discoveries I have made have revealed a group of werewolves live in the midst of us village dwellers.

One of which is Jacob Black II, who I believe to be Jacob Black I, the boy who went missing fifty years previously at the same time the Cullen family and a group of boys from . . .

Taylor pulled the computer back to face her, but the little I had seen had been enough. That's it, I'm set on going to Forks.

"Oh no!" groaned Taylor.

"What?" I asked apprehensively.

"You've got that look," she sighed.

Emma's P.O.V

Everything had gone wrong today. First I had messed up in school, been punched my some b*tch called Katy Morrison, then my car had run out of fuel and I had to wait an hour for my grandma to collect me. To top it off, some distant cousins' of mine had rung up and asked my grandfather, Jonathan Grey, if they could come live with us. Worst of all, he said yes, even though he didn't know them. He told me they promised to keep out of our way. Then he sent me off to collect them. Now I was sitting on a cold dirty metal bench with the rain pouring down in torrents, and the bruise on my cheek aching.

I gazed moodily at the floor wishing now more than ever that my parents were still alive. A wave of sadness washed over me, and I struggled to hold back the tears that threatened to overcome.

The train came chugging into the station and with a screech of brakes it stopped. After a moment the doors opened and five people got off, an elderly couple, a young man in his early twenties, and two teenage girls around my age. I stared at them. They stared back.

I had no doubt that these two girls were my cousins.

One was very slender. She had green eyes and her curly brown hair was bouncing everywhere. The other one was not as slender but wasn't fat. She had a roundish face that suited her. She wore glasses and had a pale complexion. Her hair was honey brown and wavy. She had a book in her hand and was wearing a silvery-black hat. They both looked good, better than I had expected anyway.

The one with the curly brown hair whispered something to the other, at which the other one went, "Taylor you idiot! It's rude to whisper about people and to stare at them. God, don't you have any manners?"

''Whatever!" replied the one that was Taylor.

I got up very reluctantly and walked over to meet them.

"Hey, you must be Emma, I'm Cecelia, Cecelia Rose Blackwood. And this idiot—sorry about the whispering, she hasn't got any social intelligence!—is Taylor Brook Orchister. I'm really sorry that we're intruding in your life, I'll mind my own business if it makes it easier for you. I can't vouch for Taylor though, she does whatever she wants without asking me, but I'll try to keep her nose out of your business!" She said all this very fast.

''Huh,'' snorted Taylor.

Oh no, I thought, just what I need, someone who doesn't stop talking.

"Hi!" I said hesitantly. "Yeah, I'm Emma." The one called Cecelia smiled at me knowingly, whereas the one called Taylor just stared at me curiously, no doubt wondering where I got the bruise from.

"So," I said looking down, "shall we go then?" They both nodded, and we left the station.

The ride home was quiet, it seemed to take forever, but in reality it only took fifteen minutes.

Cecelia asked about people who lived in Forks. She asked about somebody called Jacob Black, and I told her that I knew of him.

We were just nearing the house when she asked, "Do you know anybody called Cullen?"

"Yeah," I replied, surprised that she knew about them. "They moved here about a year ago. They all look like film stars or supermodels. There are nine of them. Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Bella, Renesmee, Jasper and Alice are the kids. Their parents are Carlisle and Esme. They don't socialise—the kids, I mean." I stopped the car outside the house. "We're here!" I announced.

Taylor's P.O.V

As we entered the house, a whiff of tuna bake hit me, so I instantly assumed that was for dinner. "So, what's for dinner?" I asked.

"Tuna bake, it's my gran's special," Emma groaned.

"Mmm, I love tuna bake!" Cecilia lied. I knew tuna bake made her feel sick.

"When do you eat?" I wondered aloud.

"Around six o'clock," Emma replied, making her way into the dining room. The hallway was narrow, but it just got worse from there. Man the house was tiny! I saw the living room through a door to the right. There was a coffee table with a chessboard on it, a saggy sofa and two saggy seats, and a television that looked to be from the Victorian ages!

We sat at the table while Emma's grandmother served us our dinner. The food looked okay, but as I bit into it I almost spat it out. I hated tuna bake and so did Cess. Cecilia kicked me under the table. I gagged in the toilet after dinner because I ate all of the vile stuff since I didn't want to upset Emma's grandma.

We climbed up some slippery steep wooden stairs. Our bedroom was the first door on the left. Even the bedroom was small, I mean, come on, we are three growing teenagers, I needed more space!

"This is where you will be sleeping . . . with me," explained Emma.

"We brought sleeping bags," Cecilia told Emma.

I unloaded my bag then got my computer out. I sat on my sleeping bag. It was about eight thirty—it took a while to eat our dinner, and we had to unpack.

When Emma went to the toilet to get ready for bed, Cecilia said to me, "You know, should really work on liking tuna bake convincingly, because I have a feeling that we'll be having that a lot."

I put on my pajamas and then I went on my Mac for a bit and played Minecraft. After I had turned it off, I stared at the ceiling and groaned.

"Ah!" I opened my suitcase and chose an outfit for tomorrow. A nice blue blouse, some ripped jeans and a white vest. "I wonder what that bloody school is like," I mused.

"As long as it doesn't have tuna bake for lunch," Cecilia said, at that moment Emma came in.

"What are you talking about?" asked Emma.

"That school we're going to tomorrow," I replied.

"Oh, did you know that the school was built in the Victorian times?"

"Interesting," I said scornfully.

"Tay!" exclaimed Cecelia.

"What?" I grumbled back.

Was it good?