***Emma's POV***

"I swear, they pull one more stunt Ima kill them," grumbled Tay, as we walk out of the principles office for the seventh time that week.

"You can't. They're vampires. They're already dead," groans Cess, hoisting her bag higher onto her shoulder. The bag was big and embroidered with a colourful mandala pattern. At the moment it held not only school books but also files and files of info on not only vampires, but werewolves, children of the moon, half vampires etc. There's a file on the Cullen's, which detail their daily patterns and routine. We have gathered info on their pasts, which to our surprise wasn't hard, they must not have considered our amazing coding skills, that and google. They don't realise just how much they stand out, they scare people all over the world, working backwards from now going slowly into their past we have managed to track them to a considerably creeped out illegal papers dude, some considerable creeped out creepy perverts (that was not a pleasant website so don't even ask), some considerably creeped out teachers, some considerably creeped out hikers, and others who also happen to be 'considerably creeped out.'

"I'll destroy them then," Tay states, in a way that says 'don't argue'.

"You can't, they're vampires. The only way to do that is to rip them too shreds and burn the pieces," Cess sighs, not being quite as intuitive as she usually is.

"Then I'll do that," Tay raises her voice, indicating that the conversation is over.

"I don't think you ca- " I nudge her and she stops talking.

I watch them fighting and sigh. The Cullen's had got us into various other situations where we got blamed for everything. They had framed us for setting their car on fire, theft and five acts of vandalism on school property. This was our last warning, we had one last chance before Principle Staffnill kicked us out.

Tay opens her mouth to start arguing again, but I stop her with a powerful elbow in her side and a stern look.

"Ow," Tay whines, rubbing her ribcage.

"I am going to die, I'm gunna jump off a cliff and drown in the water at the bottom," Cess exclaims, overreacting as usual.

Just then Seth comes round the corner at speed, he barely stops in time to not crush us.

"Sorry, are you ok?" he asks, turning to walk with us.

"We'll live, I'm sure," Tay says sarcastically.

"Yeah, we're okay, Seth," Cess says, cheering up considerably. "Where were you going?"

"Oh, I heard you were wanted in the Principles office… again," he says sheepishly, smiling.

"Another favour from the Cullen's…." Cess says, growing sober again.

"How long do you think it will go on?" I ask Seth, making the most of Cess's influences.

"I don't know….." He trailed off, looking at Cess with regret. He did know, he just didn't want Cess to know.

"How long will it keep going on for?" Cess asks, obviously picking up on the fact Seth was holding back.

"They won't stop, not until you leave, not even if the website is taken down. They would have left it at that originally, but now they've gotten all worked up and it won't stop until you've gone." Seth said it, the truth we've all been avoiding. Pretending like it would just go away was no longer an option. The headmaster had said it, we had 'one last chance' and the odds weren't in our favour.