New Home, New Family

Her home used to be where her parents lived - and then, she went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. The school quickly became her home instead, and her friends became family. Hogwarts was much more to her than just a place she slept away her nights, and studied away her days. It was everything and more. It was where she felt most at peace, most herself.

Hogwarts changed her in ways she could not have imagined possible. She learned more in her studies than she could have hoped - more than most students, if she put modesty aside for a moment. She learned even more about life from her adventures with Harry and Ron. She experienced friendship and love and loss.

Before Hogwarts, her life had been calm and nice. But it wasn't like her most recent years. Her recent years had made her into the person she had become. And if there was one thing she was sure of, she owed a lot to Hogwarts.

Hogwarts was home.