(Chase, Foreman, Cameron, House; implied House/Cameron and Chase/Cameron)

Internal Motivations

"Why do you think she's into him?" Chase said.

Across from him, Foreman rolled his eyes. "Jealous?"

"No. I just... it's House. How can anyone..."

"How can anyone love him? Same way as they love anyone else, I guess. Love is stupid."

"I guess."

After a few moments of silence, Foreman sighed. "Okay. What?"

"What do you mean 'what'?"

"You have a look. Get it out or I'll have to deal with you like this all night."

Chase could've pretended he was offended, but to be honest, he didn't care what Foreman thought. And, if given the chance to air out his thoughts and get another perspective, why not?

"Okay, so maybe I am a bit jealous."

A heavy sigh. "Of course you are."

"It's just… I…"

"You like her." Foreman put to words what Chase could not say.

Chase nodded. "I guess so. It's stupid. We're co-workers. It could never work."

"Yes," Foreman agreed.

"You're not going to say something comforting?" Chase asked, frowning. "Tell me it could work?"

"Hold your hand?"

They stared at each other a moment, and then Chase looked away.

"It won't work," Foreman said.


"What?" he said. "I never said I'd hold your hand. Cameron's way too into House to notice you drooling over her."

"I'm not drooling over her!"

Foreman smirked.

"I'm not!"

"Everyone knows you're into her. Everyone but her."

"Let's just get back to work, okay?" Chase said, turning back to his screen and studiously skimming the results.

"Works for me," Foreman said. When he was focussed again on his work, across the room, Chase looked away from the screen and stared into space.

"What has House got that I don't?" he muttered to himself.