Came up with this on the Toilet - NO LIE - LOLSIES

For anyone who asks - Kate & Humphrey will be together at some point!

HUMAN STORY / Anthro / Wolf

There were 5 of us at the start of the experiment... so I was told. Now I was told there was 1 left. Me! My parents were looking out for me ever since I remember them. They died 2 years ago today. I live on my own now and seem to be doing good for a 16 year old boy. My two floored house. My cloths which consists of mainly black clothing. The millions of money that was left to me from my family which they saved up and worked for over the years. I do very much prefer to wear black then any other clothing as I very much like to keep to my self and not draw any attention. I have dark grey coloured hair which reaches to my shoulders, Crystal blue eyes and have a body witch is quite muscular.

I am currently in my last year of high school and it seems to be going fairly wall. The school year is only three months in so Christmas will be arriving soon which also means school will break up for two weeks for Christmas, Yippee... another Christmas all alone. Anyway... Where was I... Oh yes. School seems to be going well. I'm in all the top classes but it all changed when the head moved a certain girl up to the next level of classes. The head put her on a time-table which was exactly the same as mine. Same classes in the same rooms with the same teachers. This girl acted differently. Only slightly but it was enough for me to notice it. My little suspicion only grew more as in one class, Science, the teacher sat her next to me. Well who would be suspicious of a girl who was seated next to me... No-one that's who! But... No-one else caught the smell of a certain animal... an animal I thought that shouldn't be in this part of Jasper because of the Hunters, but... the animal... the animal I could smell was one of a natural born hunter, amazing hearing, excellent eye-sight, strong, fur all over it's body... this animal I could smell was... was... a Wolf!

P.O.V Change

My parents said that me and my sister were part of an experiment when we were still in the womb. The experiment was to combine Human DNA with a animal that was high on the food chain, fast, a natural born predator, agile and good eye-sight. The animal was a wolf.

My family worked hard to keep my and my sister safe from harm. So to do that my parents has kept me and my sister away from society because me and my sister can't control fully what the experiment did to us. We both still go to school, me in my last year and my sister in the year below.

There is a boy on my year that tries to keep himself to himself. He likes to wear black from what I can tell. His hair that reaches his shoulders and his gorgeous crystal blue eyes. I want to be friends with him so I can get to know him a bit. I don't even know his name. So that's why I have been working so hard to get the head to put me in his classes. It finally paid off when I was called to the head and he told me I had a new time-table and it's been put in affect instantly. I got put into the exact same classes as this boy. It came to science and the teacher sat me next to him. I was so happy but the happiness died down and made me become shy. Only because I notice he was sniffing a lot and he finally stopped and started breathing normally again but his eyes were fixed to mine. I started to become nervous.
(Thought) "I hope he can't smell me. It would be difficult trying to explain why I smelt like a wolf. I do use perfume but I thought it was enough to cover up the smell of the wolf, I thought no one could smell it!"
I decided to say something.

"Ummm... Hi?" I asked nervously.
"Heeyyy... My names Humphrey." He replys wearily.
"Mine's Kate." I say back.

Well? What you think of the new story I'm working on?

I am still working on the other 2! I just need time to think of where I can go with them.