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Previously: (? P.O.V)

There were 5... but I was told I was the last one left. Now... I'm not so sure.
I had a normal school life but that all changed when a girl was moved up into my classes. She acted differently. Smelt a little odd. She smelt like a dog to people, but I knew I smelt a wolf.

(? P.O.V)

I got moved into higher classes. I tried to get here so I can be near a boy I though I never knew a bit of him. I got sat next to him in science. I got worried, maybe he knows stuff about wolves. The boy I liked presented himself as Humphrey.

Present (Humphreys P.O.V)

I was certain Kate was like me. I met another person who was in the experiment.

"So... you like animals?" I asked Kate.
"Uhhh.. Yeah I do." Kate responded.
"Whats your favourite?" I questioned.
"My favourite is a cat." Kate said. "Whats yours?"
"Mines a wolf." I said

Saying that caused her to visually flinch.

"Humphrey, Kate! No talking in class." The teacher shouted then continued in a clam voice. "Now class. Today in Bio-Science Were lucky to have access to some recently made public documents. No names are mentioned or Pictures contained in these files. But these documents talk about an experiment called, "Genetic Hybrids"

'The fuck?' I thought. 'When was these made public?'

I looked over at Kate and her eyes were wide.

"I know what you are Kate. We'll talk later." I whispered to her.
I saw a tear slide down her cheek.

After the teacher talked about the experiment, in brief detail because the files were only very brief and how the five are reported dead, I caught up with Kate as she was walking home.

"I know what you are Kate. Don't be afraid."
"I don't know what your on about."
"Don't hide it Kate. I know."
"How do you know?"
"Cause I'm one aswell."
"Prove it"
"I will. When we can find somewhere secluded."
"Why don't you come over to my house and show me there."
"I would prefer not too. Your parents."
"Oh, they wont mind I'm sure."
"How are they with wolves and swords?"
"Wolves fine but they dont like the wild ones. But swords? I dont know. Why you ask?"
"Uhh... No reason. But If I am to show you. I want us on our own."
"Sure. I know a shortcut to my house that no one takes apart from my family."
"Lead the way"

As we were walking, we were making small talk. It was uh... Awkward to say the least. We started to walk down a path that was very well hidden.

"All right were about half way and no one is near." Kate said.
"All right. You go first. So I know for sure."

I watched as Kate closed her eyes and slowed her breathing. I started to see a gold mist form around her. The mist kept coming until I could not see her any more. As I saw the mist disappear I could see a golden wolf. (Like Kate in the movie)

"Well?" Kate asked.
"Well what?" I questioned back.
"Oh nothing. Just seeing if your lying. No normal human would understand us."

I started to hear footsteps approaching.

"Quick! Hide or change back. Someone is coming!" I told Kate.
"Shit!" Kate exclaimed.

Next thing I know I'm Looking at a wall of golden mist. It disperses and Kate is back to her human form.

"Kate! Is that you?" Someone asks from around the path bend.
"Yeah. Lilly it is." Kate replys.
"Why are you Transfor... *Gasp* Why did you do that in front of him!?" This person I now know as Lilly demands.
"Relax sis. He's like us."

'Wait? She's one too? Three of us. Awesome.' I say in my mind.

"Oh yeah? I don't see it. Smell it or hear it!" Lilly says.

'Smell? I wash everyday with very strong shampoo and conditioner so the smell is not there. See. I haven't transformed yet. Hear? She means like growling or howling right?' I again say in my mind.

"I was about to transform until you arrived." I say
"Oh well uh... go on then." Lilly responds.
"Let me see you first. I'm not transforming unless I'm certain your not a normal human."
"Fine. Is he one Kate?"
"Yes he is. Its awesome." Kate replies to her.

Lilly closed her eyes and calmed her breath, just like Kate. A white mist surrounded her and very soon a wolf with pure white fur and violet eyes stood in her place. (Again like the movie Lilly)

"Nice fur." I say to Lilly.
"Uh... Thanks." Lilly says back.

The white mist reappeared and in seconds again, Lilly was standing in the wolfs place. You could see a faint blush on her cheeks.

"Well now you have seen both of us. Lets see you." Kate told me.
"All right. But on one condition."
"What's that?" Lilly asks.
"Both of you do NOT touch me or what I got!" I say, putting emphasis on not.
"Ok." They both say.

In seconds a thick black mist engulfed me and in seconds it was gone. I was a wolf. A wolf that is strong, fast and extremely protective. My fur was a thick matt black coat and had a piece of fur that covered my eyes a little.. I kept my crystal blue eyes. Around the top of my four legs was a strap. Those straps kept in place a small black chest plate and a holster on my back. On the holster was a sword. Light blue in colour and very, very sharp. The sword was attached to the chest plate by a silver coloured chain.

"Woah!" Lilly exclaimed.
"How have you got that?" Kate asks.
"My Parents gave it to me." I said.
"No, I mean. How have you got that in that form?"
"Wait? You don't know that you keep what you got on when you change forms?"
"Well... We do about the human side not the wolf side." Kate admits.
"We can't control it very well. All the things they did to use in the experiment." Lilly added on.

The same black mist came back and I was again my human form.

"I want you to come over out house." Kate told me.
"Yeah, Come on. Call your parents and tell..." Lilly stared but I interrupted her.
"There dead."
"Oh, I... I didn't know. I'm sorry." Lilly apologised.
"It's Ok." I said.

(Kate's P.O.V)

'OMG He's so hot. His fur is awesome. That sword looks amazing.' I thought.

I invited him to our house and Lilly agreed. Although, we had no idea his parents were dead.

We arrived at our house and Humphrey said it looks awesome. It was a very secluded house. Not even the government knows we are here. Our post is taken to a safe box at our nearest post office.

"Where were you two?" I heard my dad say.
"Walking. Taking our time and talking." I say.
"Who's this?" My dad asks.
"Dad" Lilly says. "This is Humphrey. Humphrey Dark."
"Can I have a word with you two in private." Dad demands. "Excuse us Humphrey.
"It's fine sir." He replied.

We walked with our farther a little ways away from Humphrey and dad started.

"Why is he here?" Dad demanded.
"We Invited him." I say.
"Because he's like us." Lilly says.
"HA! Don't make me laugh. Your the only two left. That's why we live in the middle of nowhere!"
"It's true. He's shown us." I said.
"Then he can show me as well." My dad demands.
"I'll go ask." I said.

I walked over to Humphrey and asked him yo show my dad. Instantly a black mist formed.

"Dad!" I called. He came over.

The mist dispersed and Humphrey was there in his wolf form.

"Well I'll be. Another Hybrid. What's with the sword." My dad said and reached for the sword.
"Dad! No!" I shouted but it was too late.

Humphrey jumped. Twisted his body, Grabbed the handle of the sword in he jaws and finally landed on my dad. My dad was on his back with very wide eyes. Humphrey was growling and put the sword to his throat, Starting to draw blood.

"Humphrey don't! Please!" I pleaded.

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