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Rumours were spreading... Wolves... A Sword...


(Humphreys P.O.V)

I arrived at school at my usual time, about 10 minutes till classes were due to start. The two girls no where to be soon. After what happened yesterday I wouldn't blame them if they decided to stay at home.

Walking through the hall ways I became increasingly aware of people walking out of the building. Some even running. This peaked my curiosity but I don't talk to anyone so I just took out my phone and did a quick scan of social media. Twitter was where I saw it first. A photo with the text "OMG the girls who own the wolves are here" and below a shaky bad quality picture of Kate and Lilly.
'Not good' I thought and quickly pocketed my phone and ran straight for the doors into the open. What I saw was shocking.
'Almost all if not everyone in the school are here' All trying to talk.. well shout towards Kate and Lilly who seemed to be backed up against fence. I saw the teachers trying to disperse the crowd but failing.

I was thinking hard on what I can do.
'Do I just go there and drag them away? Perhaps I turn and jump in front? No those are stupid ideas...'
There was nothing I could think of that would work properly. But looking over at the girls again I saw some students trying to grab them. Lilly is almost in tears and Kate is holding Lilly behind her.
Sighing loudly I just went in.

I pushed through the crowd forcing people aside, pushing hard. I eventually got to the girls who instantly locked eyes with mine. I can see the relief in their eyes.

I turned around so both were now behind me and myself facing the crowd. They were staring at me.
I sighed again before softly saying one word.
No one seemed to move an inch so I repeated myself a little louder.
Some gave glances at each other wondering why I was here and now talking.
"I won't say it nicely again." I started, Some started to move but many remained.
Shaking my head I bellowed out the top of my lungs.
and that seemed to do the trick. Like Moses parted the sea, A clear and straight line to the doors appeared.

I looked behind and nudged my head towards the door. Both understanding and started walking behind me as we headed to the doors and as we past, the gap closed back up behind us.

Upon reaching the doors I let the girls go through first and then myself. Just as the doors closed I could hear the teachers starting to tell people to go back inside.

We stopped where a corridor leads off to the left and watched as the school comes back in. Passing and looking at us as they go by.

A movement caught my eye to my right. It was Lilly inching closer then hugging me.
"Thank you" she sniffled.
I hugged her back and replied "Not a problem".
"This seems to becoming a Habit. Our Knight in shining fur" Kate said with a soft smile.
"mhm Great..."

Lilly let go of me just as the bell rang for first class,
"Oh I better get to class." Lilly said as she starting walking off.
"You know what to do if you need help" I replied.
"Thanks again"

(Kates P.O.V)

"As for Us Humphrey we also better get to class"
Humphrey just nodded in response.

We quickly made out way to our room and opened the door. The teacher was just about to start the register and as soon as we walked in the class fell dead silent.
"Well that made my task of getting you all to shut up easier. Come now sit you two." The teacher said.

We sat at our usual seats, Humphrey at the back and me towards the front near the window.

Time went on and on. It was going to be a really long day for us for the one reason of the class being told to stay in this room and all out other classes were cancelled for the day. Words from the head teacher who wanted to make sure the whole class was present for a nice chat about the class leaving for a sudden trip to the forest and getting lost. The teacher was not in as much trouble but the head wanted to really come and talk to the person who started the trip I guess.

When the teacher told us this news after the register was done, all heads turned towards Humphrey at the back. Who was staring down at his lap but i'm sure aware of the attention.

It was almost lunch time and all we have been doing in class is the teacher going over topics based on students questions. Revision I guess. I was too preoccupied in my own thoughts and being asked constantly what the heck I was doing with wolves in my house. I just kept repeating the same thing, my parents pets. It was weird to refer to myself as a pet...

The teacher looked up at the clock and saw the time. 12:20. Time for lunch.

"Alright Class. The questions you have been asking for the revision have actually made me realise there are some topics that the whole class needs to go over again. Time is now 12.20 and i'm giving you an extra 10 minutes for lunch, So please be back at 13:30."

Everyone went to get up and head to the door but the door opened and walked in the head teacher. Mr. Tony Stone.

"Now now people. No need to stand up for me. Please sit." The class groaned slightly and sat.

(Humphreys P.O.V)

I'm in for it now... The head just walked in as we were going for lunch. Expected him to arrive at this time to be honest. He is the type to punish during the breaks.

"Now I am aware of a unscheduled trip to the woods yesterday and frankly I am not happy about it."

Yeah I'm definitely in trouble.

"From what I heard from your teacher you all left this classroom after hearing a wolf howl... whilst you were about to go for lunch. Much similar to right now yes?"

It wasn't a question that needed to be answered. I was keep my eyes down listening. I could feel some eyes watching me and I guessed it was the Head... He continued talking.

"Humphrey, I understand that you were the one to put the sudden idea forward about going off to get a closer look at the wolves. What do you have to say about it?"

I looked up slightly being greeted by all the class watching me, especially Kate, waiting for an answer. I stood and looking directly at the head, I answered.

"Sir, the class heard a wolf howl in the distance. I proposed the sudden idea of getting a closer look as we still had some time before leaving for lunch and so we could better understand the habits of a wolf." I saw some people nod agreeing with my excuse. The head looked around and saw the same. The head looked back with a mild.. hate? In his eyes. His tone got more serious.

"Very well Humphrey... Although I did not expect such an act from such a person who keeps to himself. This is the first time something like this has ever happened in this school and there could of been Serious injuries if such said wolves decided to attack the class." The head looked towards the teacher. "And as for you, you should know better then allowing this to happen in your class." Just as the teacher was about to reply I spoke for her.

"Sir, If I may, Please do not blame others for what my actions were yesterday. I pressured the teacher into letting us to go and it just happened the class were also interested." The head did not like that at all. How I know? His loud voice shot back..

"Are you out of your mind Humphrey?! You keep to yourself, Keep a low profile and is seen as the lowest of the low in this school. You are lucky I even allowed you to attend here despite the fact of you not giving vital information about family, next of kin, emergency contacts that is needed for the safety of yourself." In a more normal tone, "I'm going to let this incident slide this time. But I expect some of the best test results from this class because of it. You ALL better work hard. Kate I want to see you in my office."

With that he left the class slamming the door behind and I could hear everyone breath a sigh of relief.

"Well with that in mind. Please go for lunch." The teacher dismissed us all.