Yeah Yeah sue me...

Kates P.O.V

The head just walked out after asking me to go to his office... I'm not sure why.

I watched everyone walk out before I got up and walked towards the door.

Walking through the door I noticed that Humphrey joined my side and was walking with me towards the office. No words were spoken.

Upon reaching the door I turned to him,

"Will you stay outside please? I'm not sure what he wants so would like you to stay near in case.. you now... I start smoking..."

Humphrey looked really surprised at the end of my sentence but gave a short nod in confirmation and leaned against the wall.

I took a deep breath before knocking and walking inside.

"Ah Kate. Please sit." The head teacher gestured towards a chair opposite his desk.

I sat down with a straight back and hands on my lap waiting for him to explain what he wanted me for.

"I asked you here to have a quick chat over what your teacher was telling me they found at your address the other day. If from what she said was true, your parents have three wolves they raised themselves. Is this true?"

I looked left and right trying to remember if that is what was said that day. I nodded and replied,

"Yes sir, raised by themselves and me and Lilly helped out a little."

He noted that down on paper for some reason. He continued,

"Trained well I presume?"

I nodded again.

"As you are aware your learning about biology and the eco-system currently, so... say for instance, the school wished to teach a slightly more in depth lesson or two specific to wolves... What are the chances of getting those three into school? Under your parents supervision of course."

I gulped and felt a twitch on my right leg. I bent down and scratched my ankle. But as I raised back up I caught a glimpse of yellow smoke, very very small amount of it but it drifted up past me.

"What was that?" The head asked,

Gulping again I quickly said,

"O.. oh must be some dust from my house."

The head nodded slightly,

"Right.. What about the question I asked?"

Taking a small breath I replied slowly,

"You would have to ask my parents, but i'm not sure if all three would be willing to come. They have not had much interaction with others as we live out of the city."

"That is fair enough. I shall call them later today if possible. Thank you, You may be dismissed."

I hastily stood up and almost ran for the door but stopped myself to only walk. But just as I opened the door and saw Humphrey there, the head teachers voice made my stop.

"That dust must be magic as it seems to following you..."

I saw Humphrey look down and then quickly grab me pulling me away from the door and shutting it behind me.

Humphreys P.O.V

"You need to cool it! Before it gets worse." I quietly told Kate watching the Yellow smoke gather.

"I can't help it, I don't know why this is happening! I can't control this." Was the reply I got back.

I simply growled slightly and started dragging Kate towards the fire exit.

"Ouch! Humphrey loosen the grip will you!" Kate whined.

Suddenly from down the hall a voice called out, "Hey Kate! I was looking for you. Hey! Get off her you loner!"

I looked behind and saw a girl who was from our class, Erica.

"No, No not now." I heard Kate panicking so I turned back around and pushed Kate towards the fire exit with one sentence,

"Run, Run now to the forest, Don't stop until hidden."

I watched briefly as Kate ran. When she was through the door I turned around just as Erica got to me. She did not look happy and quickly started accusing me of hurting Kate. No matter what I did I could not get her to see reason. I started with simply deflecting the accusations back.

"What the hell did you do to her you looser!" I assumed that was directed at me since I really am not a winner, In school at least.

"What makes it seem like I did anything? She ran when you appeared"

"Only after you said something so you must of done something."

I always assumed Erica to be the sort to be dumb and snotty. Erica comes from a semi-rich family. Nice cars, Bigger than average house, Nicely sized front and rear gardens and their house lies just on the outskirts of the rich area of Jasper. It's only there after a some mayor or something decided that the place needed a step-up looking house from the small normal ones to the big expensive ones.

"I did nothing, I said stuff that doesn't concern you." I shot back.

"I'm getting a teacher you scum." This Erica really sucks.

I decided I had enough and ran off in the same direction as Kate. To the exit and ran towards the forest where Kate should be. But it seems that Erica was expecting something like that for as soon as I ran she was on my heels trying to grab me.

I ran as fast as I could and barged through the door into the open world, however I needed to make distance between myself and Erica for the safety of not just myself but for Kate... for Lilly... their family. If Kate is found to be having yellow smoke and suddenly turning into a wolf... well... let's just say I wouldn't want to be alive when they drag that person off to be tested and probed.

I reached the forest a short distance away and took a quick glance behind me, the distance between Erica and me was bigger then I expected. I mean Erica isn't slow or unfit, she is on one of the sports team which partly is why she seems to be a trouble maker a lot. Don't know what team tho. don't pay attention to stuff heh. Anyway, I deemed it further enough away to quickly run behind a close gathering of thick barked trees and turn into my wolf form.

I leapt up and jumped off the trees, a puffy cloud of black smoke engulfed me and I landed in the path of Erica in my four paws with sword at the ready if needed.

Kate's P.O.V

I was running with all I could, the smoke just wouldn't stop. It was chasing me such ferociously it seemed to want to eat me whole. I lost the battle not to far into the forest. I ran passed trees and more trees and even more trees until I fell in god awful pain. Trying to hold my change off, even though I couldn't very well, caused agony. I collapsed onto the ground, short of breath and I couldn't regain any oxygen. I writhed in pain and discomfort as my body was finally given it's chance to do as it wanted and change. It was over in mere seconds but felt like a lift time. The pain subsided soon after but I remained still, on my side with tears coming down my furry face.

It was only after I heard a scream that was close by I moved and stood up slowly before running slowly, more like jogging actually, towards the source.

As I got closer I saw Erica stood frozen staring. I rounded some thick trees and saw what she was looking at, a black wolf with a blue sword growling at Erica. I gasped as I saw Humphrey take a step forward... and another. I looked between him and Erica and was terrified to see Erica had not moved away. She was petrified. Unmoving.

I ran up to Humphrey and slid to a stop infront of him. He stopped growling but kept an eye in Erica. I spoke.

"Leave her, let's go. She didn't see anything."

"She needs to leave." was the reply.

I looked behind me before walking a long side of him, my side touching his slightly.

"She's frozen solid. She can't move. Come on Humphrey, we need to go." He didn't budge so I lightly bit down and tugged on his front leg. This caused a reaction.

"Fine, but she will not follow." I let go and moved to walk away. Just as I did Humphrey slashed the sword tip into the ground, recreating the dirt wall from the time he cut mine and Lilly's paws.

He ran past me and I quickly followed before the dirt screen settled. We were gone before Erica realised as I caught the sound of her gasping for breath. I felt bad for leaving her in that state but the feeling was silenced when I heard someone else call her name before asking what happened.

I was a short time later at full sprint me and Humphrey ran into my house further into the woods. We ran up the the door and I scratched on the front door. seconds later my dad opened the door and we both burst inside before my dad clossed the door shocked.

No ones P.O.V

"What the actual heck!" Winston exclaimed.

Eve stood up from he sitting position alarmed and turned to see what happened only to see two panting wolves.

Suddenly without warning the tan one growled and swipped a paw at the black one catching his face and leaving 3 claw marks, red gashes, across it's left eye. The black wolf stepped back in what appeared minor shock and sword falling off it's back clattering to the wooden floor before a growling and barking match started.

Eve looked at Winston and Winston looked back eyes wide. "It's Kate and Humphrey. What just happened?" He said.

Humphrey's P.O.V (a couple seconds earlier)

We ran inside the house and we both were panting from running so far. Kate more so then me as I tried to regain control before out of no where came a vicious growl and I felt a sharp stike across the left side of my face. I stepped back dazed and my sword fell off my back as I lost my footing slightly. I blinked a couple times before seeing a drip of crimson red on the wooden floor. I looked up at the only culprit in shock before quickly becoming raged.

"What the fuck was that for!" I shouted. If looked could kill I may of been dead.

"What the fuck was that for!" Kate shouted back pointing a paw towards the door. She continued,

"What were you going to do to her Humphrey!? Were you going to hurt her? Kill her!?" she shouted.

I shouted back just as loud,

"Trying to protect you! I was only trying to acar her off before she exposed you or any of us!"

"Oh yeah sure. Just scare her! That's why you had your sword ready to pounce huh?! Why would you not kill her?! You were ready to kill my dad the other day over miscommunication. Why would you not do the same about being chased!? About someone who shouldn't care to you!"

I was feeling the sting of the cut and my vision was blurring from the blood dripping into my eye.

"Oh yes sure Kate." I snarled, "I'll just kill a stanger during the day so close to the school. I may of killed before but you severly underestimate me. Im not stupid!"

Somthing I just said shocked her as she suddenly whined, "you... you've killed... before?"

I just dropped myself into a difficult situation. Worse then being chased... great.

But suddenly a different voice cut in,

"Enough of this!" If was Winston, "What the hell is going on?" He asked calmly.

I breathed in deeply and put a paw to my face. I felt moisture and pulled my paw back to see it partly deep red in my black fur.

I watched as Kate looked up at her dad and started trying to tell him what was going on. She glanced at me when Winston gave her a confused and slightly annoyed look.

"He can't understand you whilst you're in wolf form." I muttered. I watched as Kate closed her eyes as if she was expecting somthing to happen. She soon opened her eyes again and looked at me in panic, "Why didn't I change back? I should have. I didn't feel anything."

I sighed knowing Kate was going to be stuck like this for a little while. "I'll explain later."

No one's P.O.V

Black Smoke engulfed the black furred wolf and mere seconds later it was gone. Humphrey stood there in normal form with a blue sword lying at his feet. He picked it up and sighed once more. The cut to his face non existent is form. He looked at all three and motioned to the sitting area.

"Let's sit... I'll need to explain".