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Chapter 2 as promised.

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Chapter 2

Ron started to wake up. He could feel he was strapped into some kind of hard chair; wind was whipping at his face. He was in some kind of fast-moving vehicle. Then he started to hear a voice.

"….right, almost there, prepare for landing, shit he's waking up."

Shego? Oh yeah, she was in the closet.

"Shit where's the…got it." She continued.

"Don't hurt him!" Kim said.

Kim, she was here! They must have been captured, what was going on?

"Shut it princess, I won't let him wake up yet." Shego replied.
"Kim?" He groaned out. Kim was in trouble, he had to help her. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain his arm.

"Whaaaa…" as a dreamless sleep reclaimed him.

Ok, he was in a bed this time. He took a mental rundown of his body. Feet, legs, check. Essential equipment? Thank god all three checked. Stomach check, chest, and check though he was missing his shirt and felt cool suction cups stuck on various parts. Arms, both still there but he felt an IV in his left one. Neck? Good except for slight pain where the dart had hit him. Head, ears, her eyes, check, check and still check. Now, except for the IV, suction cup thingies, and the numerous leather straps that were keeping him from moving even a millimeter, he was good.

Slowly he tried to focus his rather large ears on a slightly muffled conversation he heard outside. His hearing had improved quite a bit to compensate for his lack of eyesight. Even his sister's ninja baby skills were unable to allow her to sneak up on him anymore.

"Ok, he's strapped in and ready to go, can I leave now?" one woman said. Shego he thought

"Yes, I think that should be all, but there is one thing, why did you do all this?" Replied another familiar-sounding woman.

"To pay off a favor, plus those two need to be taken care of. You do know what to do with little Kimmie right?" Shego replied. Taken care of? He started to sweat.

"Oh yes, I think your idea for her is genius, she's was just too "blind" to see it he he. Those two will simply be the two cutest little cuddle buddies after I'm done. "

"Cuddle buddies?" Wait just a minute, that voice, it couldn't be….

"Well, see you later Amy, give me a call later and let me know how it goes…." As Shego's voice faded away.

DNAMY?! He started to struggle fruitlessly against his straps.

"Bye my green cuddle buddy!" he heard as a door opened. From down the hallway he could hear a load groan.

"Oh! You're awake, well that's good, I use a different knockout drug than Shego, and can't have the two mixing, so are you ready?"

Ready?! Amy, why are you doing this, what evil plot have you been planning? Where's Kim? He asked desperately.

He sensed her move to the side of his bed. "Hmmmmm, let me answer those in order, well I've been paid; and I think that this will be just my cutest creation yet. Secondly, evil? My plots have been nothing but cute and fluffy. The world would be so much happier and friendly if you two would simply let me continue my experiments in peace. And lastly, my fellow Cuddle buddy expert is right next to you."


"Oh, she's still out and won't hear you, she needs her rest after the surgery after all, plus I still have a modification to make to her that my green cutie Shego suggested."

What did you do to her?! Ron demanded.

"Oh, you'll see." she said in a slightly menacing voice he had never heard her use before.

"If you hurt her I swear I'll…I'll….ugggggh." Dimly he could feel a cool substance rush into his arm. Not again was his last thought as the drugs worked their way thru his system..

"Oh, yes, you'll see"

Author Notes

Exit Shego, enter DNAMY, but who's paying them. What have they done to Kim. Short chapter I know. Most will be revealed next chapter. Lemme know what you think so far.