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Jaime landed inside his bedroom with a nearly silent thud and counted to two before Bart was at his side. This was the first time they'd been alone since Jaime had been taken off mode and there was a subtle tension in the air between them.

They'd only just begun dating when the Reach had taken Jaime over and Bart didn't know where they stood anymore. It hurt a lot more than he was willing to admit when Jaime had fallen straight into Zatanna's arms instead of his own.

He had to know why before they did anything.

"So how come you hugged Zatanna first instead of-"

He never got to finish his sentence. Before even he could see it coming he was surrounded by Jaime.

The Latino held him so tightly that he could barely breath and a second into the impromptu embrace he was hugging Jaime back.

"Me." Bart finished absently.

"If I started hugging you there, I never would have been able to let you go." Jaime explained in an endearing whisper.

Bart nodded against his neck in acceptance of his answer and held Jaime tighter.

"I missed you." Bart whispered quietly as tears filled his eyes.

He thought he'd lost Jaime forever, that he' doomed him to having to watch Earth die from behind the crystal clear glass of his armor's visor.

It would have been worse than death for the young teen to have to watch his own body kill all that he loved.

But now Bart had been given another chance at being together with the boy he'd been sent back in time to destroy.

Because they had survived both of their worst nightmares. What could ever compare to that?

Because now, they had time.

For the first time in forever, they had time.

Bart looked up at Jaime and smiled the brightest smile the older boy had ever seen him make. Finally, Bart didn't have to hide behind his false ones.

Finally they were both free of the Reach.

And free to be what they were always meant to be.


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