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Assassination Classroom: Vongola Style!

Omake I


Hibari Kyoya: Disciplinary Committee's return. Plus Hibird.

The Hibari's personal delinquent army had returned. Class E as a whole shuddered in equal fear and awe.

At first there was just that man with a pompadour who's a apparently a teen. The man-teen chewing a blade of grass between his teeth had sat on a table and ordered every single dish on the menu then proceeded to devour each and every one with gusto. He, then, abruptly stood up and sauntered to the corner Hibari had conquered for himself, bowed, and left.

With a barely restrained bloodlust Hibari nodded while he endured the crowding as was the deal he and Koro-sensei had brokered earlier. The specifications had been left between the two but Class E as a whole had been poleaxed by the unprecidented patience by the bloodthirsty teen for whatever reward had been offered.

Then, another pompadour-gakuran clad teen marched over and did the same thing. He ate, paid, bowed to Hibari (albeit with more reverence than the earlier man-teen had exuded) and left. Another proceeded to do the same. Again. And again. And again.

They never stopped coming. They never seemed to end either. And they come one by one with a five minute interval in between.

Yada had called over and confirmed the unbrokered line of delinquents at the base of the mountain awaiting their turn. The first one who had climbed had been directing the teens in an orderly manner, not quite unlike that of actual military personnels. And they're making sure other customers outside their retinue would come up only up tp three at a time as well. Each one had been summarily bullied into spending all of their pocket money into the menu without mercy.

The whole class twitched in synchronization while Hibari remained on his corner, now seemingly more relaxed as he laid on the grass beneath a tree while a fluffy bird (was that really a bird? It looked too cute and fluffy to be an actual one. It looked more like a stuffed animal but it was tweeting cutely... so it should be real...? But what species is that bird, anyway?) rested atop his hair while singing what seemed like a school anthem as a sort of lullaby to the normally violent teen.

They shuddered in synchrony when the dark-haired teen opened an eye and gave them a glare. They went back to do their own tasks all the while asking themselves: what. the. hell?

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Gokudera Hayato: School Festival. Plus Tsuna cameo.

Irina watched the whole class with fondness she never thought she'd ever had over a bunch of rumbunctious teenagers. She stood at a more secluded corner than she normally would (Irina's still an assassin and was absolutely capable of being inconspicious), enjoying herself over watching them over as the teens hustled and bustled in preparation over their 'restaurant atop a mountain' for their school festival.

It was nice, not to be thinking over anything else but the children. She smiled gently, eyes panning left and right over every determined cheerful faces. Her eyes softened even further when sights went over a corner where a certain silver-headed teen were at.

She might have been weary and disgruntled of Gokudera Hayato's presence at first but she'd grown to respect the tenacious bomber over time. The boy had been quite troublemaker and annoyed her very much over his continous disrespect, that hasn't quite changed. Oh, but he was still a boy despite all the difficulties he had experienced. And, perhaps, because despite of all those difficulties, Gokudera had remained a child that Irina couldn't quite help being fond of him.

Looking at the boy now, - gentle fingers running a hand over the grand piano, lips upturned into something amiable, and emerald orbs shining in excitement - Irina couldn't be otherwise convinced that Smoking Bomb Hayato, future righthand man of the most powerful famiglia in the planet, and genius extraordinair was anything but mere eccentric, roughly-edged teen.

Said teen sat fervently at the piano. Irina discretely signalled everyone to quiet down and pay attention. The students momentarily halted their progress and looked on in interest at their bomb expert classmate.

Irina was excited. Gokudera Hayato had been a celebrated genius and prodigy. His piano skills had been sang as anything but superb. Irina had never heard of it personally but all the accounts she'd caught on with had been enough of a tell for her. In fact, it had inspired her to learn of the piano as well. It was a skill she secretly felt pride over more than her seduction and assassination. It was more than a skill, it was a passion. And to hear a master of it play, she'd love nothing more than to share it with her students.

Elegant fingers danced over the keys playfully and without proper form yet it whispered a cheerful whimsical tune she couldn't name. It was obvious how he wasn't truly playing any truly musical score. But that was what was most appealing. The raw musicality offered in a heartbeat by an excited heart from a normally guarded person, it was a gift Irina would treasure.

Everyone was smiling softly over the silver-headed teen. No one bothered him, even though the rest had opted to continue their work. It was peaceful and added a calm ambiance that none wanted to break. The teen's fingers continously splayed over keys after keys, transitioning smoothly from one beat to another.

No comment left anyone's lips even when the teen left to take a break nor when he subsequently returned to it without much fuss for fear of getting Gokudera to stop his piano playing. This continued from the first day to the next. And the next.

All who had wanted to voice their appreciation to Gokudera were immediately redirected before it could reach the teen. Thankfully, said newly-formed fans had been understandable enough and let their compliments laid in silence.

There was one memorable brunet though who'd simply asked Irina to give his lone piece of rose to the bomber teen once the day had been over then left with a fond expression on his face. Once Gokudera had incredelously received the rose and read the small card attached to it by an orange ribbon, the teen's pale face exploded into an alarmingly vicious red, seemingly swooning and melting at the same time. Cries of "Jyuudaime's kindness" were spoken by the teen in an unadultered reverence that had them worried for a awhile.

Irina blinked and stopped in a thought. The Tenth as Gokudera had cried over and over. The current generation of Vongola is the tenth. Gokudera was the future righthand of the tenth generation boss. The brunet who had handed the rose to her had pinpointed her directly and smiled knowingly.

Her complexion instantly paled. Did she just met the Vongola Decimo? Gokudera growled omerta beside her as a reminder. She nodded robotically. Even without Gokudera's unspoken threat, she wouldn't have dared do anything about the information. She wouldn't dream of going against Vongola in any way. She'd sooner kill herself than endure any kind of torture.

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