Hello! this is my first Supernatural fanfic on here so i want to warn you, i may not know exactly how to portray Sam and Dean accurately. I hope this is okay. Another thing, this is not a planned fanfic i am just making it up as i go along cuz' i wanted to write a Supernatural fic. I am only up to watching season four so my fanfics are a bit early in the series but if this is a long running story i may add in some from season five. this does not include any of Sams powers but Cas and Deans visit to hell are mentioned. OC included.

Sam sighed. He had just settled into his shotgun seat in the Impala and Dean had already started up the radio. The worst part was that this was going to be a nine hour drive, so Sam had been hoping to get some sleep. "Dean!" he called over the music. "Can you turn it down?" Dean grinned. "Sorry i can't hear you! The music's too loud! Let me just turn it down!" Dean reached over and turned the radio up. "Whoops, wrong way!" Sam sighed and Dean grinned again before turning the radio down. "So why are we going to little boring old Maysville again?" Sam sighed. "I told you, just the usual killings, but we've heard from some hunters nearby about possible shapeshifter sightings." Dean took a sideways glance at Sam. "So Mr flashy eyes is back and we go running down dispite the 'nearby hunters'?" Sam shrugged. "I don't know Dean, this was the first thing i spotted so i'm going for it." He sighed and lay back in his seat. Dean glanced at him a minute later and he was asleep.

When the brothers got to town they checked into the first hotel they found and got to work. Sam set up his laptop and found the adresses of the killings and they changed into their FBI 'costumes', as Dean insisted on calling them. As they stepped outside Sam noticed the car parked behind theirs, it wasn't there when they had gone inside, meaning whoever it was had come and parked while they were inside. He noted it as a brand new looking black Aston Martin with the convertable top closed. It was just driving off as Dean led the way to his car. After pulling up at the closest crime scene Sam frowned at the black Aston Martin parked out front. He gave Dean a nudge and pointed at the car. "See that?" Dean frowned. "Yes, it's a car. You tend to see them on roads." Sam sighed. "No, Dean. That car was leaving the hotel before us. Any chance it's another hunter?" Dean shook his head. "No, most stay closer to their home town and i'd remember any hunter with a car like that." Dean knocked and no one answered. He glanced at Sam and looked around before leaning down to pick the lock. "Dean" Sam whispered. "Dean, stop that. FBI don't pick locks." "I've almost got it." he muttered. Sam tried the handle and the door opened silently. Dean froze for a moment before standing. "I told you i got it" He mumbled. Sam scoffed and they entered the hall just as someone else walked out of the lounge.

The Woman was tall and dressed officially, like maybe a lawer. She tilted her head, causing whisps of hazel brown hair to fall across her aviator glasses. "Who are you?" she asked. Sam was frozen staring at the newcomer. She was... beautiful. Dean gave him a nudge as he pulled out his FBI badge and Sam did the same. The two showed their badges and the girl snatched them away, examining them slowly and closely. Dean glanced at his brother and Sam shrugged. Dean cleared his throat loudly and the girl looked up. "Who are you?" Dean asked her. She pulled out her own FBI badge and handed it to them, continuing to look at their badges. "I am agent Elizebeth Hazel, FBI. You boys mind telling me the purpose of these?" She held up their badges. Dean frowned? "our identification?" The girl was unfazed. "No i mean your fake FBI badges to sneak into a crime scene." Dean froze. "Fake?" he mused. "Yes" She confirmed handing the badges back. "Now, Mr Osbourne, Mr Martin. Would you mind telling me your real names because i'm not stupid and i know band members." Sam laughed and Dean glared at him. "I'm Sam and this is my brother Dean." Dean turned to him. "Why would you do that?" Sam laughed again. "Because," he said, holding up her badge. "She's not a cop"