"Like hell he will" The boys turned and the man behind the desk whimpered as Elizabeth stood in front of them. She sighed. "Boys, I gave you a chance to follow me but you were so slow, I literally drove back past that house once or twice before I noticed you weren't even there. It was quite disappointing actually." She sighed again. "Come on boys" she said, gesturing to them. "Looks like I have some explaining to do." The trio got to the door when she turned again. "Oh, thanks again for the privacy Ray."

The man nodded and whimpered again. She headed straight to her room and the brothers exchanged glances before following. She unlocked the door and glanced back. "Just don't stare." Sam frowned and followed her in. His mouth dropped open as he examined the papers scattered across the floor, over the desk and stuck up on the wall. The room was covered from top to bottom in heavy research.

"I told you not to stare." She muttered. Sam looked back at her to keep from staring at the walls again. "What was your name again?" he asked. She sighed. I told you. My name is Elizabeth." "But you wouldn't put your real name on your fake badges would you?" Dean interrupted. She turned. "No. Elizabeth is my hunters name. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, I died when I was six months old and Elizabeth Hazel appeared out of thin air four years ago."

The boys froze, staring at her. Had she just shared part of her life story? Had she been a hunter as long as they had? She sighed. "Just call me Liz, okay?" Sam nodded and she turned to her desk. "So you've found the case here? What have you got so far?" Sam opened his mouth to answer but Dean took over. "Just a few killings, people who did it were found dead later, approximate time of death hours before they killed anyone." Liz nodded.

"Shapeshifter. It's a skinwalker." Sam frowned. "How are you sure?" She looked up and scowled. "I don't guess Sam." She opened a laptop and began tapping on the keys. "I went down to the sewers already. Disgusting." Liz shuddered and continued typing.

Later that night Sam had stayed in Liz's room to help with her research but by the time they had finished Dean had gone to sleep and locked his door so Sam stayed in Liz's room for the night. Sam stared up at the celing from his place on the couch. He hadn't been able to sleep since waking earlier that morning. He heard a light mumbling and turned. Liz turned and spoke in her sleep. Sam smiled at her but frowned as she seemed to panic. Was she having a bad dream? "no" she muttered, getting louder and louder. "No, but- no!" Sam jumped but she went silent after that.

He turned and settled down again. When Liz suddenly shouted. "No!" she cried. Sam jumped and turned. Her last cry was what shocked Sam the most. as she jolted awake she shouted one word, one name.