Chapter 2

When Tig came to see his ex and his kids, he didn't except to see Jax, after all this seemed last place he would go.

But truly it was worst to see him inlove with Madison... his Madison mother of his children and one few woman who were actually intersting, sweet and really loveable.

First he wanted to jump and attack, and beat shit out of Jax and after it he wanted cry and turn everything like it used to be. All his emotions changed all the time but now he just wanted to hit him.

After few punches he had long talk with Jax, longer than break up talk with Maddie. But this talk had to happen, after all there was a lot unfinished business.

So then Jax tells me everything, how Jax had help from Chibs (I curse him in my mind), how he end up running away with his family, and how he and Maddie end up building friendship and slowly fall in love.

I really need sit down, I look that old oak coffee table our coffee table and I suddenly burst into laughter.

This is all to much, I look how my ex-boss put his hands my ex-girlfriend's pregnant belly and they look have happy for real. Jax is truly happy which is rather weird for me he is always been bit atristic and way too moody, but then again they both are.

I look how kids run and play and how happy and innocent they look.

"Fine, I give you guys my blessing." I snarl and they look like they were about choke their coffee

"Really you give us to your blessing thanks a lot dad." Madison says, with that playful but teasing voice of her's.

I remember why I fall love with her there is that rebelious fire in her and I remeber our first meeting too at that crappy bar where she after war, drinking her life away and being too wild party animal. But there was something broken in her they both had that common.

She was always little off, but I help her bit, but now she is in balance.

We talk and I want to leave, so I go away, I want runaway for good but it won't be right choice for me or kids.

After sometime they have daughter Jenny Lilian, and I'm able work things out with Jax and Maddie.

Jax and Maddie won't visit Charming, but we (SOA) visit there time to time and later much later Matt, Kenny and Abel join and I feel like this generation is going to be far more wilder and insane than us.