Avalon, Hood's Castle, Hanger

Egg Pawns, Egg Flappers and Egg SWATs, along with the Egg Army's newest series of robots, Badniks, were being loaded it onto the Egg Fleet. Eggman walked into one of the ships followed by both Hood, A.D.A.M. and roboticized Tiara.

"This is it!" Eggman laughed. "Finally… the moment we've all been wait for! The Egg Fleet will completely destroy the capital of the Kingdom of Acorn, Mobotropolis! I can't wait! Shame that it'll be quite the long trip."

"Everything living thing in the area will also be completely roboticized!" A.D.A.M. added.

"I will not be coming back here, Hood." Eggman said. "You will once again have your tiny throne back!"

"Thank you, sire," Hood said, bowing down. He walked out of the ship before the door closed. All the ships in the hanger took off, with Eggman's flying towards the Final Fortress.

Mobotropolis, Castle Acorn

It was late at night. Scourge and Fiona were sneak in the castle courtyard.

"According to Naugus, the King is current awake, at his throne, wondering what to about the war," Fiona said.

"But what he doesn't expect is the King of Moebius to come over and become the king of Mobius as well!" Scourge said, opening a window, and climbing in, with Fiona following. They walked into the throne room, where the throne was facing the opposite direction.

"Game over, your highness!" Scourge laughed, running over to the throne. "This is my kingdom is mine now!" Scourge got out a knife and turned the throne around. But instead of the King, it was Blaze! She kicked the knife out of his hand and kicked him back. Silver and Gold walk out from behind the throne.

"How did you know?" Scrouge asked.

"The Royal Wizard somehow knew of your plan!" Blaze said. "The Freedom Fighters will be here soon."

"Naugus set us up!" Scourge yelled. "Well guess what, kitty! I'll make sure you and your friends are dead before the Freedom Fighters even arrive!" Scrooge dashed towards Blaze, knocking her into the throne.

"Get away from her!" Silver yelled, using his powers to push him away. Gold saw Fiona walking up from behind Silver with a metal pipe.

"She seems weak minded…" Gold thought to her. "Maybe I can control her…" She tried to mind control her, but couldn't do, due to her not being blacked out. However, she did give her a headache big enough to make her drop what she was doing, dropping the metal pipe.

"Silver, behind you!" Gold yelled. Silver turned around and pushed Fiona towards Scourge, who dodge her. He managed to get out a gun from his jacket.

"Wondering where I got this from?" Scourge asked, aiming at Silver. "Sleuth gave it to me before he robbed that bank!" He fired at Silver, who used his powers to stop the bullets, and shoot them back. Blaze turned into a fire tornado and tried to burn Scourge. Suddenly, Sonic bursts into the room, kicking down Scourge.

"Am I late to the party?" Sonic asked.

"Just in time," Blaze said. Soon, Sally and Tails ran in. Sally got out her ring blades while Tails got out a blaster (as seen in Sonic Battle).

"You're under arrest, Scourge and Fiona, for attempted murder against the King!" Sally yelled.

"You could hardly fight three," Sonic said. "You've got no chance against six!"

"Enough!" Scourge yelled. He homing attacked Sally, who tried to block it.

"Get him!" Blaze yelled. Silver used his powers to pull out the chandelier on the ceiling and trying to block of Scourge who dodged it and homing shot Silver against the wall.

"Stop! All of you!" Naugus yelled, who seemed to appear out of nowhere. He had his cape around his body, and St. John standing aside him. "You'll wake the King and we don't want that!"

"You said the King would be here and if I killed, I would be King!" Scourge yelled.

"You really believed that?" Sonic said.

"True, I did say that." Naugus admitted. "But, how else would I have gotten an outsider here? Behold!" Naugus held up a warp ring.

"A warp ring?" Tails said.

"What are you planning on doing with that?" Sally said.

"Scourge, Blaze, Silver, Gold, get ready to be sent away. None of you should me in this world or time period!" Naugus yelled. "Everyone hold on to something!" Naugus planted his staff into the ground and held on, as did St. John. He threw the ring and it opened to the No Zone and the Zone Jail. However, with this warp ring, it started sucking everything in, due to a spell placed on it by Naugus. Everyone grabbed onto to something, trying not to be sucked it.

"This will get rid of the invaders of our world and send them where they belong!" Naugus laughed.

"But most of them did nothing wrong!" Sally yelled. "They had were just randomly sent here!"

"Well, the time travellers weren't." Sonic said. "They came here by choice and are now stuck. But they're good people!"

"The people want these four gone!" Naugus said. "If I can do that, then maybe I can get some respect around here!"

"Hey, blue boy!" Scourge yelled, spin dashing to Sonic and hitting him. The two of them fought and tried not to be stuck in. The warp ring start glitching, changing the location! St John used his crossbow and shot Scourge, making him easily get suck in, however, not before grabbing Sonic, pulling him in. Naugus soon closed the ring. St. John ran to Fiona, putting handcuffs on her and walking to the detention center with her.

"Naugus!" Sally yelled. "We just lost Sonic! We need to go back and rescue him!"

"Can't!" Naugus said. "Who knows where he is? The whole thing went haywire!"

Suddenly, they heard an explosion from outside. They ran out to see what it was.

"Attention, people of Mobotropolis!" Eggman's voice boomed. Suddenly, the Egg Fleet, as well as Final Fortress, covered the sky as they turned off the cloaking devices. Robots were falling from the ships. Egg SWATs, which were in the city already, appear, turning off their cloaking devices. "I, Dr. Robotnik, is not dead and is very well alive! Now surrender, bow down to me and get use to being a robot!"

To Be Continued…