The Odd Life Of Ruby Rose


A short bio for this story it's a RWBY AU. Ruby is a special girl with a loving family consisting of her older sister, mother, dog, and occasionally her uncle. Ruby has lived a sheltered life due to the fact that she's never made a friend outside of her family. Now that she has turned 15 she's entering an elite private high school, Beacon High, where only the best go. But seeing how overprotective her older sister, Yang, and their mother were, no one else even knew Ruby existed. Excluding the few times she has been to the doctors. Ruby is a little scared that she might not make any friends at her school but at least she has Yang.

Chapter One Dark Beginnings

Life was going good for Raven Xiao Long only 3 years ago she used to be Raven Branwen until she married the man she loved most in the world Taiyang Xiao Long. A year after they were married she had their 1st child, a girl named Yang. Raven was overjoyed when she found out that her best friend in the whole world, Summer Rose, was pregnant at her and Taiyang's third anniversary party. But a part of her wasn't happy for the fact that she didn't know who the father was. Summer for some reason kept it a secret from her, but a few weeks before Yang's 2nd birthday, Raven's world came crashing down around her.

She dropped Yang off with her brother Qrow. She wanted to have some special time with her husband. When she returned home she was going to surprise TaiYang with breakfast in bed only to find him and Summer having sex. On the bed they shared. The same bed where their daughter was conceived. Even though Raven wanted to go in there and attack them, she knew that she had to keep her cool. She had to think of what was best for Yang.

She pulled out her phone and took a picture of them for evidence. She sent a message to her brother asking him to watch Yang a little longer. She then went straight to a lawyer's office to file for divorce. It was a very one-sided, not only did Raven get full custody of Yang she also got a large sum of money as well as Taiyang's prized car and their house. She sold both. Even though she won, inside it felt like she lost it all. The love of her life, and the best friend she's had since childhood.

To make sure Yang wouldn't be connected to her father anymore Raven had their surname changed to Branwen

3 years later

Raven still held a grudge and she made sure Yang did too. After the divorce Raven and Yang moved in with her brother. She wanted to stay there until she was sure she could live on her own again. It wasn't until Yang's 5th birthday that they got their own place. She invited Yang's whole class come over, but sadly only one girl came, Pyrrha Nikos. All the other kids feared Yang because she was beating them up. Which Yang only did because the some kids teased her about not having a dad. That's why Yang and Pyrrha became friends. Pyrrha also got teased for not having a dad, but unlike Yang Pyrrha's dad died from cancer.

Yang would question Raven about her dad, but would only ever learn that he was a terrible man, who left them for some whore named Summer Rose. Raven knew swearing in front of Yang was bad but she wanted to make sure Yang had hatred for Taiyang, Summer, and their demon spawn.

Raven was happy and so was Yang. But about two months after Yang's party, which consisted of Yang becoming best friends with Pyrrha. Raven thought life was good, but she received a call that changed her life again.

It was from a lawyer that was looking for her. They asked for her to come meet him at the Saint Doyle Hospital, which was in the city that she hates the most. Where her old life was. Raven originally ignored this busybody of a lawyer who wouldn't leave her alone. He even started sending messages to Qrow to get Raven to come to the hospital. Just as the lawyer hoped Raven finally came after almost a week and a half of calling. Raven didn't come alone either. She brought Yang and Qrow with her. The lawyer introduced himself as Dick Simons. Yang could tell he wasn't very bright, especially for pissing her mom off so much. Qrow & Yang where only there to help keep Raven's temper in check.

Raven glared at the lawyer and asked "What was so important?" Simons looked at her confused but lead them to the coma ward of the hospital. He brought them to a giant window that looked into a room. There was a small unconscious frail looking girl who was hooked up to all sorts of machines. Raven and her family were shocked to see this frail girl, which made her heart sink. Why was she made to see such a horrible site. Simons broke their silence by saying "Ms. Branwen could you please sign these forms so we can continue with the adoption process for Miss. Rose." After he said that Raven was shocked and half yelled at Simons "Adoption!?"

Simons replied "Yes, adoption. You were named in the will to be her guardian." "Wait what will? Who is she?" Raven asked still shocked and almost yelling at Simons. "Didn't you know?" He asked stupidly. Before Raven could reply Qrow spoke up. "Simons isn't it obviously we don't know. So please start off at the beginning before my sister wakes everyone up." Qrow said calmly.

Simons looked shocked, gulped then said "The girl's name is Ruby Rose. She was recently orphaned about a month ago when her mother Summer & father Taiyang were killed in a car crash. An oncoming truck hit them. Summer used her body to help protect Ruby and according to Summer's will you are to become Ruby's guardian and to adopt her."

Raven couldn't believe it. The whole Branwen family was shocked and were about to chew out Simons again. But Qrow asked if there was somewhere private to talk about this. Simons was confused but lead them to a private room nearby. He gave them some information about Ruby and her family while Yang stays at Ruby's window looking at the girl.

As Raven and Qrow look over the information. They find a letter from Summer asking Raven to look after Ruby. Summer also asked Raven in the letter that she wouldn't hold a grudge against Ruby. But when Raven saw Ruby's birth date was almost a month after Yang's, to the day, that pissed her off. She left in a huff and went to find Yang to leave and never come back. While looking for Yang she started remembering all the good and bad times from all the years they were friends. From being kids to going to college and all the bad like that, especially the divorce.

Meanwhile Yang was looking at Ruby she couldn't believe this was the devil spawn that hurt her and her mom so much. Yang was so confused and lost in thought. She didn't notice when a nurse tapped her on her shoulder and asked if Ruby was her sister. It was like a dam bursting as she started crying. Yang was crying because she just realized this frail little girl was the one she has been cursing for so long and hated. The nurse hugged Yang and said "Don't worry, Ruby will wake up in no time at all." She could see how sad this little blonde girl was and asked if she wanted to come in with her to check on Ruby. Yang wasn't sure but she nodded yes and the nurse said that she was a good big sister.

When they went into Ruby's room she noticed a weird stuffed animal next to her. It looked like a beowolf with red splotches on it. The Nurse said "Ruby came in with that. She was hugging onto it tightly. We're lucky it wasn't destroyed." Yang was looking at Ruby's little hand. The nurse said it was okay for her to hold it. While she was holding Ruby's little hand she heard the door open as her mom came in. "Yang how did you get in here?" Raven asked. Yang replied "The Nurse let me in." At this point Yang noticed the nurse wasn't in the room. But then Raven said it was time to go. As Yang started to walk away she felt a small tug on her hand. Even though Ruby was still asleep Yang turned back and started to cry a little again. Just holding Ruby's hand made her want to never let go.

Raven, just seeing this, realized she wanted to take in Ruby. She wasn't responsible for her parents mistake. She was just the byproduct. As if on cue, Qrow and Simons came into the room. With a few short talks later she signed the paperwork making Ruby her new daughter.

One year later

Raven had Ruby moved to a hospital closer to home and got her a better doctor named Grey. She had some bad news for Raven. After doing some testing, she noticed that if Ruby did wake up she would never be a normal girl again. From some advanced scans, she could tell there was some damage done but they wouldn't know what kind until she wakes up.

It was Yang's sixth birthday and she had wanted nothing more than to spend the whole day in her sister's hospital room, which Doctor Grey allowed. Ruby had a private room so Yang and Raven could be there as long as they wanted. Qrow was getting worried at how much time Yang was spending with Ruby. She would even blow off spending time with her best friend Pyrrha, but luckily today he didn't have to worry because Pyrrha had a family reunion to go to. He hopes this won't blow up in their face.

As Qrow brought in Yang's cake, which was a special strawberry cake, he and Raven as well as Doctor Grey sang to Yang. She blew out her candles and made a wish. Yang got her wish as she turned to look at a sleeping Ruby but was instead greeted by a pair of confused silver eyes looking back at her. Everyone was shocked as Yang then jumps on and hugs Ruby tight. Ruby was confused. She thought "Who are these people? Where am I? Who is this blonde girl?" Ruby tried to speak but nothing came out except some dry scratches. All Yang could do was cry tears of joy.

An hour or so later, Doctor Grey asked if they could leave the room so she could run some tests on Ruby. It was nearly six hours when they saw Doctor Grey again. She had some bad news for them. "Do you want the good news or the bad news first Ms. Branwen?" Raven knew it was bad because that was the only time Grey would call her by her last name. "Good news please." Raven said a little scared. "Ruby has woken up with no physical damage." The doctor said cheerfully. But her cheerful tone shifted to a sadder one as she said "It would appear that Ruby has suffered some mental damage. I will need to do more tests to see the extent of the damage. She has amnesia and doesn't know her name or where she is. I'm unsure if she would ever remember." Raven was hurt and happy because it meant that Ruby wouldn't remember the accident. She also wouldn't remember her terrible parents. She hoped Ruby would never remember them.

As the doctor led Raven and Yang back to Ruby's room they saw her hugging her, now spotless, stuffed beowolf so tight out of fear. Yang ran over to Ruby again to hug her which caused Ruby jumped back a little. Raven saw this and spoke up. "Don't be afraid Ruby, that's just your big sister Yang. And I am your mother." Ruby looked at them both and was able to reply to Raven, but almost came out unheard because her voice was still too weak as she said, "Ig sissy ang mommy," in a confused tone. Yang hugged Ruby in a tight hug and she said, "Yes Ruby." Yang cries a little and continues, "I am your big sister and I will always protect you because I love you." Even though Ruby didn't know her, she believed this crying blonde girl and hugged her back. Then a third person joined their hug. As Raven was hugging her daughters, Ruby felt safe and she also felt loved. Outside the room, Qrow took a picture so they will always remember this day. But he was also worried what their future may unfold.

The end of Chapter One Dark Beginnings