The Odd Life Of Ruby Rose

Chapter Five First Day Fallout

Yang was incredibly pissed right now she was sitting detention right now thanks to her out burst with Cinder back when she found her kissing Ruby. The thought still pissed her off to no end that if she ever catches Cinder alone she will kill her. Yang had been caught by a weasel of a teacher Mr. Griff he was so afraid to confront Yang at that time he just hid then reported her to vice head mistress Goodwitch. Yang added his name to the list of people on her shit list. Yang didn't understand how he even had a job at the school as he was the health teacher and all she has ever seen him eat was junk food. Something that made her sick is when she had his class freshmen year and he was teaching them about eating healthy while eating deep fried Oreos and drinking four root beer floats.

Before Yang was sent to detention she put out the word that Neptune was not aloud to leave the school grounds until she left detention so she could ask him why the fuck wasn't he in that class with Ruby. The teacher in charge of the detention was a teacher named Sarge. Sarge made everyone call him that, however the only one who knew his real name was Ozpin. Yang knew he never served in the military and something about being batshit crazy and kept shooting anyone in blue believing they where evil.

After an hour of waiting Sarge let Yang go as she was the only one in detention. As she made her way to the schools' exit she found her friends Sage and Yatsuhashi and siting in between them was a very scared Neptune. Yang also saw her friend Coco doing something on her scroll. Yang was happy that Sun wasn't here he would try and defend his best friend which would result in Yang having to beat him up too. Yang signaled them to follow her outside; Sage and Yatsu each held on to one of Neptune's arms so he couldn't run away.

Yang lead them to the forest that was next to the school. Deep in the forest Yang turns to Neptune and says in a intimidating voice, "Why in the fuck weren't you in your AP English class today?!" Neptune gulped knowing Yang would not like the answer. Neptune said in a shaky voice, "G-G-G-Goodwitch took me out of that class saying she had someone more deserving to be in it." Yang didn't buy that for a second so she then lifted Neptune a foot off the ground before slamming him against a tree and said, "Why don't I believe you Neptune, now you better have a good reason why you weren't there or else you will just get in more trouble." Neptune could tell Yang was going to beat him if he told her the truth but he also knew if he didn't tell her he was going to be beat he just didn't know which beating was going to be worse. Before Neptune could say anything Coco spoke up, "Yang I just found out the real reason why Neptune wasn't in class." Neptune cursed the fact that Coco was the schools biggest gossiper and practically knew everyone's dirty little secrets. Yang smiled at this one of the reasons why Coco was even in her inner circle was for information. Yang smiled and said, "Go on Coco what did the dumbass do." Coco smiled back and turned to Neptune giving him a "your so dead look" and said, " Neptune skipped Class today so he could flirt with the freshmen that had a free period. When Goodwitch found out why he ditched she took him out of the class until he can prove himself to take the class seriously."

Yang lets Neptune down but as he gets to his feet Yang punches him in the face sending him flying into a poison Ivy bush. Yang then said, "You fucking dumbass I thought we had this talk last year when you wouldn't except that Weiss was dating Flint and not you; and how you stalked her for a month." Yang then garbed Neptune by his leg and threw him into a nearby tree. Yang then said, "Yatsu, Sage hold the punching bag". Sage and Yatsu picked Neptune up by his arms again and held him tight as Yang then starts punching Neptune all over his body. After about a hour Yang felt he had enough and started walking away. Coco followed her giving Neptune a smug look as if saying ha ha dumbass. On their way to the parking lot to head home Coco asked, "I know Neptune isn't my favorite person but what happened to Ruby to make you this pissed off?" That was one thing Yang hated about Coco she could read her like a book just like Pyrrha and Blake could. Yang sighed and said, "Because that idiot let his dick do his thinking again it allowed Cinder and Ruby to meet then just before lunch, I caught her making out with Ruby she ran away before I could kill her". Coco then said, "You weren't going to really kill Cinder where you?" Yang just shot Coco a look that scared her telling her Yang meant it this time.

As Yang got to her Bumblebee, Blake was standing next to it waiting for Yang. Blake turned to Coco and said, "Can you give me and Yang some time to talk?" Coco nodded and went over to her car and drove off. Blake then turned to Yang and said, "Why didn't you tell me you had a little sister do you not trust me?" Yang sighed and said, "Kitten, its not like that, Ruby's just been home schooled. Heck I didn't even know she was going to be here today." Blake glared at Yang and said, "Yang don't feed me some bullshit excuse I want to know the real reason why now". Before Yang could say anything her scroll goes off, it was her mom. Yang answered it and said, "hello mother." Raven says, "Don't hello me Yang you're in trouble for getting detention in your first day of school." Yang groaned and said, "How did you find out?" Raven then said, "Your uncle told me you where fighting with that Cinder Fall again." Yang got even more pissed at her uncle and said, "She deserved it after what she did to Ruby." That angered Raven and she said, "What did she do to Ruby?" Yang then said, "I found her with her making out with Ruby!" Raven was pissed, she knew sending Ruby to that school was a bad idea she should just have listened to her instincts and kept her home schooled.

As Raven ran up stairs to her office to get her keys, so she could go kill her brother and his dumbass boss, for not protecting her special little girl. As Raven ran past Ruby's room she stopped and could hear her telling her dog Zwei all about her day from meeting Velvet to her classes with Yang's friends. Then Ruby told Zwei about Cinder and Gym class and the bullies who where picking on her and Velvet. That made Raven even more pissed until she overheard how Cinder saved them from the bully's. Then Ruby said something that made Raven feel small, "Zwei I know today was tough and confusing but I plan on staying in school, Mom and Big Sis don't run away from a problem as they hit it head on" Ruby starts to laugh, "I hope I can be super cool like mommy by being tough but also caring and making all those cool things that she dose at her work." Raven leaned against the wall next to Ruby's room and began to think, it confused her how Cinder acted, then it hit her Ruby's at that age where she might start dating. Raven had always planned on killing anyone who asked her daughter out, she never gave it much thought if Ruby ever dated. Raven could hear the way she talked about Cinder even if Ruby didn't realize it Raven did and that was Ruby had a crush on Cinder. Now really noticing how much Ruby has grown up how much of a fool was she to not notice her little girl growing up into the young woman she is now. Raven sulked off to her office and gone was the drive to take Ruby out of school but replaced with the drive to keep that horrible girl Cinder far away from her daughter she's far too depraved.

(Back during detention in a separate room on the opposite side of the school.)

Cinder sat annoyed of course that bitch Glynda Goodwitch had to see her beating up Cardin. Emerald and Mercury as well as Lisa Lavender the schools biggest gossip. When Glynda left the room for a few minutes. Cinder turned to Lisa and asked, "Lisa what can you tell me about Ruby Branwen." Lisa hummed for a few minutes going through her scroll and then said, "Well Cinder she's obviously Yang Branwen's younger sister. Ruby, also a certified genius, scoring the highest rank on the schools entrance exams, I don't know her IQ to the exact number but I know it's in the triple digits." Cinder smiled her little Ruby was so smart but it was time for Cinder to teach Ruby the ways of being an adult as she knew she was home schooled from there talk earlier that day. Lisa then said. "Your girl Emerald beaned Ruby good during GYM class today when they where playing doge ball." Cinder turned to a Emerald trying her best to hide behind her text book. Cinder ripped the book from Emeralds hands and said, "Emerald if you ever hurt Ruby again I will forget our past friendship, am I CLEAR!" Emerald was scared and mad as she was afraid of Cinder but she was mad at Ruby for stealing Cinder's attention and Lisa for ratting her out to Cinder. But Emerald couldn't blame Lisa, no one can refuse Cinder.

After about thirty minutes Glynda came back (After making sure Yang left the school so her and Cinder wouldn't fight again) Glynda then said, "Your free to go and please try and do better it's a slippery slope from misbehaving in class to going to jail." Mercury hated that comment he knew it was directed at him and Cinder with his father being in jail and Cinder's father's former life of crime. Glynda then said, "Ms Lavender please keep in mind that the other students lives are private and are not for you to go digging about for your gossip blog. I know you want to be a news reporter but is not how you go about doing it. After that all three left the school Cinder went straight home so she could think of a plan to win her prize jewel Ruby Branwen from that oaf of her big sister. It amazed Cinder that Ruby and Yang where even sisters but she felt the same draw to Yang during there freshman year but that's not the same feeling that she has for Ruby now. Cinder drove home home in her dust infused mustang that was black and red. She pulls in to a crappy looking house with dead grass everywhere, the siding falling off the house. Cinder parked her car in the garage and rushed up stairs to avoid her parental unit. Unfortunately she failed to do that as she hears from her father, "What no hello or am home dad". Cinder hated her father more then anything because she blames him for her mothers death. Cinder started walking up stairs and said, "I'm home Roman."

End of Chapter Five First Day Fall Out

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