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'Keep a level mind, Light, keep it cool… It's not like you to wake up and go on a rampage just as you wake up…' he thought to himself when he saw L and the tentacles which raped him held some kind of silent conversation. "Oi, L… What's the meaning of this?"

"Oh, Light, you're up!"

"What's with that 'Oh Light you're up!' crap! Why are you talking to that tentacle like it's a normal thing to do?!"

"Well, he is my accomplice, for now… We're just exchanging information." Light knew that when L smirks, he's up to no good. And L was smirking. "Lies."

"Say what you want. I know more about this world than you do," he said lightly. Light stood up, but fell on his weak knees. "You okay?"

"What do you think?!" he asked with an irritated tone. L made a poker face and actually thought about it. This only made Light angrier. "Well! Since we're still in another dimension, it's fine to just exchange information…" he said with a defeated sigh. He laid on the ground, long enough to notice that he's not wearing anything.

"L~" Light said in a dark tone. "What? It accidentally ripped when we did it. I was just asking Kyuu-kun here to sew it. He's almost done, by the way," L said as a tentacle wrapped his hand. "Kyuu-kun? Don't tell me you had just named him?"

"No, it's his real name." Light only stared at them in disbelief. "There," L said and handed him his newly sewn cloth. Light quickly put it on and walked away. "Wait, where are you going?" L asked. "Somewhere, anywhere! I'm gonna search for a way out!" Light shouted.

'But the only way out is to create one… What're you thinking, Light-kun? That is so not you…' L thought.

Light was thinking the same, but he just wanted to have some time alone, away from the two who raped him. Remembering it, he blushed. His stomach growled. He realized that he hasn't eaten for hours and now he's hungry.

"I can't believe this is happening just when I'm angry…" he grumbled. He looked around in search of edible food. He found a curtain of vine with bright red-and-orange coloured fruits on it and plucked one out to eat it. 'I just hope that this isn't poisonous.'

It tasted like rootbeer. 'As long as it's edible.' He thought. '… I wonder if L would like some?'

Meanwhile, L and Kyuu continued on their silent conversation.

L: "So unless the people from my world reopens or recreates another portal, we would be stuck here, possibly forever?"

Kyuu: "Yup. And since this place isn't exactly a civilized place, that Light could get raped by anyone. Plus, you did say that boys… Guys from your world don't give birth? Here, the ones who don't give birth are girls. Girls would plant eggs into boys and make them give birth."

L: "And you're a girl?"

Kyuu: "… You could say that."

L: "What do you mean?"

Kyuu: "My kind can get pregnant, but we can't fertilize our own children. As of now, I'm actually pregnant, but I haven't found any nutrition to fertilize my eggs with. That Light stuff was good you know?"

L: "Are you telling me that you're planning on making him fertilize your eggs?"

Kyuu: "Not exactly. I want him to carry my eggs. Carrying them is such a hassle, you know?"

L: "… I wonder what Light-kun would say about this."

L sighed and Kyuu only pat his head.

Kyuu: "Don't worry, unlike those others, I won't force him to do it. At least, I won't do it consciously."

L: "But…"

L thought about that decision and decided to ask for Light's consent first before actually doing it.

Kyuu: "Oh! That Light is here!"

"Oh, Light-kun. You're safe," L said in an amused tone. "What's with that tone? You wanted me to be killed somewhere?" Light grumbled. L noticed that he had brought fruits back. "What're those?"

"Fruits. Brought some for you. You haven't eaten too, right?" Light said, putting the fruits down, just as he sat down. "Where did you get these?"

"In some vines. They looked edible."

L stared at the red and orange fruits in suspicion.

Kyuu: "If you're wondering, that fruit's safe to eat. But it might make you drunk."

L: "… Is it sweet?"

Kyuu: "Excuse me?"

L shrugged and took a bite of the rootbeer-tasting fruit. Kyuu also took one and ate it. L decided that he only ate one from the first bite. "Light-kun. Kyuu-kun and I were talking and you know? If the people from our world don't reopen that portal, we might as well be stuck here, possibly forever."


"Oi, Light-kun, are you even listening?" L asked. Light had a blank look on his face. "Oi, oi, don't tell me that you're drunk?" L asked, kneeling in front of him. He didn't even blink. 'He's hopeless,' L thought and shook his head.

"Kyuu-kun, could you—"

Kyuu's tentacles pushed L away and trapped Light in it. "Ooi, Kyuu-kun! I thought you…" Once L saw how Kyuu was behaving, he suspected that Kyuu doesn't have a high alcohol tolerance. "Goddamnit."

Suddenly, a tentacle wrapped itself around L and brought him closer to Kyuu. As if playing with dolls, Kyuu stripped them both naked and positioned them in a 69. Kyuu opened Light's mouth and put L's limp member in it, making L gasp a little.

Light didn't do anything. He just let L's member stay in his mouth without sucking it or licking it. Kyuu then teased his nipples with tiny tentacles, pulling it and pushing it, tracing a few tinier ones across the flat tip of it.

Light giggled at the ticklish feeling. L couldn't help but get hard from the vibrations of Light's giggle. Kyuu then brought one of L's fingers and made it tease the tip of Light's member, making it erect also. Then, Kyuu's tentacle got into his urethra as L watched.

One tentacle blocked his eyes and showed an x-ray version of what was happening inside Light. The tentacles slowly expanded the urethra and added more once another could fit. The rear entrance was then widened and another tentacle got in, deep inside. Light's moans aren't helping L's already erect member.

Now L, for some reason, had the urge to quickly come. But Light's inactiveness in sucking or licking made him dizzy. The tentacles then proceeded in teasing L's nipples too and L's mind became a world of chaos. Instinctively, he deep-throated Light, searching for more pleasure.

Light then started sucking L's member in a slow pace, making him moan. Kyuu then took out some o fhis tentacles from Light's urethra, leaving a large gap enough for L to see inside without the help of an x-ray vision.

Light then came on L's face, and L came prematurely. Heaving, L didn't think much of anything when he saw small balls enter Light's rear end and one into his urethra. Kyuu then pulled L's member out and put it inside Light's entrance.

Light being only half-conscious, suddenly tightened at L's penetration. L moaned as he got hard again. A tentacle then brought L's finger into Light's tip and inserted it into his urethra, creating a block in the flow of precum that continuously flowed out of Light, despite coming just a few moments ago.

"No… L, it hurts," Light whined, giving him puppy eyes. His breath smelled of rootbeer, and L kissed him deeply, tasting more of that not-exactly-alcoholic drink in Light's mouth. Kyuu stimulated them both, making L come. Light shuddered, but nothing came out. L pulled out his finger, now that he's more aware of what's happening.

Kyuu slowly stopped his tentacles and dropped to the ground, apparently asleep. Once his breathing was normal, L shook Light awake. Light blinked a few times before smiling childishly at L. "Are you still drunk?" L asked. Light shook his head slowly before he fell limp, falling asleep in L's hands.

L sighed. "This is bad… I might just also become somewhat weird just by staying in this world."

He then put on his clothes, along with Light's and wrapped him in a blanket-like leaf, which fends off the chill at night.


L woke up with Light still in his arms. Kyuu was still in the same position as last night. L tried to wake Light, but he wouldn't budge. Kyuu, on the other hand, suddenly got up.

Kyuu: "Aahh… That was refreshing."

L: "Yeah, for you. Now you've stretched Light-kun in not only his rear entrance, but his urethra… I mean penis."

Kyuu: "Yeah, yeah, sorry. Oh, right, I got some weird voices last night."

L: "Weird voices?"

Kyuu: "Yeah, something like saying L and Light are in another dimension and hasn't gotten out since the power outage."

L: "What kind of being are you? To receive signals from earth…"

Kyuu: "Signals? I don't know about that, but it probably is. In fact, I told them that you're alright."

L: "Seriously?!"

Kyuu: "Yep, and they said that they were gonna reopen the portal. Good news, right?"

L: "But what about your eggs?"

Kyuu: "Oh, those? Light can have them. They're only ten out of millions inside me."

L: "…"

L had a skeptic face. Suddenly, a swirling light appeared. It was almost like the kind of swirling light that their portal made when they first came here. "It really came…" L said in disbelief.

Kyuu: "What're you waiting for? The light's gonna close if you wait too long."

L: "… Thanks Kyuu-kun."

Kyuu made a dismissal gesture. L picked Light up and stepped into the portal. They were back in earth once more.


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