Final Duel

So I skip to the Final huh? Not to worry I will still upload chapters going backwards. Anyway this is the final Lightsaber duel between Darth Nihilus and Kotori Shirakawa of the 6th Galactic Civil War

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501st Journal

It is the final battle and last day of the 6th Galactic Civil War, what remains of the Sith Empire's forces both ground, air and space are defeated and as for Kotori's best man Kirito Kamui, he fled to Earth, well will leave him to our friend Akane Tsunemori and her friends to deal with him. In the meantime we can just watch as Lord Nihilus deals with Kotori Shirakawa one last time and for sure she will not return after this so there won't be another Galactic Civil War in the future.


Valiante City Battlefield Aftermath

"Let's finish this Kotori", Lord Nihilus activates his red Lightsaber.

"The war is not over until I'm dead again for the last time Lord Nihilus and this will be our last battle", Kotori said activating her Lightsaber.

They charge at each other and start their final Lightsaber duel of the 6th Galactic Civil War. Kotori kicks Lord Nihilus but he flips over and lands safely, next Lord Nihilus use force lightning and so did Kotori but hers is more powerful than his but he was able to hold on thanks to his long knowledge of the force making the both of them get pushed back. They clash again with their Lightsabers before Kotori use debris to hit Lord Nihilus which he cuts with his Lightsaber or with the use of the force.

"You gotten better like before didn't you Kotori?"

"The 5th Galactic Civil War I did Lord Nihilus and now this is the 6th one I've gotten more better than you", Kotori force pushes Lord Nihilus causing him to slam into an AT-ST Walker knocking him out, however his Lightsaber lands next to Anna Luis and Kobayashi.

Kotori was about to kill Lord Nihilus but Anna who picked up his Lightsaber use it to save his life.

"You know how to use that but your a Makai not a Jedi or Sith Anna Luis", Kotori said to Anna seeing her use a Lightsaber for the first time.

"The Makai can fight too Lady Kotori", Anna said and faces her until Lord Nihilus wakes up.

Anna manage to wound Kotori in the left shoulder but Anna gets wounded after getting Lord Nihilus's Lightsaber pushed right into her right shoulder when locked with Kotori's Lightsaber. Anna kicks her in the gut and pulls away from her, Kotori recovers and charges again at her slicing Anna on the back knocking her out because Anna didn't have time to defend herself due to her having no experience as a Jedi or Sith.

"Well then, back to you Lord Nihilus", but Kotori was suddenly stabbed in the back by Lord Nihilus who use Kobayashi's Lightsaber making Kotori fall on her knees.

"Well Anna has distracted you long enough for me to recover and Kobayashi is kind enough to lend me her Lightsaber to finish you off", Lord Nihilus said to the wounded Kotori and is about to kill her one last time.

"This may be the last time you'll see me Lord Nihilus but the Sith Empire will have a legacy, and that legacy is anyone who will unknowingly do our dirty work", a warning and promise coming from Kotori.

"If that is true in the future Kotori, the Galactic Empire will put a stop to it like we always we do", Lord Nihilus then stabs Kotori right in the chest causing her body to explode in some strange blue energy. (Similar to the one when Lord Sidious died when Darth Vader threw him down the Death Star)

Lord Nihilus was strucked by this blue energy not knowing what it would do to him. Kobayashi and a wounded but alive Anna rushed to his aid. When Lord Nihilus removes his mask they realize the blue energy changed his appearance.

"Whoa Garrod your face has changed", Anna said giving him a mirror for him to see his new appearance.

"Well despite the change of my appearance I'm still Garrod Ran and Darth Nihilus anyway (He looks like Ryouta Murakami from Brynhildr in the Darkness)", he said accepting his new appearance.


1 mouth later

After the end of 6th Galactic Civil War and restorations of planet Valiante it was time for the Galactic Empire to return home to Earth perhaps to help Akane Tsunemori and her friends deal with Kirito Kamui. Lord Nihilus is just having a final farewell to Anna Luis who has a large bandage on her back because she is not coming with them, she intends to rebuild the Order of the Makai that was destroyed by Mendoza with a little help from her sister Esmeralda and everyone else on the planet.

"Your sure you don't want to come with us Anna?"

"My place is here Lord Nihilus but no matter what, I will always love you like your wife Kobayashi does", Anna said and passionately kisses him.

"Will see each other again someday Anna and I will always love you too like my counterparts do", Lord Nihilus, Kobayashi and his Imperial Troops board the Acclamator-Class Assault Ship as it lifts off into space, the rest of the fleet are already back into space.

Anna, Esmeralda and the people of Valiante waved goodbye to them and marked them as heroes as they make a statue of the Galactic Empire symbol.

"Goodbye Darth Nihilus and may the force be with you", that's the first time Anna has said that.

"Goodbye for now, my beloved Emperor and Sith Lord", this implies that Anna will see Lord Nihilus again someday.



"Orders my liege", Admiral Piett asked for orders from Lord Nihilus and Kobayashi who are sitting on their command chair.

"Takes us home Admiral", Lord Nihilus hands his orders to him and the fleet.

The entire Galactic Imperial Fleet then hyperspace for home. Surely the 6th Galactic Civil War might be over but there are still more adventures to come in this Mainstream Universe.


Not to worry I will upload chapters going backwards and some forward.


Meanwhile the abandon and damage Harrower-Class Dreadnought that was carrying the Sith Empire's Bio-Weapons automatically hyperspace to another universe and crashed on Earth from that universe.

Location: Germany

Universe: Brynhildr in the Darkness


Epilogue 2

Lord Nihilus himself is in his quarters is holding the Mado necklace that he kept for himself, the Mado necklace is glowing. Lord Nihilus then raised is up in the air and form a circle above him, then a Soul Metal black armor that came out of the circle appears and covers his body.

"I am Makai Knight Kiba, the Dark Knight", Lord Nihilus announces talking in a metallic tone.