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A young boy by the name of Monkey D, Luffy has been began traveling throughout the world. He was wearing short, blue trousers with cuffs at the end with sandals along with a sleeveless red vest. The young man even has a scar with two stitches right underneath his left eye. His reason behind that scar and still unknown. But what he'll eventually become known him is for wearing a Straw Hat that belonged to a very special friend of his named Red-Haired Shanks. Luffy was currently on an adventure to the Grand Line to accomplish a personal dream of his. To become King of the Pirates, but unfortunately, he can't go this dream alone. In order to become King of the Pirate, he'll need to the help of an entire pirate crew. A pirate that which he can trust and protect with his life and expect the same in return from each and everyone of them. Yet, before he can get amass himself a pirate crew he first wanted to look for a certain spiky blonde that he had met during his childhood days with Shanks. The boy's name was Naruto Uzumaki. A Leaf Village Shinobi who he became best friends with during those childhood days. Despite their differences, one being a Ninja, while the other wanting to become a Pirate. Ninjas, and Pirates aren't too fond of each other, and rarely are known for getting along too often, but the question of today is to find out what will happen if a ninja and pirate become the best of friends and travel the world together? Only one way to find out is to climb aboard this story, and find out.

Unfortunately for Luffy, he doesn't have the best sense of direction and was stranded in the middle of nowhere. He lying down on his tiny boat while the wind was blowing above him. He didn't have a sail so the boat wasn't in motion due to the wind, but due to the small waves hitting against the rear pushing it over the water. He had little to no idea where he was going at the moment. Also his stomach was bothering him. It's been for the every minute that past. "Ugh… Hungry…" He mumbled to himself in a weakly tone. He hasn't had a decent meal in so long... "I haven't eaten in so long… I don't have much strength left to even attempt to navigate." He closes his eyes and sighs heavily. To stop it all off... "I'm bored… I wish something exciting were to happen."

Almost as if on cue, there was a large sound of rushing water and it sound nearby. Unfortunately Luffy wasn't paying too much mind to it, because of his stomach growling. In fact he thought that was his stomach being louder than usual. "I heard you the first time stomach." He knows that he's hungry, not need to remind him any sooner than it already has. Luffy then realized something. The sound was getting even louder and louder with each passing second. Something was amiss. "That's not my stomach…" He sat up from his position turned around slight his boat was heading in the opposite direction and saw what the noises was. He sees now that the noise that he was hearing wasn't his stomach at all. He heading directly for a whirlpool! "What the!?" He screamed realized he was literally seconds before hell be sucked it! His boat was already caught within the whirlpool's current. "Crap! I've got nowhere to go from here!" He was starting to panic! He really had no chance in escape. He couldn't swim for certain reasons and there was no land within sight either! He was done for. The boat began to spiral out of control before Luffy right off of the boat and fell into the water below him. He tried his best to hold his breathe for as long as he could but he couldn't move at all in the ocean. He couldn't swim, he was completely immobilized and he eventually loses consciousness trying to hold his breathe for too long.

Sometime later... Within the Village Hidden in the Leaves, a certain spiky blond hair ninja was walking around with a pink haired kunoichi, who was his friend. The spiky blonde ninja was Naruto Uzumaki. He had blue eyes, three whisker markings on his cheeks and was wearing an orange tracksuit with black upper shoulders area as well as around the wrist and the color was extending from around the neck and shoulders, down the front and sleeves. He was wearing a black forehead protector and wore black sandals. The female was named Sakura Haruno. She's also a Leaf Village ninja and has bright pink hair, large green eyes. She wore a red qipao that's only shown as a red top, with black gloves, black, low heel, calf-high boots, black shorts underneath a short pink apron skirt, and pink elbow protectors, and she was wearing a red forehead protector. The two of them had just finished their training against their Sensei in capturing the bells from him. They were celebrating, by going to Naruto's favorite ramen shop, Ichiraku's Ramen. Well, one of them was going to celebrate there, but the blond hair ninja was trying to get a date with the pink haired Kunoichi, but unfortunately he was striking out with her at the moment.

Naruto was walking along side Sakura with his hands resting behind his head. "Come on Sakura!" The blonde pleaded with the girl. "Why don't we go to Ichiraku's together? Please?" He on the verge of clamping his hands together to beg her to come with him.

Sakura scowls at Naruto. "Is ramen all you think about?" She asked followed by a sigh. She looked at the blonde with a dumbfounded expression. "And here I thought you've changed during your training with Jiraiya-Sensei." He sounded disappointed.

"But Sakuraaa…" Naruto whined. "I haven't had Ichiraku's Ramen in two years. I'm dying for some…" Naruto has been training for the following two years to finish a promises that he's been trying to fulfill for the kunoichi.

Sakura finally gave it. "Fine…" Guess he's sorta earned a treat with her. She huffed before she had a mischievous grin on her face. "But your paying for the both of us." She walks on ahead of Naruto leaving him behind now.

"Uh…" Naruto stopped his movement instantly to check his pockets for any coupons he may have forgotten about during his travels, sadly he didn't to find any. So he pull out his wallet to check how much money he has in it, only to see he has barely enough for two. He swallows hard before he felt a cold sweat roll down his cheek. He quickly caught up with Sakura hoping they could negotiate on this. "M-Maybe, you can try paying for half?" He requested.

"Not happening!" Sakura denial his request swiftly before she started glaring at Naruto Naruto stood a back down then hung his her over in defeat. Now he was depressed. He was going to be broke after this... Well, at least he'll be able to earn himself a few affection scores on the side! It's be worth it! Hopefully...

Before the two could go ahead and enjoy their small break from training, a fellow Leaf ninja, judging from his outfit, he's either a Chunin or a Jonin, appeared in front of Naruto, and Sakura. "Sakura?" The ninja called out her name.

Sakura turns around to face the Leaf ninja. "Yes?" She politely replied.

"Lady Tsunade wants both you and Naruto to come to her office." He informed Sakura and Naruto. "She has a mission for you. Come quickly."

"Right." Sakura nods. She'll make sure to bring Naruto with her.

The Leaf ninja nodded back at Sakura and disappeared

Sakura looked at Naruto. "Looks like you're going to have to wait a little longer for that ramen Naruto." Sakura deadpanned. The date Naruto was hoping for was going to be put on hold for a while longer.

Naruto knew that the moment that ninja appeared, his date was postponed. Naruto had cursed under his breath and had an irritable expression on his face, He wanted to punch something, but when Sakura spoken to him he put on a fake smile before turning to her. 'Damn it! Why now!? I was finally about to get a date with her!' Naruto screamed in his head. Talk about bad timing! "Y-Yeah. I guess we'll have to…"

Both Naruto and Sakura began to make a run for the Hokage's office. It took them mere minutes to their destination. They arrived at the front of her door and Naruto being the one to push it open to greet Tsunade.

"Grandma Tsunade, we're here." Naruto said while walking within the office room still stinging from their interrupted date. He rested his hands on his hips.

"Lady Tsunade. You wanted to see us?" Sakura asked while walking in right after Naruto had. She stood with her hands to the side.

"Yes." The woman sitting at the desk replied flatly before she looked over towards them. She places the paper work down on his desk, and began brief them on their soon to be assigned mission. "I doubt you've heard, but there's a small rumor going around saying that there is a possible dead body somewhere near the docks of the village." Tsunade informed them while resting her hands on top of the desk.

Sakura tilts her head to the side confused. "Possible dead body?" She crosses her arms over her chest. "Are they certain that it's even dead? How do was know it's not alive and playing possum?" She asked.

"It's been there for a while, and it hasn't moved a muscle since it been there, they say. So just to be sure, I'm sending a small group over there to investigate in rather or not if these rumors are true." Tsunade stood up from her chair and began to point towards the Front gate of the village, but she was pointing in the direction of the docks. "The body is near the shore to the northwest of the Front gate. They say he's wearing short, blue trousers with cuffs. A sleeveless red vest, and a Straw hat. They couldn't see the boy's face. So we can't describe what he looks like. They seem to have figured out that it was a boy, but they can't say what his plan could possibly be." Tsunade explained to the two ninjas.

Sakura nods slowly listening into Tsunade's explanation. Guess it wouldn't hurt to take a closer look, seeing how no nearby civilians has the courage to do it themselves. "We'll do our best in finding this person, Lady Tsunade. Let's go Naruto." Sakura began to head for the door, but she paused among noticing Naruto wasn't following her. She raised an eyebrow then turns towards Naruto. "Naruto?"

Naruto was just standing there looking to be deep in thought. He was staring down at the ground. Tsunade had also began to look at Naruto a hint of concern was on her face. She's rarely seem Naruto so deep in thought about something. 'Straw hat? Why does that remind me of someone?' Naruto places a hand on his head before he narrows his eyes. He feels like he's missing something. 'I can't put my finger on it, but I know I'm supposes to know a boy with a Straw hat…But I can't seem to remember his face…'

Suddenly Sakura's loud voice broke Naruto out of his trances "Naruto!" She shouted towards him from the door behind him.

Naruto's eyes widen as he jumped at her threatening voice. "H-Huh?" Naruto blinked before he looked around and then notices Sakura waiting at the door. What just happened?

"We're leaving. Come on!" Sakura walked out of Tsunade's Office leaving Naruto behind.

"W-Wait up!" Naruto panic before he ran out the door in pursue of Sakura. Couldn't she have waited until he regathered his thoughts?!

Naruto and Sakura arrives at the Front gate of the village to meet up with their Sensei, Kakashi Hatake. The only problem was that had arrived at the gate with no Sensei in sight. He isn't even there yet. They had no choice but to wait for him... again. They were somewhat expecting this, since he's normally late for missions, training, or anything in general. They still haven't found out exactly why he's always late for these missions. But hopefully someday they will. Though Naruto has a few assumptions.

Naruto sat down against the left side of the gate with his legs crossed. It's gonna be a while before he get here. Might as well relax. "You know, I could have went and got myself some ramen while waiting for him." Naruto grumbled.

Sakura sighs deeply. She agrees with him. They always assume he's ready when he's not... "I hate it when he's late. He always has us waiting for him, when it comes to a mission!" Sakura grunts and gritted her teeth slightly in irritation.

"He does this every time we have to meet him for anything!" He started to growl, before he scowled. He leans back against the gate trying to relax."This is gonna take a while…" He deadpanned before he forced himself to try and stay patience if he could.

It's been ten minutes since the two ninjas had been waiting for their Sensei to show up. They could've been halfway to the body already! Naruto was resting his back on the giant gate. Sakura had placed her hands hand behind her back before she began to pace back and forth in front of Naruto trying herself to keep her cool. Twenty more minutes later… Naruto was so bored of waiting that he was throwing rocks against the village gate making a small 'clank' sound with each rock that hit the gate. Sakura was leaning against the gate with her arms crossed. Her eyebrow was twitching from the noise Naruto was making but she was more frustrated at the moment of time they're wasting just standing here.

Finally their Sensei had made his appearances. He appeared right in front of them nonchalantly with his hands resting his pockets. Their Sensei had spiky sliver hair and dark grey eyes and wore a mask that covers over the nose and lower-half of his face. He had a Leaf Village flak jacket, dark blue pants and a long-sleeve shirt, fingerless gloves with metal plates on the backhand of both. "Sorry, did I keep you waiting?" He asked unaware of how long they were waiting for him.

Naruto and Sakura felt a veins popped from their foreheads. They both began to yell in unison with the other. "Your late, Kakashi-Sensei!" They shouted in anger lashing out against their Sensei.

Kakashi raised a hand up waving it slightly. "Yeah, sorry." He apologizes having lost count of time once again. "I was busy with something important." He places his hand back in his pocket.

Naruto shot a glare at Kakashi. He has an idea on why he was late this time. "It's doesn't have anything to do with that Make-Out Paradise book I gave you earlier before training, does it?

Kakashi flinched slightly, but he shrugged it off quickly disregarding the fact Naruto had possibly figured him out. He was right, but Kakashi didn't want to tell him that he was. "What?" He started to play dumb. "No. Not at all." He denial flatly trying to change the subject before Naruto and Sakura showers him with more questions. "Now let's begin the mission." Kakashi had walked in between both Naruto, and Sakura, then took off in a sprint. Time to go and find this so-called dead body.

Naruto huffed at Kakashi. He can denial it if he wanted to, but Naruto knew the truth, and he had just called Kakashi out on that. Still, he's right about one thing they should worry more about the mission right about now. They're already more than thirty minutes in. Sakura had a feeling Naruto was spot on with his guess. She wished he never gave up that stupid book to him. The three ninjas ran through the forest jumping from tree branch to tree branch heading in the direction that Tsunade had pointed out before. They had stopped right at the outskirts of the village. They had to have a short briefing on their mission before they continue on with their advance.

Kakashi turned around to face Naruto and Sakura. "Remember you two. Sleeveless red vest, with blue cuffed up trousers." Kakashi remind his team before he began to inform them of the information the village had gathered. "They say, he also has a Straw Hat on his head." He places his hands nonchalantly into his pockets to give the team one last order. "Once we reach the destination, we'll split up and search for the body. If the situation becomes dyer, then retreat immediately. Alright?"

Naruto and Sakura both nodded at the same time before they spoken in unison again. "Yes, sir!"

"All right. Let's continue on." Kakashi concluded before he turned his back to his team to continued his advance.

'Straw Hat… Straw Hat…' Naruto closes his eyes. He was beginning to grow aggravated and winced a bit in frustration. 'Damn it!' Why is it that now he feels like he had forgotten something important. Something from his past.

Kakashi stopped his movement only to turn around having spotted Naruto struggling. What was he doing? "Hm…?" Kakashi's raised an eyebrow having taken notices to Naruto's expression.

Naruto's gaze when to the ground, once again deep in thought. He places a hand against his forehead. His hand was beginning to hurt for a moment. 'Red Vest, Blue trousers… No. It's just the Straw Hat that rings a bell… Damn it, I know I'm supposes to remember a boy with a Straw hat.' Come on, think! It's on the tip of his tongue. He can feel it.

"Naruto, is something on your mind?" Kakashi had asked losing his trance of thought again. He looks at Naruto at the corner of his eyes.

Naruto's eyes widens slightly, as he waves his hands. No, he lost it again! He was so close! He took a deep breath while removing his hand from over his forehead. "N-No. I'm fine. Just thinking about something." He admitted while avoiding their gaze. "Don't worry about it." Naruto looked at Kakashi with one of his trademark grins.

Sakura had turned to Naruto with a look of concern on her face. She doesn't believe him. "Ever since Tsunade mention this mission, you have been acting weird. Like weirder than normal."

Kakashi nods. "She's right. I notice it not too long ago. When we were going over the mission briefing about the body we're searching for." Kakashi lifted his hand up, and places a hand on Naruto's shoulder gently. "Is there something you're not telling us?" Kakashi asked. If there's anything he's worry about he should tell them, maybe they can help him.

Naruto lifted his head to looks back at the others. His eyes softens slightly. He doesn't even know for sure if it's wroth mentioning. "If only there was something to tell… I get the feeling I'm forgetting something. Something important…" He grips onto his head with both hands. He gritted his teeth growing extremely frustrated. It's like the memory is within his grasp, but he can't seem to grab hold of it! "But It's not coming to mind and I'm getting a bit of a headache trying to remember it."

"Don't strain yourself. Give it some time. You will remember sooner or later." Kakashi said.

Naruto's eyes soften slightly more before he let out a soft sigh. "I hope you're right…" Naruto mumbled.

The three ninjas began to make their way through the forest, having worried about Naruto's lack of memory. He really looks like he's desperate for some answers to these memories. But he'll have to wait like Kakashi said. After they traveled for a bit longer through the forest, they reach the shores of the village. They all were amazed by the sight of the water sparkling in the sunlight. The light was illuminating throughout the entire area and the smell of sea water was brushing past them. There was even a gentle breezes brushing past them their faces. The sight of the ocean was beautiful in all of there eyes. Surprisingly, two of them hadn't seen this sight for themselves.

Naruto was staring in awe of the beauty of the sea. He hadn't seen sight peaceful and elegant looking water before. This was his first time ever seeing it in such a way. "Whoa…" He spoken in a soften tone. "Amazing…" Naruto commented.

"It's beautiful…" Even Sakura was in awe of the sea. She's rarely seen anything that can keep her eyes attention for so long. She was staring out at the sea while a smile managed to find it's way across her face.

Kakashi nodded ins agreement. "Yeah. It really is. The breezes feel good too." Kakashi turned to Naruto and Sakura to repeat what he had said earlier "Remember the plan you two. We split up here and search. If you find anything, regroup back here." He had suddenly pulled out a kunai then crouched down to carves an X mark on the ground with it.

Naruto and Sakura both nodded and disappeared. Naruto was looking around the entire shore line. He's been looking around for what felt like a long time period. Naruto was beginning to think that maybe it was time to head back to regroup. He hasn't found anything yet. Guess heading back would be the wisest choice of action. Than at the corner of Naruto's eye, he had spotted what seems to be a body lying in the sand face down within the sand. His outfit fit the description. Sleeveless red vest. Blue trousers cuffed up, but still he wouldn't hurt to get a better look to made sure it was the person they were looking for. He jogged his way over towards the supposedly dead body and couches down next to it. "Hey, are you alright?" He asked wondering if maybe he was just sleeping.

The supposedly dead body began to stir from his slumber. He slid his arms right next to his upper body before he had pushed himself up from off the face. He started coughing up sand and sea water from out of his mouth. He was choking slightly from very little sand still left within his lungs, but at least he managed to get the water out of his water. "That's gonna leave a bad taste in my mouth…" He grumbled before he hang his tongue out.

Naruto blinked at us, but he saw that the boy seems to be alive and kicking. He grins before he places a hand on his shoulder. Is he hurt? "Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?" He asked concern for the boy well-being. He just cough a pretty decent amount of sand and water at once. How is he still breathing makes him wonder.

The boy pushed himself up to sit on his rear end, then looked up having noticed that bright orange tracksuit. "Huh?" The boy was surprised by the sight of Naruto, he quickly jumped up to his feet brushed himself off from the sand then gives Naruto a goofy looking grin. "Hey!" He points directly at Naruto. "It's you! I finally found you!" He shouted in excitement. He's been looking everywhere for him!

It' was Naruto's turn to be confused now. "Huh?" He turns around thinking that he was talking about someone else but who standing directly behind him. There was no one there. He turns back to boy with the Straw Hat then pointed at himself. "Me?" He asked.

The boy with the Straw Hat rapidly nodded his head."Yeah! I know you! My childhood friend!" His grin widens as he tried to remember his name. It took him a while be he eventually remembered. "Naruto, was it?"

Naruto looks at boy still confused by her words. Childhood friend? Well, he got his name right. "Yeah? That's my name." He scratches the back of his head sheepishly, and still baffled. "But I don't remember yours… Have we met before?" He asked.

"Yeah, when we were kids!" The boy with the Straw Hat waved his hands furiously. How could he forget all him? It's only been... ten years after all! That's quite the long time... "Come on, it's me! Monkey D. Luffy!" He announced his name to him hoping that now he'll remember.

Naruto's eyes widens a bit in shock. That name... "Luffy… I remember now." Naruto stood up to his feet. It was all starting to come back to him now. He was starting to remember bit by bit. Yeah, that was the name of the boy from a long time ago. He's the same boy that befriends him a long time ago. "You came to my village that one time and help me against some bullies, right?"

Luffy nods quickly again, than he gave him another of his trademark goofy grins. "Now only that. You also promise to join my pirate crew in the future." Luffy said with his grin plastered across his face.

Naruto paused. He what? A cold sweat began to roll down his face. He didn't believe that part of his past. Oh boy... "…I did…?" He asked Luffy just in case he's misheard a word or two, or everything...

Luffy nods once more and grins happily now. "Yup! You're my first mate!" Luffy wouldn't lie about something like this. He's never forgotten the promise that Naruto declared to him back in their childhood days.

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