Naruto0116: Hey, we're back. Chapter 9 is—

Something falls down from the ceiling, and crashes to the ground, with the sound of glass shattering.

Naruto0116: -Turns around surprised by the loud noise- What the hell was that?!

Naruto: -On top of the ceiling- Sorry! I was trying to adjust to the lights, but one of them was loose!

Naruto0116: You know that's coming out of your pay, right?

Naruto: It's not my fault it was loose!

Mohji had just ordered his pet lion Richie to attack Luffy and rip his body part if possible. Luffy was still stuck within the cage, so his movements were extremely limited. But for some reason, his smile never left his face. It's almost as if he had a plan for this lion's fierce attack.

Richie jumped over towards Luffy and smashed his large paw on the cage shattering it with his weight and breaking it open while trying to get to Luffy's body. Luckily despite his limited space, Luffy managed to moved to the very edge of the cage having avoided the claws of Richie by a hair. He laughed having realized his plan worked! He was free!

"Ah ha! Miss me!" The lion Richie swings his paws extending his claws and his paw connected with Luffy around the torso. The strength behind the attack smacked Luffy across the area. He let out a cry as he flew and impacted against the house, a distances behind him. Upon impact, the entire building began to fall apart and collapsed on top of the boy burying him.

The lion faced male huffed with a cocky grin on his face. "An instant death." Mohji rested a hand on top of his pet lion. "Good Richie. Now let's find Zoro, so I defeat him and increase my name!" He exclaimed. Maybe he might get a higher bounty than Buggy.

Richie was unresponsive. He observed the area and began sniffing the place out. He caught the scent of someone nearby. Mohji raised an eyebrow and looked down at Richie. "What is it?" He asked.

Out of the corner of Mohji's eyes, he spotted a blonde haired boy falling from out of the sky with a ball of bright blue light in his hand. He was going to use it to knock that massive lion out cold for what he's done to his friend. Richie's back was still turned to him.

"Rasengan!" The young blonde screamed out from the sky, but he's gonna regret that seeing how that helped Richie's instincts kick in and gave him a warning before he jumped back allowing the ball of light to hit the ground in front of himself.

Mohji held onto Richie when he suddenly started to move. He saw the kid coming but he had no idea who he was. "Who are you?!" He asked having panicked a bit from his loud entrances.

The young blonde emerged from the cloud of dust that he made from his Rasengan. "He's not the only one you have to deal with!" He declared as he shot a glare at the hairy bastard. It was Naruto. And he didn't take too kindly to that lion hurting his friend.

Mohji took a moment to recognizes the boy's face and remembers that he was there when the bastard fired that cannon at him and Buggy. "I remember you." Mohji motioned towards Naruto. "You're with that sneaky thief?"

Naruto had a small hint of annoyance on his face followed by his eyebrow twitching. "Yeah, that was my friend you just hit!"

"This should be fun." Mohji leans back on top of his pet lion's head and a wicked grin made it's way across his face. "I'm sure Captain Buggy wouldn't mind if I killed time playing with you."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and clenches his hands into fists. "Believe me. You're going to wish you never did that!"

Mohji didn't have time to waste on this fameless blonde. He'll dispatch on him quickly. "Get him Richie!" He signaled his pet lion to attack the young blonde and rip him to shreds if possible. His pet lion lunges towards Naruto with his claws.

Naruto had a cocky grin spread across his face. He swiftly evaded the Lion's claws and entire body as a matter of fact. Naruto slid to the side and form a hand sign. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto created about 20 clones of himself to appear next to him. He commanded 17 of them to have kicked Richie into the air above them.

The amount of kicks that Richie received was more than enough to launch him into the air, but Naruto didn't take into account how much this lion may weight. The lion Richie had used it's weight to it's advantage and slammed back down top of Naruto's clones making them all poof on impact.

Mohji had let out a chuckle at Naruto's attempt to lift up Richie. "Is that the best, you can do?!" He mocked the young Blonde.

Naruto was still in mid-air, with two other clones right next to him. While Mohji was took busy boasting Naruto as well as his clones moved in and all punched Mohji in the face knocking the beast man off his pet.

Mohji had hit the ground on his back. He was still conscious and panicked seeing that Naruto had nailed him right in the face. "R-Richie!" He cried out to his lion.

Richie being the only one unharmed went in for the attack and uses it's claws on all three Narutos. They had all go poof from contact. None of them was the real him.

The real Naruto was on top of a nearby building while the clones was keeping Richie busy. "Man, that fur ball is a handful…" Naruto muttered to himself with a small hiss. His punches and kicks aren't nearly enough to take that thing out. He has to hit it with something powerful. "I could uses my new jutsu, but I doubt I have enough time to gather the chak—"

Before Naruto could finish his sentence, the building that he was on top of started to collapses below him. Naruto cursed to himself. Richie had sniff him out and attacked the building he was on top of, causing it to tumble over. He shouldn't have underestimated it's sense of smell.

"He found me!" Naruto panicked before he jumps off of the collapsing building towards the ground. He landed on his feet as the building continue to fall apart creating a cloud of dust and dirt on impact. Naruto had seen Richie drove right through the dust and attempted to slash Naruto with it's claws.

Naruto gasps before he started to back up more and more from the lion using his agility to evade the beast. He performs a small series of back flip to try and get some distances, but during one of his back flips, he was suddenly swipe with the back of his paw, sending him flying back.

"Gah!" Naruto let out a small cry before he was send crashing into a building behind him making a small hole through the hole. As the smokescreen of dust settled down, it revealed a grounded Naruto, who appears to be laying down on the ground wincing and gripping onto his torso. That lion is much stronger than he looks..."D-Damn…"

The lion made it's way back over to it's master being Mohji. Naruto was unresponsive long enough for the lion to think that it's gotten rid of him

Mohji stood up onto him feet and crossed his arms over his chest with a slight huff. He had full confidence in his pet. "Finally was able to get rid of him, was you?" Richie didn't even respond to Mohji's question. It's attention was on that pet food store.

Mohji hopped back on top of Richie having noticed that his pet was eyeing something of interest. "What is it now?" He decided to look in the same direction that Richie was and spotted the store. "Ah, a pet food store. You must be hungry from chasing that boy around. All right, make your meal quick!" Mohji commanded.

Richie growled slightly before it started to take it's heavy steps over towards the pet store. Mohji wonders if they had any pet food for lions. They had better, or this store is history. Richie suddenly stopped which caught the attention of Mohji. "Huh?" He look down having seen the dog Chouchou standing in front of it. "Don't tell me that this is the pathetic little shop's guard dog?" He asked. He didn't like that look in the dog's eye.

Luffy started to stir from his unconscious state. He noticed the destruction of the house all around him and shrugged his shoulders. "Man, I got to work on how to dodge better. But hey, I'm finally out of that cage!" That's all he cared about. He slowly gotten up to his feet and dusts himself off. He looked up with a grin on his face. "All right! Now it's time to beat all of them up and have Nami the thief, be our navigator!" Luffy exclaimed.

Nami having overhear Luffy's shout having walked over to the wreckage of the house and spotted Luffy moving! She couldn't believe her eyes! No human alive should have been able to survive that. "How are you alive?!" She can't figure out how it's possible for him to have lived through that.

The Mayor of the town was the same as Nami. He was also beyond shock on how Luffy survived that. "You're alive!" He exclaimed.

Luffy looked at the two of them confused by their reactions. He tilted his head to the side. "Is it wrong to be alive?" He asked curiously.

Nami felt a few balls of sweat make their way down his cheek. "Being just fine after flying through houses isn't normal!"

Luffy casually walked right past Nami. "It's not?"

Mayor's expression had turned stern before he posted a serious question to the young boy. "What is your purpose for coming to this town? Why are you involved with those pirates?" He inquired. He has no idea why Luffy is involved with Buggy's pirates.

Luffy turned to the old man with his goofy grin on his face. "I just decided our purpose! To get a Grand Line map and a navigator!" Luffy exclaimed. Which is easier said than done. Luffy took off in a sprint. "I think that guy in the animal suit said he was looking for Zoro! I got to go make sure Zoro, and Sakura aren't fou—"

Suddenly they all heard the sound of a building collapsing into pieces in the direction Luffy was running. Everyone within the vicinity probably over hear the destruction coming from the buildings nearby. They also heard the sound glass breaking and the ground was shaking too.

Luffy had slid to a complete halt from the sound of the explosion. "Huh?"

Naruto was seen clutching his torso where the Lion had hit him and turns around a corner from the building that was destroyed. Even he heard it and was heading to check out what happened. "What?"

They were all bearing witness to a building burning building. The building was lit up and covered inflames right in front of a wounded Chouchou who is barking at it. Whimpering and barking. Those were sad barks... There was no one else capable of doing this much destruction other than Mohji and his lion. Anger and rage could be clearly seen developing on the two young boy's faces. That was Chouchou's treasure.

Luffy was staring at the building burning away. By the time the flames are out there will be nothing left. There's only be a pile of ashes... "That place was just his treasure…" Luffy silently commented on the matter at hand.

Naruto was silent. He clenched his hand into a tight fist to the point that his knuckled turned white. He even clenched his teeth together. "I can't believe this…" He spoken in between his clenched teeth. "How could they?"

Luffy turned his attention over towards the whimpering dog. Chouchou continued to bark continuously at the burning building. The dog couldn't do anything except for watch the house burn down. That place was special to him and he couldn't do anything except for watch it burn. Naruto and Luffy could understand the pain that Chouchou was going through. Not being able to do anything to save what you treasured most. They couldn't just let that guy get away with this. They was going to do whatever it takes to get revenge for Chouchou.

Luffy turned his back towards the building with his hat creating shadows and covering over his eyes. "Naruto." Luffy called out to his first mate. He wanted him to come along.

Naruto nodded his head. Luffy didn't even have to speak, for him to know what they were going to do. He looked at Luffy at the corner of his eyes. Their next move will be completely justified.

Meanwhile somewhere a distances away from the burning building, Mohji and Richie were walking down the street still looking for Roronoa Zoro. Richie was holding a box of pet food in his mouth while they were walking ahead.

Mohji was still looking at his arm seeing that it was leaking some blood from Chouchou biting him. He was currently sitting on top of his lion cursing at the fact that he was wounded by that stupid dog. "Damn it! I can't believe that dog manages to bite me!"

Richie had suddenly jerked to a halt having seen two familiar faces awaiting him. Luffy and Naruto both stood in their way with their arms crossed. They were not moving from that spot. But Mohji was surprised to see that they were still alive, he figured Richie had killed the both of them.

"Wait a minute…I thought Richie killed you two!" Mohji thought he did. Richie must have thought so too.

Luffy had a cocky grin on his face. "I can't be killed that easily!"

Naruto had a similar look on his face that Luffy had. "It's going to take more than that to finish me off."

"Crunch their heads for sure this time!" Mohji had leaped off of Richie to the side of him allowing his pet to go wild once more on the two of them.

Richie had released a glassing shattering roar before dropping the pet food to the floor. The lion then leaps over towards the two boys in front of him to finish them off once and for all.

Luffy had a smirk spreading across his face. "Naruto let me handle this." He ordered of his first mate.

Naruto was against the order at first, but in the end had allowed Luffy. "Right." Naruto cleared the way for Luffy to battle the lion himself.

Luffy lifted both of his hands up. "I'm not going to lose to some lion!" He shouted before he stretches both his hands out towards the lion. He was twisting his arms around rapidly and grabbed the lion's two longest fangs. "You're mine now!" Luffy's grin widens.

Richie's expression had changed from one of being very terrorizing to one being absolutely frightened. His expression had a complete turn around. Luffy's grins never left his face. "Gum Gum…" Luffy had jumped up into the air over Richie tightening his grip on it's teeth.

Suddenly gets lifted off the ground and starts spinning rapidly in mid-air. He lifted Richie all the way into the air and then became pulling Richie overhead and over him towards the ground floor still spinning rapidly. "Hammer!" Luffy roared at the top of his lungs before he slammed the massive lion head-first into the ground cracking the ground on impact. There was even a crater the size of Richie on the ground.

Mohji let a massive of cry while actually crying at the sight of his beloved pet being abused to the point that Luffy may have just killed his beast in one hit! "Richie!" He was horrified. Richie was bloody and bruised all over his body. Luffy was seen unharmed on one knee next to the bloody beast. "W-What are you?!" Mohji was fearful of Luffy's strength now. He one-shot Richie easily.

Luffy had his back turned to Mohji with shadows hovering over his eyes. "I ate the Gum-Gum Fruit…" Luffy confessed to the Mohji.

He ate a Devil Fruit... No way. No wonder he's so strong. Mohji found himself trembling in fear, while his eyes widen in horror. "You mean you have a Devil Fruit powers, just like Captain Buggy?!" He inquired.

"You could say that…" Luffy replied in a monotone voice as he turned towards Mohji slowly.

Naruto was seen walking over towards Mohji with a look similar to that of Luffy's. Mohji noticed the blonde at the corner of his eyes. And was beginning to sweat bullet.

Mohji started backing up from Luffy. "A-All right! I peacefully apologizes to you!" He bumps into Naruto. He was so afraid of what Luffy would do, that he instantly forgot that Naruto was here. "W-Wait!" He pleaded with the two of them.

Luffy was shooting glares towards Mohji. He wasn't planning on letting this guy go with a simply apology. What he's done isn't something you can apologizes for and walk away. He has to be punish. "I can't forgive you, because that dog's treasure is never coming back. So now we're going to have to kick your ass!" Luffy declared.

Mohji's face was starting to turn palm from the mere thought of what was going to happen to him. Mohji looked at Naruto and noticed something about Naruto's eyes. His eyes turned deep red and became slitted like a demon's. Mohji had let out another cry as he spoken in a more begging like manner. "Please forgive me!" He begged.

"It's too late to apology!" Naruto balled up his fist tightly and punched Mohji in the face with the extra power boost. He knocked Mohji all the way towards Luffy who was waiting for Mohji to get close enough to take a punch.

Luffy was witnessing him get punched by Naruto. Luffy hadn't noticed Naruto's demon like eyes. Luffy held his arm back and waited. As soon as Mohji had gotten within Luffy's close range, his fist connected with Mohji's face and Luffy punched his skull straight to the ground. The concrete had cracked underneath Mohji's head.

While Naruto and Luffy was dealing with Mohji, Chouchou was still standing in front of the burning Pet store, with Nami, and the Mayor watching him. Nami knew Buggy's pirates had to be the reason why Chouchou's shop was destroyed, but this just proves that pirates cannot be trusted. Every last one of them…Even Luffy and his pirate gang.

"Pirates are all the same, every last one! They take what people hold dear without a second thought!" Nami hissed. And she thought his pirate could be different.

Luffy waked over towards the box of Pet food on the ground that was left behind by the massive lion. He began to head over towards Chouchou.

Naruto was watching Luffy's action as his eyes turned back blue. He sighs slightly.

'That's all that's left of it's treasure huh?' Naruto's eyes soften at the sight.

Nami had taken noticed to the rubber boy making his way over towards Chouchou. She was shooting death glares at him. "Oh, you're alive pirate!"

Luffy had stop walking and turns to Nami narrowing his eyes at her words.

Nami's glare turned into a wicked grin. "I figured the lion ate you for sure! As a pirate, you'll do the same thing! Maybe I should kill you right here before you can gather a crew, and attack people too!" Nami took off running towards Luffy

Naruto ran in front of Nami and held his arms out in front of her preventing her from getting any closer to Luffy. Luffy was still hostile. There's no guarantee he wouldn't throw a punch at her. "Are you an idiot, or are you blind?" Naruto inquired.

Nami starting shooting dagger glares at Naruto. She also clenched her hands in fist. "What did you say?" She demanded.

"If you hadn't notice we don't enjoy watching people get hurt, or take pleasure in it…" Naruto looked at the rubber boy at the corner of his eyes and signals him to go on to wherever he was planning on going.

Luffy nods and walks around both of them unafraid of Nami. "It's not like she could kill me anyway." Luffy didn't even see her as a threat.

"I could try, and see!" She was about to run around Naruto to get to Luffy, but Naruto had stopped her once again with his arms still out. He wasn't going to let her past.

"We're not like other pirates. You've got to believe me. We're different. Luffy isn't the kind of guy to do this kind of cruelty." Naruto wasn't going to let Luffy turn out to be like other pirates. Not as long as he's in the crew.

Nami wasn't convinced, though. "Why should I believe you?!" She inquired loudly demanding an answer.

Naruto's bright blue eyes had made contact with Nami's brown eyes. He wanted to reassure Nami that he was telling the truth. "Luffy's eyes." He answered honestly. "I wouldn't have joined his crew unless I knew I could trust him to make the right choice. If Luffy does end up going down the wrong path and turn into one of them, I'll stop him myself!" Naruto remember a friend of his that fell into the darkness head-first. He'll be damn if he lets Luffy do the same thing.

"Besides look at him…" Naruto moved a bit out of the way so she could see what Luffy was doing. Naruto and Nami was witnessing Luffy approaching Chouchou with the box of dog food that Richie had stolen from the young pup.

Luffy places the pet food down in front of Chouchou before he sat down next to dog that eyeing the box of dog food in front of himself. Luffy managed to crack a small smile on his face. "Sorry, that was all I could get back. That lion ate all the rest." The young boy quietly informed the dog.

Nami's eyes widened slightly. "Wait, so you guys fought with that lion, for that dog's sake?" She asked.

Naruto nodded at her question and smiled. She's just now realizing this? Naruto almost wanted to laugh. "That's the real reason why we did."

Nami found herself staring at the young boy with the Straw Hat. She was starting to see that not all pirates are that bad. Most of them, maybe, but all of them. But that doesn't change her point of view on pirates in general.

Luffy lifted his hands up and started petting Chouchou on the head. He was grinning at her again. "You fought well! I didn't see your fight, but I can tell!" These bruises on the dog were battle scars. To Luffy, they were proof of the hard-fought battle Chouchou went through to defend the shop.

Chouchou looked down at the pet food and bit down on it to pick it up. Chouchou was leaving the area. There was no point in staying here now that the food was all that was left. He can take it with him anywhere.

Luffy slowly gotten up to his feet with his smile fading. He was watching the bark walk off. He wonders where he's go. Wherever it is, he hope he finds happiness. Chouchou stopped and turned around to look over towards Luffy. He barked at him. Luffy's smile reappeared and he waved at him. "Good luck to you, too!" He exclaimed.

The dog nodded his head and turned back around to continue to walk. He continued to walk until he was out of their sights. Luffy felt like he's really did that dog a favor. He couldn't save all of the dog's treasure, but at least he was able to save what was left of it. Now the dog can protect what he holds dear much closer to him now. And that was better than nothing.

Naruto made his way over to Luffy with his hands resting behind his head and grins slightly. "I didn't know you speak dog."

"I don't. I just had a feeling he was saying 'Thank you. And good luck.'." Luffy replied while returning the goofy grin.

Naruto chuckled. Nami even smiled softly and laugh along side with Naruto. Luffy, and the others had to recuperate from the earlier battles with Mohji. Naruto mainly since he was hurt but he had heal rapidly. Nami decided now to take this chance to apologizes to Luffy, and Naruto for what she had said earlier. These guys were different from your average pirates.

"Sorry about earlier!" Nami suddenly bowed in front of the two boys while may have surprised them.

Luffy had a confused expression on his face now. "Huh?" Why is she apologizing?

"I didn't mean to yell at you…" Nami avoided eye contact with the young boy. She was looking mildly depressed.

"It's okay! You've been through a lot!" Luffy exclaimed. He crossed his arms. "I don't feel like hearing about it though." He said bluntly. He's not interested in stories.

Naruto waved one of hands in front of himself nonchalantly. "Yeah, no time for long stories." He agreed with Luffy on that part.

The mayor though... He was growing more and more frustrated and angered. "I'm so pathetic! Chouchou and this young one will fight so hard, yet why must I, the mayor, sit by and watch our town be obliterated?!" He was furious at himself for being so weak and unable to do anything to help them!

Nami ran in front of the Mayor waving her hands in front of him trying to put his mind at ease. "Calm down, Mayor!"

Luffy and Naruto slowly began to make their way over towards the Mayor and Nami. What the heck was the old man on about? "40 years ago, this place was nothing but barren land. We all worked together to clear the land, make fields, open stores, and build our town. This town is a treasure to all citizens and me! I cannot let them domineer over it any more!" He wasn't going to stand by any longer and let Buggy terrorized his town!

While the Mayor had finished his speech, Luffy and the other were completely unaware of the danger that Buggy was soon to post. Buggy was just now hatching a plan of his own. He was aiming his cannon towards the town loaded with one of his special Buggy Balls and was planning to hit the town with it. He wasn't going to stop firing until there was nothing but rubble that remains.

"Fire a Special Buggy Ball! Blow the town away!" Buggy ordered his crew to do just that. There will be no mercy this time.

Suddenly Luffy and the others including the Mayor overhear the sound of a cannon having fired. The ignition of the cannon echoes throughout town causing Luffy, and the others all to look in the direction it came from only to witness a large chuck of the town was being destroy from that very cannon ball piercing through houses like paper.

The houses they were standing near also were hit and began to collapse but it was only the force form the Buggy ball that knocked it over, not the ball itself.

The Mayor was speechless and horrified by the sight of his beloved town being destroyed before his very eyes. "Even my own house…" Even his own house had pay the price.

Luffy's eyes widens in shock at the destructive that was caused by the ball, but he suddenly let out a loud cry and began to panic because... "Zoro and Sakura were in that house!" Luffy screamed.

Naruto cursed before he made a dash for the destroyed building. "Sakura!" He shouted worried for his comrade. He hopes she's alive!

"They're probably dead now…" The mayor quietly muttered to himself. He hopes that's not the case. No normal human could have survived that.

Naruto and Luffy had scrambled towards the destroyed house and began throwing pieces of wood, rock and some concrete out randomly searching for Sakura ad Zoro.

"No way, Sakura can't be dead!" Naruto refused to believe that. She's been through worse, right? She was trained by Grandma after all! "Sakura, can you hear me?!" He shouted.

Luffy lifted up a large chuck of wood over his head and threw it elsewhere. "Hey! Zoro! Are you alive?!" He called out to the swordsman.

"Man, that's one hell of a way to wake a guy up…" The two boys had paused in their actions having hear the third party's voice. They both turned around having witnessed Zoro lifting up a giant piece of rubble from off him and Sakura. He threw it away while groaning and clutching his torso.

Sakura slowly gotten up dusting herself off. "That was too close…" The entire house just started to fall apart. He was planning of using her body to defend Zoro but he woke up just in time.

Luffy and Naruto both ended up smiling. Both of their comrades were alive and kicking. That's a huge relief... The swordsman held his head as he slowly gotten up to his feet thanks to Sakura. He let out another low groan. "I don't think I got enough sleep…"

"All you did was mainly sleep!" Sakura growled at green-haired swordsman. She let out a heavy sigh.

Nami had been watching everything from afar. He can clearly said without a doubt that none of these guys are normal humans. He couldn't help but produce a few balls of sweat that roll down her face. She had seen too much inhuman activities today. "H-How are they still alive?!"

That question was left unanswered. "You guys!" Luffy waved his arms to get their attention onto him. "Thank goodness! You're both alive!" He cried.

While the kids were celebrating the fact that everyone was alright and were about to make their next move. The Mayor of the town found himself growing infuriated by how weak he was. Having to let kids do the hard work while he stands here twiddling his thumbs together. He was clenching his hands into tight fists.

"I refuse to let them get away with this! I can stand this no more! Some random scumbag has no right to suddenly destroy our 40 years! I am this town's mayor! I will protect this town!" The Mayor announced to everyone within the vicinity of the area. He went for the spear that on the ground next to him and about to make a for Buggy himself.

Nami having overhear the Mayor made a quick beeline for him and grabbed him by his arm. He's going to get himself killed if she goes after Buggy! She locked her arm with his. "Stop! Stop, Mayor!"

The Mayor was trying to pull away from Nami's grip. "There are fights a man cannot run from! Isn't that right young'uns?!" He turned his attention towards the rubber boy.

Luffy nodded his head and grins. "That's right, old man!"

Nami was still holding the Mayor back despite Luffy and his little exchange. "Don't urge him on! What can he possibly do by going to see them?! It's reckless!" Nami shouted at Luffy. Why isn't he trying to help her?

The Mayor looked over at Nami and Nami had to watch as there were tears developing in the old man's eyes. "I'm fully aware it's reckless!"

Nami was taken aback by the look in the Mayor's eyes. She could see the anguish, the desperation and the pain look in his eyes. But what got her the most was the look of a man that readied to die if it meant he could protect his village.

Nami's grip had loosen up just enough for the mayor to finally pull away from Nami. "Oh no!"

The old man took off running. "I'm coming for you, Buggy the Clown!" He doesn't stand a chance but that unyielding courage is a sight to belong. Nami couldn't do nothing except watch him run.

"The mayor was crying…" Nami noted.

Luffy shrugged his shoulders. "He was?" Luffy asked. He obviously didn't notices. "I didn't see it."

Zoro had a small grin spread across his face. "Looks like thing are starting to get more exciting!" Zoro likes the direction that this is going.

Sakura nodded slowly. "But I don't like the way things are going…" She could see it like Zoro does, but felt opposite about it.

"I do!" The young rubber boy felt the same way as the swordsman did. "Shishishishi!" He couldn't help the laughter.

"Me too." Naruto agreed and laughed a bit along with his captain.

Nami looked over at the two boys. "This is no time to be laughing!"

Despite Nami's shouts, Luffy was still grinning. "It's okay! I like that old man! I'm not going to let him die!" Luffy likes him too much to just let him die.

Naruto looked over in the direction that the mayor ran and taken a few steps over towards that direction. "In that case…"

Zoro followed after Naruto. He was with him. "We're going to have to follow after him."

Nami ran up after towards Zoro and stopped him by grabbing his arm. "You're going to go, too?! But aren't you wounded?!"

Sakura walked over towards Nami explained that it was past tense. "Was wounded." She reworded. "I was able to stop the bleeding. He'll still feel pain, but other than that, he should be able to fight well."

Zoro looked over at Nami and Sakura and pulls away from Nami's hold. "I would fight even if I were still bleeding!" Zoro removed the bandanna from off his arm and ties it up around his head. He had a cocky grin spreading across his head. "A real man takes on any challenge despite his wounds, besides I got a name to uphold."

Luffy walks up towards Naruto, and Zoro. "Our destination is the Grand Line. So we're going to steal that map back now!" He turns around to face Nami. He wants her to help them. "Join our crew, Nami! We could uses your help!" Luffy offered the young thief a hand. He still wanted her in his crew this whole time?

Nami looked down at Luffy's hand and stared at it for a moment. "I'll never be a pirate. But…" Nami had a small grin make it's way across her face. She slaps his hand. "We could team up for a common goal, right?"

"Deal!" Luffy exclaimed.

All the way across the town, Buggy and his crew mates were on the move with loading on the cannon with another Buggy ball. They weren't going to stop until this own city was rubble. Or until they kill Luffy and his crew, but even if they did, they probably wouldn't stop since they were having too much delight in destroying this mediocre town and everyone with it. They were just about to ready to fire a second shot.

"The second shot is ready, sir!" One of Buggy's pirate men informed his captain.

"All right!" Buggy had a sinister grin across his face as he looked over at the cannon. "Fire!"

Right before they were able to fire their second shot towards the town Buggy had heard the screams of a man. He held his hand up signaling his men to stop what they were doing. They have a guest. He spotted the Mayor running towards them.

"Come out, Buggy the Clown!" The mayor had been running this entire time non-stop. H e was panting from all of that said running. He slowly caught his breath and screamed out towards Buggy and his men. "I am Mayor Boodle! This town is our treasure! I've come to protect it! Fight me!" He challenged the clown.

Buggy had a small chuckle from his lips. This was hilarious. Did he really come all this way just to say this? He walked over to the very edge of the building and leans down looking towards the Mayor. "What are you, stupid?! Treasure is gold, silver, and jewels! This town, a treasure?! Cut the crap!" Buggy doesn't consider anything that's not worth beri a treasure.

The mayor shot a glare towards Buggy before he pointed his spear towards the clown. "You'd never understand how I feel—" He was cut short by a floating object that had wrapped around his neck and was choking him. The mayor was thrashing around while gasping for air.

Turns out that the object around the mayor's neck was in fact Buggy's hand that was detached from one of his hands. The hand of Buggy's began to lift the Mayor off of his feet. "I'm soon going to conquer the Grand Line and flashily obtain all of the world's riches!" He declared to the mayor without a hint of care on his face for what he consider treasure or not. "The world's riches are mine! No one else in this world needs treasure but me! If this town's that important to you, shall I destroy you with it?!"

Despite the lack of air traveling to the old man's lungs, he still managed to keep up a brave face. "Quit prattling... and fight me!" He spoken in between breaths, while continuing to gasp for air.

Buggy was beginning to lose his temper with this old bastard. His foolishness only forced him to tighten his grip around the mayor's throat. "Don't get cocky now!" He shouted.

The Mayor grabbed onto Buggy's hand around his neck trying to force it to loosen up so he could breath, but Buggy was too strong. "I won't let you... destroy this town! Even if it costs me my life!" Despite the grave situation, the mayor's resolve didn't waver even in front of certain death.

Buggy was amused by the fact that he was going to play stupid to the very end. If he wants to die defending the village, then so be it! "Fire!" He shouted but stopped as his eyes widens in shock and winces suddenly.

Buggy's hand was ripped away by the Mayor's neck by force. There was a boy standing in front of the mayor holding Buggy's hand in one hand and him in the other hand. Buggy saw that it was the same boy that he was planning to kill earlier. The one with the Straw Hat!

"That straw hat guy!" Buggy exclaimed still slightly wincing from Luffy's tighten grip. Unlike the Mayor, Luffy has some muscles within his small body.

Luffy purposely tighten his grip on Buggy's hand and he looks up with a cocky grin on his face.

Naruto stood next to Luffy having tighten up his headband around his head. He also had a cocky grin on his face.

Zoro merely smirked. He had his hands resting on the hilt of his swords. He was looking forward to a rematch with Buggy, especially from him stabbing him before.

Nami held her brown staff in her hands. He still had little doubts in these pirates but if she's going to survive then she has to work with them...for now.

Sakura started cracking his knuckles at the sight of Buggy. Seeing how his head can detach, she's a bit curious of how far she can launch it with a her fist.

"I'm here to kick your ass, just like I promised!" Luffy didn't forget his promise to Buggy before. Now was the time for him to keep it. Prepare yourself, Buggy.

Naruto: "Not bad, for an ending."

Naruto0116: -Holding up a piece of blank paper- "I'm going to work on the next chapter. Can't keep the readers waiting too long." –Walks off-

Naruto: "Yeah, that makes senses." –Puts his hands behind his head-

Zoro: -Walks off stage, yawning- "Glad that's over with. "–Continues walking towards his dressing room-

Nami: -Follows after him- "How are you tired? You were just sleeping for most of the day."

Zoro: "Oh pleases, I normally sleep longer than that."

Naruto: ('First they hate each other, now they're getting along?')

Sakura: "I'm here to kick your ass, just like I promised?"

Luffy: "What? You think you could have of thought of something better?

Sakura: Maybe I could have, if I was the main character instead."

Luffy: "You'll never be a main character with your attitude!" –Laughs-

Sakura: "What's wrong with my attitude?!" –Looks at Naruto- "Nothing's wrong with it, right?"

Naruto: -Turn his back to her and whistles to himself nervously-

Sakura: "Naruto!"

Naruto: "I just remember, I got to go buy a new one of those light things, which I broke!" –Runs off-

Sakura: -Sighs- "I'm going to get that idiot. Now Luffy what's wrong with my atti—"

Luffy: -Is gone-

Sakura: -Looks around for anyone- "Guys?!"