I've had questions about possible pairings for Azalea in PM's and i wil state now there will NOT be ANY type of romantic pairing for her untill at LEAST 3rd or 4th year I mean c'mon people as of the 2nd chapter she was 10 for crying out loud so PLEASE stop asking about pairings for Azalea, but I will say that if I do include a pairing it'll more then likely will be with a OC as most of the main males shown have been bigoted in one way or another seeing as even the Weasley's who are about as 'Pro-Muggle' as a 'pureblood'/wizarding family get without living in the 'muggle world' tend to treat non-magical humans as something more on the level of amusing pets then actual people.

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It should be noted that Goblin's are VERY shrewed beings who absolutely HATE wasting time but also love gold because despite what the Wizards of Europe might like to teach they did NOT win the 'Goblin Rebellion' that ended up with them managing the European magical's gold and estates including wills because why would victors concead such a huge advantage to the Goblins? who at that time they had been at war with.

It was due to this reason that when one of the runner Goblins working in the main lobby overheard the Potter Heiress and her muggleborn friend both of which were wearing VERY tasteful clothing he might add talking creating a airship, Brought it to the attention of the British Goblin's clan council about getting the Potter Heiress on their side by aiding her along with getting designs for creating Airships which would grant them a major advantage against the British Wizards who seem to be getting worst as they kept inbreeding and trying to break the treaty from the last war between Wizards and Goblins.

Besides it didn't hurt to renew the friendship between line that was currently known as Potter and the Goblin Clans of the United Kingdom as unlike they Wizards the Goblin kept up to date on the Mundanes it's why the Goblins had offices in Egypt that dealt with Curse Breaking that had spread to all the other branches in Europe.

It's was mid May when a pair of Goblins using illusions to look like humans arrived at Petunia's house wanting to talk with Azalea about the airship project that she and Hermione had been herd talking about and that they wanted in on the project as using airships would greatly aid them as well as giving them new technology to work with, As the Goblins that had researched what Azalea and Hermione wore when visiting had bought what they could on the subject once found and brought the books back to the Goblin Clans Council for the British Goblin clans to look over and while mainly fantasy based the Goblins once they understood what the Potter Heiress and her friend was attempting to build along with the technology it was based around they really enjoyed thinking up ways to build the different machines they saw but agreed that aiding the Potter Heiress building her airship would be a good start.

With the Goblins help Azalea and Hermione had their steampunk style airship built and ready for take off by mid June which had the effect of Local News Stations showing up to see if the airship worked or not mostly due to it being a 'slow News week' plus local steampunk hobbyists and those who lives to work on bringing steampunk to life had also showed up and it's didn't hurt that with the Goblins help the airship went from a simple 2 person to being able to hold the pilot and 9 passengers.

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and i'm going to be evil and leave it off here btw anyone wishing to submit a OC to be the reporter to go on the airships maiden voyage along with the news station they work for PM me as I doubt BBC would cover it and my knowledge of British news is limited to BBC XD