The Room rammed itself into existence in between the realm of the new Champion and a dimension where the top species was a strain of sapient sea slug. The Room wasn't so much a room as a blindingly white plane with the vaguest impression of barriers marking walls. Sitting within the Room was A Being of indeterminable age, gender, and physical state.

The Being Within the Room, or just the Being to nir friends, sat in contemplation for a moment or a millennium, depending upon whether you thought about it too hard, thinking about how to go about nir newest Claiming. Perhaps a car accident. No, too overdone. The new champion was fond of swimming, perhaps a shark attack? Wait, got it. A snap of the Beings fingers - claws, tentacles, paws? - and the Champion was pushed down a flight of steps in the middle of his crowded school resulting in a cracked skull and a comatose state. Since it happened on government property and the family was relatively well off, they quickly won a settlement that allowed them to care for the boy and to ease their own lifestyles just a tad.

In the Room a ball of metaphysical energies, imprints of consciousness, and a slight hint the aroma one finds in an ill used library that could collectively be termed a soul formed in front of the Being

"Morning boyo, bit of a rough tumble that, eh?" ne said.

Since the ball of metaphysical energies was just a ball and incapable of speech it pulsated in a way that could be viewed as either agreement or a request for a nice shrubbery.

"Right, silly of me, forgot to give you a body."

The ball faded away - it didn't actually fade, more like it shifted slightly outwards and inwards at the same time - and in its place was a young man of average height and weight. He looked to be in his mid to late teens and was wearing a large sweatshirt and a beanie that hid most of his dark curly hair. There was a smattering of acne across his forehead and just the hint of a faded scar on his cheek.

"Better?" asked the Being, having given the boy the last form his 'soul' remembered inhabiting.

"A bit. Is this the afterlife?" asked the boy, unnaturally calm for someone of his position.

"Nah, just a little cube of threads and dark matter I threw together so that we could talk." the Being replied. Ne crossed nir… arms and leaned against the impression of a desk.

"Talk about what?"

"Oh, where we go from here and what you wanna do with your life mostly."

"Uh, we're not talking about college right?"

"No. Though, maybe in a few unive- wait, getting sidetracked. I'm here to give you three options." ne snapped nir fing… digits again and three doors or impressions of doors open. One leads to a hospital room, one leads to a swirling purple mist, and the other is seemingly empty, just a doorframe standing in the middle of the room.

"Option numero uno would be I return you home and you and your family go on with your lives. You wouldn't have any memory of this place when you wake up." ne says while gesturing at the first door.

"Door two leads to an adjacent universe where you will spend ten years living and fighting for my entertainment. It'll be a realm you're decently familiar with, likely being expressed as a book series or tv show or something of the like in your hometown. If you choose that option I'll give you a few perks to help you along the way."

The boy stared at the Being, a small degree of incredulity escaping through the emotionless surface.

"And why would I do that." he asked.

"Because if you do, and you manage to survive, you get to keep any powers, items, tech, and even a companion or two and take them back to your home dimension." the Being smirked. Well, at the moment it didn't have any orifices -which was rather odd in and of itself since it was clearly speaking - but it gave off the feeling of smugness that usually accompanied a smirk.

"Huh, that'd be useful, depending on which universe I got into. Where does the other door lead."

"To whatever afterlife your home dimension managed to slop together."

"What happens after the ten years?"

"You get to make another choice. I return you to your home dimension with no time having passed, you stay in the dimension you're in, or you make another Jump."

"Why are you doing this?" The Being shrugged, somehow being able to do so while composed entirely of feet.

"When you get to be my age, you get your kicks in some pretty weird ways."

The boy nodded, looking pensive. Biting his lip he looked between the three doors before making his choice.

I stumbled out of the the purple doorway, which immediately dissolved into so many motes of light as he exited it. The new surroundings were similar to the old, black void replacing white and a thin pedestal replacing the impression of a desk.

I walked up to the pedestal, seeing a glowing white screen embedded into onyx stone. I peered down at the panel and was greeted by a block of text that somehow gave off surprising levels of cheer for something printed in arial.

Hello, and welcome the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter! Here you will be brought into a society that lives side by side with our own, a society of magic and mystery. Make your way through Wizarding Britain and uncover the secrets that lie on the other side of the veil.

1000 Choice Points

I stared at the screen with a small smile on I face. Harry Potter, eh? Quite a good fit for me since I've spent the past nine years in a never ending geek out over the series. Now what were these points about?

Origin: Though you are still essentially you, you will be changed to better fit into this world. All origins start at eleven years old.

Drop In: You wake up in an alley behind an orphanage. Walking in, the receptionist quickly herds you into a room treating you as just another orphan. Once inside, a man in odd clothing offers you a place at a school for wizards. What?

-No new memories affecting your actions.

- People will assume you're muggleborn.

-As you have no family, your only choice for family wealth is impoverished


Muggleborn: You were raised in the muggle world with a new family. Aside from a few odd incidents, you had an extraordinarily normal life. Waking up and going downstairs you are greeted by your parents having a conversation with a person in very odd clothing and your dining table is now a pig. It's going to be one of those day, isn't it?

-Your family will likely be unaffected by happenings in the wizarding world.

-You are likely to be discriminated against because of your blood status.

-50 CP

The screen continued down to describe half-blood and pureblood options, but I'd already decided. Mudblood pride and all that. Plus the other two cost 100 CP, and I bet that those would be important later on. Another reason is that muggleborn would likely affect my thought processes least aside from Drop-In, and that one didn't offer enough of an upside to offset both of its downsides. Tapping a little green button under the muggleborn option, the point counter went down to 950 CP and the other three options greyed out.

Just below the origins were a few short blurbs describing various wealth options form impoverished to wealthy. Which I immediately chose. I have intimate experience with how wealth can broaden one's prospect. This brought my ticker down to 800, but on the upside I was pretty sure- yup, wealthy opened up some free equipment choices later on. Scrolling back up a bit, I saw that My next decision was Houses. But here, instead of choosing a house with points there was a… die? Really, what was this, a D&D game?

A drawer popped out of the side of the pedestal, a small eight sided die resting inside. Picking it up, I made a quick roll and landed a five. The screen equated this to a one which landed me in with the Gryffs. Huh, that was certainly… quick. Hey, it beat a mind reading hat. Plus, it was my first choice anyway, since it gives me an in with the main characters. Though if it had been an actual personality test I probably would have gone to Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

After the houses section, I went on to the meat of any true CYOA. The skills section. A quick glance and- yup there was the discount system in place. Let's see. A skill called Dedicated was free because of my origin, which basically turned him into mini Hermione, allowing him to read the stalest of magical texts without getting bored. Made sense, of course I wasn't going to get freaking bored, it's magic. I snatched up Occlumency too since if I want to keep any sort of secret while living with Snape, it was a must. I also grabbed Animagus, and Metamorphmagus, because fuck yeah, shapeshifting

And then I saw it. The mother load, the treasure box, the mothereffing Wandless Magic ability. Sure, I had to drop the Seer to get it, but now way would I be caught with his pants down and without a wand. On the downside that left me at negative 500 points, but I could solve that with a quick jaunt through the Drawback section.

There, I picked up Prisoner of Azkaban, and Werewolf. The first would have someone in Azkaban escape and come after me within the first three years, and the second would, well, turn me into a werewolf. On the bright side, Dumbledore would be 'making arrangements' so I'd probably have access to wolfsbane for at least the first six years of this little field trip, assuming I don't butterfly away the old man's death.

This left me with an extra 100 points that I set aside for the moment to check out what exactly I'd gotten in the Equipment section. Huh, pretty decent. A Pet Owl, a Nimbus 2000, and a Dragon-Hide Jacket. The owl and the broom would both be useful, but the jacket was definitely the star of the haul. Resistance to minor physical and magical attacks? Plus a growth charm and a nice aesthetic on its own? Heck yes.

Scrolling back around a bit, nothing really stuck out as something I would want and could afford. That is, until I saw the Technomage ability. Yeah, I've read the Invincible Technomage, I'd definitely be snatching that up. Even just nineties level tech would be a giant kick for the magical world, assuming I could get the stupid fricking luddites to accept something so muggle seeming, even if it included magic.

A pop up appeared saying "Confirmation: Are these the choices you would like to make before moving on?"

I tapped the green button and the world turned to static.