Chapter 4

Michiko's POV

I'm laying on my bed. Bored. The hideout is quiet. Too quiet. Everyone must be one a mission or asleep. I close my eyes and to feel who's chakra is here. I sense Pein, Kisa, and dad. Everyone else is gone.

Groaning, I get out of bed and change. I go with something different. I decide to go with something simple.

I looked in the mirror and notice the belly button piercing I got last years.

I brushed my hair quickly. Konan always tells me how lucky I am to have such beautiful hair. She says it's soft and shiny. Oh if you are wondering how long my hair is it reached to my waist.

I walk towards Itachi's room. "Dad?" I knocked and there was no reply. I waited for a couple minutes before I walked in. He must have not heard me because he was still crying.
"Daddy." He stiffened.

"Mimi. What are you doing here?" How long have you been there?" He quickly whipped the tears from his face.

"What's wrong dad?" I sit next to him on his bed.

"I was just thinking about the massacre of my clan." I gave him a confused look.


"Because I was the one who killed the whole clan."

"Dad, I don't understand."

"I was order too." I just stared at him. He lets out a sigh. "Here'll show you."

Sorry this is a short chapter but I hope you like it!