Fairy X Devil

Chapter 1: Lost Memories

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"Put on your clothes"= Regular Talking


'Put on your Clothes' = thinking/ thoughts

"Put your clothes on"= Dragons / Demon / Beast talking

'Put you clothes on'= Dragon / Demon / Beast thinking

'Fire dragon's wing attack'= Spell

*Smash* = Sound

~Unknown Area of Fiore~

It had been three months since the war with Tartaros and three months since Natsu left the guild for his year of training. Though he did miss his family immensely, the war with Tartaros and losing his father made him realise that he needed to become stronger or he wouldn't be able to protect his precious Nakama. He did regret leaving his blue feline companion behind because walking along was dreadfully boring and he also only left a note telling that he'd be gone for awhile, it wasn't the best way to leave and he knew for his lack of answers he'd get the beating of a life time when he returned. Natsu was currently walking through a thick forest, on his way to the next training area, since his last one became a little… uninhabitable after he was done.

Natsu's body and magic had strengthened greatly after the three months of unrestrained training, even though he spent the first two months venting in frustrations. It was actually surprising that his clothes managed to stay intact. Natsu was wearing the same outfit he had worn after his seven year sleep and he was also carrying a large bag with his supplies.

'I'm so god damn hungry.' Natsu said to himself as he stomach rumbled. 'It's times like that make me wish happy was here, he's got some sort of fish radar in his head' He added, when he remember his friends ability to find fish in a heartbeat. The thought of any kind of food made Natsu even hungrier, he even considered eating those gross flying fish if he came across one. The dragon slayer began to sniff the air in an effort to find something to eat, but instead of food he picked up a familiar smell, however this wasn't a smell he liked, it was smell that made him furious.

"COME OUT ZEREF!" Natsu yelled in a fit of fury. Natsu honestly hated the dark wizard, because of how much pain he had caused his friends and people he held close to his heart. If it wasn't for his foolish worshippers trying to resurrect him, Erza and her friends would have never been subjected to such a terrible experience. If it wasn't for Deliora, Gray wouldn't of lost his entire family and his mentor. If it wasn't for the eclipse gate, Ultear wouldn't have had to give her life. But the creations that Natsu loathed the most were his guild of Demons. Even though everything with Tartaros was over, he still couldn't forgive what they had done, They were the reason why Lucy lost Aquarius, they were the reason Gray lost his father a second time and they had brought pain and suffering to not only his guild, but his entire home town. But their most unforgivable sin was taking away his Father.

"So you think you are ready to kill me?" Zeref said as he came into view. The dark wizard was wearing his usual clothing and had the same depressed look on his face, but the fact that instead of carrying one book, he was carrying two. Even though Natsu had vented his anger for the dark wizard a few months ago, he couldn't help but feel all of his anger rise to the surface when he saw him. Natsu didn't bother to give him a warning and attacked the dark wizard with a 'Fire Dragon's Iron Fist'. Natsu's flaming fist made contact with Zeref's face and sent him a few meters, but it didn't seem to faze him in the least. Natsu became even angrier when he saw the smug look on Zeref.

"What are you smiling about you bastard?" Natsu demanded in an angry tone. Natsu honestly hated the man in front of him because all the pain he had felt in his life was somehow linked to the legendary dark wizard.

"You've gotten stronger Natsu… but you're still far too weak." Zeref said before he released a wave of death magic at the unsuspecting Dragon Slayer. Natsu only just managed to dodge the wave.

"SHUT UP! 'Lightning Flame Dragon Mode!' Natsu yelled as he activated his dual element mode. 'Lightning Flame Dragon Roar' Natsu roared as he released a torrent of flames coated in lightning towards the dark mage. Natsu's roar ripped through the terrain and met its intended target. Natsu knew that this would not be enough to take down his opponent, so he sent everything he had at Zeref. Natsu didn't hold back on any of his techniques, knowing how unbelievably powerful his target was . By the time he was finished, he had used pretty much all his magical energy and he was exhausted.

"Take that." Natsu said victoriously, but his victory was short lived when he saw that Zeref was unaffected by his most powerful techniques. It wasn't because they were weak because his moves had completely decimated the surrounding area and there was not a single sigh of life left. Natsu wondered how strong Zeref really was and how the hell he was supposed to beat him. Even with all his training, he was still completely helpless against Zeref. Zeref launched another wave of death magic at Natsu and this time Natsu wasn't able to move and he took the hit. Natsu let out a loud scream when he was hit, it was the most amount of pain he had ever felt from a single attack. Zeref continued to launch his magic at Natsu until the it was at the point that the Dragon Slayer's body couldn't take Dragon Slayer knew he was defeated so he let his exhaustion take over and he collapsed.

"I already told you that you're still too weak…" Zeref said calmly before he started walking towards the downed Dragon mage. "But I guess three months was a bit unfair on you." He added when he reached his little brother. Natsu snarled when he saw the condescending smile on Zeref face.

"Are you going to kill me then?" Natsu asked as he stared at the Dark wizard with hateful eyes. The dark wizard shook his head and continued to smile at the Dragon Slayer.

"Since I interrupted your training, I'm giving you a chance to continue you it." Zeref said as he knelt down next to Natsu. "But a year won't be nearly enough time." He added as he put one of the books down. Natsu couldn't see what the book he put down said on the cover, but he recognised the book that was still in hands. All Natsu had to see were the large bold letters spelling out 'E.N.D'.

"What are you doing what that stupid book?" Natsu asked as he attempted to get up, but his body wouldn't allow him due to how much damaged he had taken. Zeref was quite pleased that Natsu's body had built up somewhat of an immunity to his death magic, however it was still not enough to stand against the legendary dark wizard.

"I'm going to give you a chance to get stronger." Zeref said before he placed the book on Natsu's body. Natsu instantly felt like he was having the life drained from him when he made contact with the book. "But you need a fresh start if you hope to survive your training." He added .Zeref began chanting something and Natsu's memories began to get sucked into the book.

"I thought you would be used to this considering how many times it's happened." Zeref said as he continued rid Natsu of his experiences in this world. The Dragon Slayer had no clue what the dark mage was talking about, but he really think because of the insane pain he was feeling. Natsu begged Zeref to stop when he slowly began to forget the faces of his family and friends, but the Dragon Slayers words fell on deaf ears. "Don't worry brother, I'll let you keep the memories of your Dragon and magic, but nothing else." The dark mage said in a sadistic tone. Natsu couldn't even struggle against his older brother since his body was completely frozen.

'Why is he calling me brother?' Natsu pondered as he began to slip into unconsciousness due to the pain he was feeling. Zeref continued to drain Natsu of his memories until there was almost nothing left. Like he promised, he left the memories of Natsu's time with Igneel and his departure, which meant that Natsu still knew how to use his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic properly. Other than his magic Natsu allowed Natsu to keep his name, but everything else was sealed in the book of E.N.D.

"I wonder which memories he will retain when E.N.D returns." Zeref pondered as he took the book away from Natsu's sleeping body.

"Now it's time for you to leave this world brother and you better be stronger when you return." Zeref said as he got the other book and placed it on Natsu's chest, in place of the one that had stored Natsu's memories. "I've reprogrammed one of my demons so hopefully she will be able to aid your survival; if your body survives you trip that is." Zeref added with a chuckle before he began to cast another spell. This spell created a hole underneath the Dragon Slayer. Natsu began to slowly sink into the hole.

~Underworld Gremory Residence~

A young girl was staring out her window with a bored expression on her face. The girl had been waiting for something exciting to happen after her long private lesson with her mother had finished, however nothing happened so she just ended up looking at her beautiful garden. The girl had ocean blue eyes and light skin, but the girl's most noticeable feature was her long beautiful crimson hair, with a single strand of hair sticking out the top of head. She was wearing a fairly plain white sundress. The girl's attention moved to the purple sky of the underworld when she noticed something falling from the sky. The girl quickly ran out of her room and ran to her garden so she could get a better view of the falling object. On her way she bumped into an older woman, causing her to fall down. The woman had long silver hair which reached her back and matching silver eyes. She had a very curvy figure, large breasts and a shapely rear, which where all confined to a blue and white French maid outfit.

"Please don't run in the house Rias-sama." The maid said as she picked the downed redhead.

"Sorry Grayfia-san. I just need to get outside really quickly." The girl now identified as Rias said.

"Just be careful." Grayfia said in an almost demanding tone. This made Rias puff out her cheeks. Rias didn't really like how the maid always treated her like a little kid, even though it was completely justified.

"If you keep being that strict you'll never find a man." Rias said before running off. Since The Crimson haired girl learnt about relationships and the fact that the maid had never been in one, she would remind Grayfia of that fact ever time the maid would tell her off. Grayfia decided to let the girl do as she please, honestly she was just happy that her King's younger sister was finally out of her room, however she didn't like the fact that she was once again being made fun of by an eight year old about her lack of experience with men. (A/N: Before I get a shit storm of review saying that she is married she isn't in this story. I'll go into further detail why later)

'*Sigh*I should go make sure she's ok.' Grayfia said to herself as she started following Rias. When Grayfia reached the garden, she noticed that Rias staring at the sky. She wondered what was so intriguing to the young girl, so she turned her attention the sky. She instantly noticed the falling ball of Fire heading their way. Grayfia grabbed Rias and tried to get a safe distance away.

"Put me down Grayfia-san, I want to see the shooting star." Rias complained while flailing her arms and legs wildly, in an attempt to break free from the strongest Queen. "It's the first time that there's ever been one in the underworld." She added as she continued to struggle. Grayfia managed to maintain her composure and hold of the frantic girl.

"Calm down Rias-sama, it's far too dangerous for you to get any closer because that's not a shooting star." Grayfia said.

"If it isn't a shooting star, what is it?" Rias demanded. Even if she was the heir to the Gremory house, she was still a child and children could be very impatience.

"I'm not sure, but we are going to find out very soon." Grayfia said as the fire ball drew closer to its target. Rias watched in awe as she watched the object come crashing to the ground, it was one of the largest explosions that she had ever seen and that what quite a feat. Grayfia wasn't quite as impressed because the fire ball had just destroyed the entire garden and someone would have to pay for it

"Let's go see what it is." Rias said excitedly as she grabbed Grayfia and started pulling the maid to the massive crater. Grayfia didn't fight back against excited young girl and just hoped that whatever was in the centre of the crater wasn't hostile. The two reached the edge of the crater and waited until the dust cleared. Grayfia was a bit worried since she could feel a magical energy that was almost in the same league as hers. The silver haired maid told Rias to stay back while she checked out the cause of the damaged.

"I want to see as well." Rias pouted as she crossed her arms.

"You'll get to see when I've decided weather or not there is a threat." Grayfia said before walking into the large crater. Rias didn't listen to the maid and followed her down so she could get a view of the cause.

By the time Rias reached the same place Grayfia she saw that the strongest Queen was holding something in her hands.

"What are you holding?" Rias asked, causing the maid to turn around and reveal what she was holding. In her hands she had a young body about the same age a Rias, he had slightly tanned skin, but the most noticeable feature was his messy pink hair. The boy's body was covered in bruises, he was bleeding from many places, his clothes were in tatters and he looked like he was barely breathing. Rias wondered how the boy had gotten these injuries. She was surprised that someone this young had managed to survive the fall, but she knew that there was no way some of his injuries where caused by a fall.

"Is he going to be alright?" Rias questioned.

"He should be alright if we act quickly." Grayfia replied as she started to leave the crater and make her way back to the house. Rias noticed that there was still something in the middle of the crater and decided to investigate.

"I found something Grayfia-san." Rias announced before holding up a book. The book was a dark red and had 'Sayla' written on it in bold black letters. Grayfia turned her attention to the excited heiress and noticed that the book she was hold had started moving in Rias' hands. Rias felt the book burn her, causing her to drop it. When the book dropped, there was a sudden build of energy. Rias made the smart choice and moved away from the book because the book exploded a few seconds after the build-up of energy.

When the dust cleared from the explosion the two devils saw a girl standing in the centre of the explosion. The girl appeared to be the same age as the boy, she had a pale complexion, long black hair that reached her lower back and her most noticeable feature were the two large upwards pointing golden horns. She was dressed in a beige leopard print kimono, black toeless stockings that reached her upper thighs. She wore a white band on her hair which separated the hair that framed her face. The girl looked very confused and lost. Rias was about to ask her what was wrong, but the girl fainted before she could even utter a word. Rias quickly rushed to the aid of the downed girl and started to help her out of the crater.

"Don't worry about me Grayfia-san; just make sure the boy makes it alive." Rias said as she continued to struggle to get the girl out of the crater.

"If you say so Rias-sama." Grayfia said.

'Just who are you?' Grayfia pondered as looked down at the boy in her hands. Grayfia had seen a lot of things in her life, but she had never seen a child with so much magical energy and the fact that he was a human was even more impressive.

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