Summary: No one, beside himself, knew he wasn't the true son of James and Lily Potter. They adopted him as their son after they found him in the forest near their home. After found out Dumbledore's true plan regarding his life and his adopted parents' wealth, he decided to move to USA and became its citizen. However, he never thought his decision would lead him to the people who would become his new family and to someone who would love him unconditionally…

Note: This is adopted from Kamikazekamui, who is a brilliant writer so check them out.

Notes: In this story, Optimus' appearance would be a fusion between Transformers Prime and Transformers Bayverse (movie). Some of the Autobots or Decepticons even would have their appearances in Transformers Prime, Armada, or G1.

Chapter Notes:

BETA: GwathrenLight

Note 1: In this story, Optimus' appearance will be a fusion between his appearance in Transformers Prime and Bayverse. Some of the Autobots and Decepticons even will have their appearances from Prime, Armada, and G1.

Note 2: This is a revision edition. Because the first edition similar with the one that belongs to Corruptmonk. The plot will be a fusion between my own and Corruptmonk.

Chapter 1

He watched his so-called friends from the shadow with glowing violet eyes. They thought that he did not know about how they truly felt about him and how they tried to manipulate him so he would become their so-called savior and a weapon at their disposal.

He was suspicious of them since the first they met, the eagerness they showed to befriend him after discovering he was 'the Harry Potter' had him following their moves every closely, while pretending to be a typical carefree eleven years old.

He noticed their disappearance to the Headmaster's office, always rushing and making up excuses when he tried to go along with them.

He knew they didn't care about him or his life and only cared about their own safety. Hell, after what happened at school he bet they would have no problems killing him themselves if that could get rid of Voldemort in the end. After all, he was their "savior".

Well, no more. He would let them think that they still had the upper-hand and he wasn't aware of their manipulations. He wasn't the son of Vertag and Fea, the Emperor and the Empress of the Draconian Empire, for nothing. He would fool them into a feeling of security before striking. With that in his mind, he silently walked away, letting them bask in the certainty of their plans.

'Soon I will make them regret for even thinking of manipulating me' a small smile filled with dark satisfaction appeared on his face.


No one in the British Wizarding World knew that he wasn't the true son of James and Lily Potter, beside himself. Heck, he wasn't a human in the first place but belonged to an alien race called Draconian, born in a planet called Cybertron.

The Potters found him alone in the forest near their home and because of their inability to have children they decided to take him and adopt him as their own son.

Because of their magic and his spark, the adoption ritual had created a new body for him. From the outside he would look like any other human, with the looks of James Potter and the eyes of Lily, but on the inside he had organs that couldn't belong to a humans but a Draconian. Not only that, he gained something that never happened to any other Cybertronians before.

He didn't need to drink energon daily to survive like when he was still in Cybertron. After he was sent to Earth, an internal mechanism of energy conversion activated inside of him. It was something that only the Draconian race had, something which made them way more dangerous than the rest of Cybertroninas. For while the others would grow weak and tired when not consuming energon, they had the ability to transform and convert external energy sources into energon, therefore ensuring their well-being and survival in situations where there was a loss of their principal fuel. He could eat and drink human food and beverages, while using any energy at his disposal to fuel himself properly when needed.

Of course, even though he was adopted as their son, that didn't mean he gained their magic. Thank to Primus that his power as a Draconian could pass as magic, so no one suspected anything. Ignorance was bliss, as the humans said.

Now, it finally had come the time for him to take his life back from those manipulators and leave the British Wizarding World behind.

He knew in his spark that this world couldn't give him anything more, especially since the Potters were no longer alive.

With that last parting though, he used his power to create a portal that would take him to Gringotts.


He looked at his new home in 13th Street in Tranquility, California, with a small satisfied smile. Griphook really had outdone himself. When he had visited Gringotts he thought the goblins were going to provide him with only the basic documents he needed to take on a new life and identity in the USA. But no, they did more than that.

Griphook had made sure to arrange a meeting with the American Minister of Magic, to talk about his decision to permanently move to the USA and acquire citizenship.

At the beginning the Minister couldn't believe that a political and public figure as the 'Boy-Who-Lived' wanted to abandon Britain. However, after finding out about his identity as the adopted child of the Potters and his efforts to escape the manipulations of his life, he decided to grant him American citizenship.

Looking at his new ID card he smirked at his new name. 'Emmanuel Bright' was written there, showing proof of his new life, one which wasn't filled with manipulations, schemes for power and spending days carefully crafting whatever he had to say to those he knew would try and take advantage of him.

Emmanuel chuckled lowly under his breath. Thanks to his powers given by his Draconian's blood, he could do anything with his human form. To make sure no one from his past life could recognize and find him, he made the lightning scar disappeared from his forehead, his body became the body of an 18-year-old teenager, blue highlights appeared in his black hair, and his green eyes became violet.

'Ah, let's go take a shower, and then maybe some fuel time,' thought Emmanuel, licking his lips. 'After that I'm going to take a walk around to make sure my instinct adapt to this new environment.'


Two days later, Emmanuel decided to visit Lincoln Magical Street to see the differences between British and American magical shops. He was surprised when he found out that the Street was quite modern compared to the Diagon Alley.

The entrance was enchanted to make sure only the one who had magic and supernatural beings that could enter. He felt grateful when he found out the entrance to Lincoln Magical Street was not like the entrance in Britain. He really disliked the Leaky Cauldron appearance for it had become the refuge for drunks and hags.

A very upsetting scenery if you wanted the truth.

He too noticed there was no discrimination towards magical beings, something that still continued to happen in Britain Wizarding world. Therefore it was not strange if you could see magical beings walking across the Street or buying the merchandise from the magical shops.

This fact made Emmanuel felt slightly at home. Especially with who or what he really was behind the facade of a human named Emmanuel Bright.

It was true that he did not want to have anything with the Britain Wizarding world once more, but that did not mean he stopped Griphook from giving him some news from that place. He smirked inwardly when he recalled the uproar that happened in Britain Wizarding world when they found out that he had disappeared from his relatives' house.

They concluded that some of the loyal Death Eaters had succeeded of capturing him and then killed him for their master, Lord Voldemort.

Well, he knew why they thought some of the loyal Death Eaters had captured him. Before he walked away from the Dursleys, he had made sure to use his telekinesis power to create havoc in their house, breaking and smashing objects and furniture, along with burning the walls. He tried to give an impression of a vicious fight had been occurred between him and some of the loyal Death Eaters.

To make sure he did not leave any trails, he destroyed the Dursleys' memories of him doing anything strange and if his methods lent the Dursleys to a psychiatric wards for brain damage… well he would not bat an eyelash. It could always be taken for effects of exposure to the Cruticatus curse. After all, he did not like that family.

Rage flashed across his violet eyes when he remembered the time Griphook informed him that Dumbledore had been trying to access his vaults after his disappearance. He tried to access them with using his 'Magical Guardian' status. Of course, Griphook told the old wizard that all the vaults that belonged to the Potters could only be opened by a Potter. Therefore, no one could access the vaults until he or she gave Gringotts a prove that he or she was a Potter.

Well, even though Dumbledore could access his vaults, he would never find anything there for he had transferred everything to his newly created vaults under his new name, Emmanuel Bright.

Putting aside the fun he able to gain from making his former friends running around like some headless chicken, he started to think how lucky he was for finding something new in his new home. He had made friends with the Witwicky family next door and could not help but like them.

The Witwicky family were consisted three family members – Ronald 'Ron' Witwicky, Judith 'Judy' Witwicky, and their son Samuel 'Sam' Witwicky. He met them a day after he moved to his new home and took to them immediately.

All in all, Emmanuel loved his new life and could not be felt happier than this moment.


Emmanuel looked at the claws that previously were his human fingers. For a month he had tried to gain the ability to shift from his human form to his Draconian form. However, he soon found out that something was mission and he barely could shift. All he was able to do was change his human hands to Draconian claws, but apparently no more than that.

He found himself deeply missing his true form. He missed stretching his wings in the sky and being able to feel the wind currents along his body.

His musings were interrupted when an explosion erupted from outside his window. He immediately shifted his claws back to human's fingers before peering out of the window to see Sam's car releasing black smoke from its rear.

Emmanuel arched his eyebrow at the scene in front of him. "What in the world is going on over there, Sam?" he shouted over the nose that he knew Sam's new Camaro was making. He knew it was newly bought but it was far from new. Well, considering how tightfisted Ron was, the car must be bought from some second-handed cars shop.

"Sam is going out with his new car for a ride," Ron turned to look at Emmanuel. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

Emmanuel stifled a laugh at the question. Well, if someone asked if his second-handed car was beautiful, he would have been laughing. However because the one who asked him was Ron and he considered him a friend, he decided to not showing it.

"I don't know, Ron… I think… it's beautiful if you see it along with the other cars in whatever junk shop you found it," he told the older Witwicky. He flinched when Sam's car gave out another loud explosion after the teen revved it up. "Well… even though I'm not an expert, I know that car will need a LOT of repairs."

"The car is perfect!" defended Ron.

Emmanuel rolled his eyes. "You mean the price is perfect," he told the man.


The violet-eyed teen raised his hands in surrender. "I rest my case," he mumbled before looked down at Sam. "Hey, Sam! Are you alright in there?"

Sam poked his head out of the driver seat window and gave Emmanuel a wide grin. "Hey, Emmanuel! What do you think about my car? Lovely isn't it?"

"It will be a very lovely car if it's the last car on earth," answered Emmanuel sarcastically.

"You're just jealous because you don't have a car!" yelled Sam with a pout.

"I can afford one, but I prefer a motorcycle," said Emmanuel with a grin.

"Well I'm going to the park, do you want to come with me?" he asked Emmanuel.

The violet-eyed teen shook his head. "Nah, I think I will stay here and read some books."

"You're a nerd, Emmanuel."

"I know and I'm proud of it." He grinned at Sam.

"Go away, Sam and take your explosion-on-wheels with you."

Emmanuel watched when the car fired off another loud bang, making him laugh. After the car had disappeared from his line of view, a frown appeared on his face.

'That car…' thought Emmanuel with a frown. 'It's a Cybertronian.'

From the first moment he looked at the car, he could sense an aura that belonged to a Cybertronian from it.

'Why the hell a Cybertronian comes to earth? What had happened to them after Lunar attacked my race and my parents sent me out of Cybertron?'

He did not realize that soon he would find the answer for his question, ending the peaceful time of his new life.