Chapter 9

There was a lot of blood wherever he looked around.

He hated that color and wanted it to disappear completely from his main processor.

Why this must happened? Why one of them betrayed them just for power? He did not understand.

He just wanted happiness.

He just wanted peace.

With his sparkmate.



Kaiser woke up with a gasp before he let out a pained groan at the sudden ache in his head. After shaking his head to erase the headache, the Draconian tried to move but soon he found out that right now his hands were tied above him. This development made Kaiser's spark to beat in frantic paces.

'Where the slag am I right now?' thought the last Draconian, looking around the room, who he knew was a jail.

He tried to remember what happened after the Fallen died in Optimus' hands. The All-Spark inside his spark had pointed him into the pyramid rubble where the Harvested had been, in there he found the Matrix of Leadership… and then that said Matrix went into his spark chamber until he could give it back to Optimus.

'And then…' comprehended came into him along with horror. 'Oh, slag!'

Now he remembered what happened after he gained the Matrix of Leadership. That slagger Megatron had knocked him unconscious and now he was in the tyrant's hideout! He needed to escape! He did not want to know what the ex-High Protector would do to him! He had a feeling it something that he would hate.

With that in his mind, Kaiser tried to summon his power to destroy the chains around his arms. However he was surprised when his magic did not come to his aid. At that moment he realized something had been tied around his neck and he had a feeling that something had made sure he could use his power.

He stiffened up when he heard the familiar sounds of pedes that came into his prison room. Gritting his fangs in defiance he looked towards the door and growled when the familiar figure of Megatron appeared after the door was opened.

"Well, hello, little Draconian," purred Megatron when he saw that Kaiser had awaken from unconsciousness.

Kaiser snarled at the ex-High Protector. "Don't call me that! You don't have any right to call me that!"

"I can call you anything that I want," said Megatron cruelly. "You're going to become mine in the end."

Kaiser flinched back at the information. "In your dream! I will never submit to you!" he snarled at Megatron. "I want to see how much lower you can become to make sure you can make me your property," he hissed at the silver mech in front of him.

"I can force you to bond with me," hissed Megatron with his glowing red optics.

Kaiser laughed at those words. "You can force me to bond with you…" he looked at him straight in the optics. "However that does not mean you will become my mate! My dragon blood will never acknowledge you as my mate!"

It was true. The dragon blood inside him would never see anyone beside Optimus as his mate. He realized this after Megatron killed Optimus when the Autobot Commander tried to protect Sam from the tyrant. So, even though there was someone out there that wanted him to become his mate, including using force, his spark and blood would never acknowledge them.

"Just kill me already," hissed Kaiser. "In the end you're not going to get whatever you want from me."

A hard slap on his right cheek was a gift for his insolence, but that did not make the last Draconian cringed in fear. This gesture only made the Draconian let out cruel chuckles along with glaring at his capturer.

"Is that all you've got?" mocked Kaiser with a grin on his face. "If that's all you've got, Megatron, there's no way you can force me to bond with you…"

Megatron looked hard at Kaiser's black visor. "You should know that I can force myself towards you, little Draconian," he whispered into Kaiser's audios, smirking at the hitch of fear that emitted from his captive. "However, I find that forcing yourself into your chosen mate create a bad taste in my mouth." He looked hard into Kaiser's optics that was hidden behind his visor. "You need to feel gratitude towards me that I will never use that method."

Kaiser gritted his fangs in annoyance. "Yes, lucky me," he hissed sarcastically.

"However…" with that he pulled the back of Kaiser's head so the Draconian would look straight into his optics, "that doesn't mean I can't torture you into submission." After he said that, he took out an electric whip from his subspace.

Kaiser flinched at the appearance of electric whip in Megatron's hand, but that did not make the last Draconian accepted the ex-High Protector's offer. There was no way he would become this tyrant's mate! He would kill himself first before that happened.

"Scream for me…" whispered Megatron into his right audio before the whip came down.


Starscream flinched when he heard the sound of whip met with metal along with a growling sound that could be heard from behind the door in front of him. He knew that right now Kaiser was being torture by Megatron so the last Draconian would submit to tyrant. However, he too knew, as a Draconian, Kaiser would never let someone forced him to submit. That race was a very prideful race and would choose to let being tortured than submitted to someone who was not their chosen.

"Starscream," the voice of his sparkmate made the Seeker to turn around. /Starscream, are you alright?/ his sparkmate's inside his mind via their bond made the Seeker to feel slightly in ease.

/Do you think I'm alright, Soundwave?/ asked the Seeker sarcastically. /No! Of course I'm not alright! Not when that slagger Megatron has Kaiser in here!/

Soundwave looked up when a particular loud sound accompanied with a pained yelp came out from inside the jail room. /We need to help him,/ his statement made the Seeker to look at him with wide eyes. /What?/ he asked his sparkmate.

/You… you want to help Kaiser? You want to defect from Decepticon?/ he knew his sparkmate was the most loyal member of Decepticon and he would never have a thought to defect. So, to hear Soundwave to say that he would help Starscream to rescue Kaiser, it was a very mind boggling.

Soundwave crossed his arms, trying to not let the sound of torture from behind the door disturb him, but he knew it was futile attempt of his. /I still believe in the cause, but…/ he flinched when the first pained scream came out from Kaiser, /but…I don't justify torture…/

Starscream realized why Soundwave never justify torture, it was because of their sparklings; Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, and Ratbat.

/Then what's your idea?/ asked Starscream to the Communications Officer.

Soundwave did not say anything for a while before he pushed the button on his shoulder to eject Ravage from inside the cassette's chamber. "Ravage: Goes to Autobot and tells them where Kaiser is right now," he commanded the jaguar-form.

Ravage looked at Starscream and Soundwave for a moment before nodded her head and then ran to where the Autobot's HQ was.

Starscream flinched when another pained scream came out from behind the door. 'Please, Ravage… please goes faster. I don't want to see Kaiser continue to suffer in the hands of Megatron.'

Soundwave moved closer to Starscream and grasped his right hand tightly in his own hand, supporting the Seeker.


Optimus stalked across the hall of NEST HQ with glowing blue optics. Everyone in the base knew to not come closer towards the Prime for he was really pissed at this moment. Well, everyone understood why the Prime so pissed off right now.

Megatron had taken Kaiser away from his side.

He gritted his teeth to prevent an angry snarl from coming out. If that slagger brother of his decided to do something bad to Kaiser, he would make sure that slagger paid for his crime. Non-killing policy could go to the Pit for he cared. All he cared right now was Kaiser back on his side.

"Optimus," a fear-filled voice called from behind him.

Slowly the Prime turned around, only to find Bumblebee looked at him with scared blue optics. Knowing that the young Bot was not in fault for his situation, the Prime took a deep breath to calm himself.

"What is it, Bumblebee?" asked the Prime to his youngest member.

The Camaro looked at Optimus before said, "Don't worry, Optimus, we will find Kaiser." The Camaro looked determined. "Just trust us."

Everyone in the base knew they needed to find Kaiser faster for Optimus' mind and health was depended on it. Everyone in the base just hoped that Megatron would not force a spark-bonding with Kaiser. It would destroy Optimus.

Whatever Optimus wanted to say to the Camaro was stopped at the sudden blare of alarm. Without thinking twice, the two of them ran to the control room to see the reason.

"What is it, Ironhide?" asked Optimus to the Weapons Specialist.

"You're not going to believe this, Optimus," said Ironhide to the Prime.

"What do you mean by that?" Optimus looked at his friend in confusion.

Ironhide just pointed to the screen. The Prime followed Ironhide's point-finger, only his optics became wide with disbelief. There, sitting on her back feet was one of Soundwave's cassettes, Ravage.

"What is she doing in here?" asked Ratchet in disbelief.

Optimus looked harder at the jaguar-form with critical optics and realized that Ravage did not show any hostility in her frame. "Let us see her," he told the others. "We need to know what the reason is for one of Soundwave's cassettes comes here."

Everyone nodded their heads in understanding and let Optimus took Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Barricade with him. After the four bots appeared at Ravage's line of sight, the jaguar-form stood up from her sitting position and went to the Prime, still without showing any hostility.

"Ravage, what is the reason of you to come here?" asked Optimus to the jaguar-form.

Ravage looked hard at the Prime's blue optics. :My Sire sent me to tell you where you're last Draconian is right now,: she told the Prime and the others.

Optimus looked disbelief when he heard Ravage's reason to come here. "Soundwave commanded you to come here so you can tell us where Kaiser is right now?" he asked the jaguar-form. "What does he want from us?"

Ravage looked hard at Optimus. : My Sire wants an asylum for him, his sparkmate, and his cassettes,: he told the Prime.

"Ridicules!" exclaimed Ironhide after he heard what Soundwave wanted from Ravage. "Optimus, it's a trap! There's no way Soundwave, who is the most loyal Decepticon, wants an asylum! It's a trap."

Ravage looked wanted to murder Ironhide. :My Carrier is your Draconian's adopted brother! He will never harm that last Draconian after what he had done for my Carrier!: she barked at Ironhide.

Optimus blinked his optics. "Starscream?" he whispered in disbelief.

:Yes, my Carrier is Starscream,: she told them. :In Decepticon if two members are found out by the others as a sparkmate… they will be offlined by Megatron. That's why our Creators hide our true designations from everyone in Decepticon with telling everyone we are Soundwave's cassettes.:

"So…" Jazz whispered softly. "It means for the last million years we were fighting, we fought against younglings?" he looked at the horror-filled faces of his friends.

Ravage shook her head. :Look, do you want to accept our request or do you want to let Megatron tortures Kaiser until he submits to him or worse… kills himself to make sure that slagger couldn't become his sparkmate?: she asked the Autobots.

Optimus knew he needed to make a decision right now. He looked at the others and found out that even though they still could not believe Ravage, they would follow him if he decided to accept the jaguar-form's invitation of helping Kaiser from Megatron's servos.

Taking a deep breath, Optimus turned back to Ravage and said, "Lead the way."


Megatron growled lowly under his breath. The last Draconian was really stubborn. Even after being tortured with many torture devices as electric whip, energon dagger, and some acid for his frame, the Draconian still fought him and did not want to acknowledge his term.

If every Cybertronian were not being programmed to never force another in interfacing and spark-bonding, he would have done that when he first had his servos in the Draconian. But alas, that program had made him could not do that and the only thing he could was torture Kaiser until he submitted to him.

Kaiser was in pain. All he could feel and process right now was pain, nothing else. However, beside all of the pain that he still defiant towards Megatron's action. He would never submit to the tyrant. He would let the ex-High Protector offlined him than accepted him as his sparkmate.

There was no way in the Pit he would let that happened.

Megaton watched at the heavy wounded Kaiser with dispassionate optics. "Why do you still stubborn, little Draconian?" whispered the tyrant. "Don't you want to escape the pain?"

Kaiser growled lowly. "Go to the deepest Pit for all I care!" he barked to the tyrant. "Just kill me already! I will never submit to you!"

Now the patience that Megatron had from the start dissipated at the Draconian's stubbornness. Black smokes engulfed his red optics, making Kaiser to jerk in surprise. However, the last Draconian could not ponder the event longer for his attention was turned to Megatron, who right now standing behind him. He had a bad feeling about this.

He flinched forwards when one of Megatron's claws raked across his spine. He did not know what in the tyrant's mind right now, but he hoped it was not something terrible for him. His breath stopped momentarily at the servo that rested across his right shoulder-blade, right where his right wing was.

"You know… I always feel fascinated with your ability to fly, little Draconian…" whispered Megatron. "Air or the sky is really your element. That making you look like a Seeker…" he pushed the palm of his hand into Kaiser's right shoulder-blade, making the Draconian to let out a pained hiss.

"What do you want?" whispered Draconian, trying to not show any fears to the tyrant.

Megatron ignored Kaiser's question, he continued to push the palm of his hand into the Draconian's right shoulder-blade. "And because you're like a Seeker that means…"

A loud pained scream that he never let coming out from the first time Megatron tortured him was ripped out from his mouth. He tried to escape the pain, but a huge servo in his other shoulder prevented him from moving around.

'Oh, Primus! Nonononononono! NOT MY WING!' screamed Kaiser inwardly.

Megatron watched with dispassionate optics at the screaming Draconian as he continued forcefully ripped out the right wing from its hiding place. When the right wing was out in the open, with energon blood painted it, Megatron held the base of the said wing and ripped it from the Draconian's back.

A loud pained shriek could be heard around the Decepticon base, making every Cons to jump in surprise and slight fear along with sympathy in their sparks.


Optimus nearly hurtled towards some trees when a sudden flare of pain erupted in his spark. He abruptly stopped and transformed back into his bipedal mode, clutching his chest in pain. This event made Ratchet decided to transform into a bipedal mode and then examined their leader.

"Optimus? Are you alright?" asked Ratchet to the Prime.

"My spark… it hurt…" whispered Optimus still clutching his chest.

Ironhide, Bumblebee, and Barricade went to the Prime and Ratchet, hoping to know what happened to their leader. They watched nervously when Ratchet started to use a health scanner to scan the Prime.

"I don't find anything wrong with you," said Ratchet. "You're healthy."

:Then it means the pain is coming from Kaiser,: said Ravage to the Autobot.

"What do you mean?" asked Barricade.

:I think the two of them,: she pointed to the Prime, :are a destined sparkmate. That means the Prime can sense a devastating pain that right now Kaiser suffers in the servos of Megatron.:

"How do you know about this?" asked Ironhide to the jaguar-form.

:Because my Sire had feeling the same thing when Megatron 'punished' my Carrier back then,: she told the weapon specialist. :Come on, I can sense my Sire not too far from here. He will tell you what you need to do to help your Draconian.:


Megatron, still looking at the sobbing Draconian in front of him, threw the blood-soaked wing to the floor and then went to stand in front of Kaiser's visored-face. He grinned when he saw tears trickled down from the cracked black visor.

"Now, you regret for not taking my offer, don't you?" whispered Megatron with sick-sweet voice. "Just submit to me and I will end your suffering, little Draconian."

Kaiser shook his head. The pain from his shoulder-blade started to cloud his processor. Not only that, he too could see emergency flashing in his HUD, telling him that he really needed medical attention at this moment.

"Just submit to me…" he whispered to Kaiser's cracked visor. "The pain will stop if you submit to me, little Draconian."

Kaiser gritted his fangs at Megatron's sick-sweet voice. "You…" he whispered softly, making the tyrant moved closer to the Draconian. "YOU CAN GO TO THE PIT!" right after he yelled those words, he gave the tyrant a hard head-butt right into his forehead. The result was; Megatron clutched his wounded forehead and Kaiser's top side broke into pieces, showing his violet optics to the tyrant.

Megatron growled in anger at Kaiser's refusal and went to his left shoulder-blade, intending to rip his last wing. However, before he could do that, a loud explosion along could be heard from the brig. Snarling in annoyance, Megatron stalked out from the jail and went to see who dared to interrupt him.

Kaiser coughed once more. Oh, he really wanted to escape this place. He really needed a medical attention right now. Shaking his head to made the dark spots disappeared, he looked towards the jail door with glazed optics.

'Optimus… please…'


Starscream looked at the Prime's back with a contemplated look on his face before to his sparkmate. The Prime had told them that he would grant them an asylum from the Decepticon, but he still feared that later the Prime would take his words after he got Kaiser back in his side.

/Don't worry, Optimus Prime is not that kind of mech,/ said Soundwave to Starscream. /He isn't Megatron./

Starscream knew the Prime was not Megatron and would never take his words back after he said it. He ducked when an explosion was erupted from his right side. He knew the other Autobots were fighting against his former comrades without fear and with acknowledgment that Kaiser's life is in their hands.

Optimus touched his com-link to call Ironhide, "Make sure Megatron doesn't realize that I've come inside the base to take Kaiser back from him.

-I will do my best, Optimus- was Ironhide's answer.

"Kaiser: Is behind this door," explained Soundwave to the Optimus while typing the code to open the jail door.

Optimus did not wait for the two Cons and went inside right after the jail door was opened. He stopped in his pedes when he saw what Megatron had done to the last Draconian. Kaiser was hanging in the air by the chains around his arms. Not only that, wounds decorated the Draconian's frame. Wounds from torture devices in the room.

However what made Optimus wanted to cry was the blood-soaked wing on the floor. Megatron had torn one of Kaiser's feathered wing. He knew it would be very painful for the Draconian. With shaking pedes, he slowly approached the tied-up Draconian and touched his right cheek.

"No…" whimpered Kaiser in fright and pain.

"Sssh, it's alright, Kaiser," whispered Optimus. "It's me…"

Kaiser blinked his optics and let out a huge relief when he saw it was Optimus who was touching his cheek, not Megatron. "O-Optimus?" he whispered in pain. "I-It's… that you?"

"Yeah… yeah, it's me, Kaiser," he whispered to the Draconian while trying not to cry at his condition. "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright from now on."

After the Prime said that, he tore the chains from around Kaiser's arms and caught the Draconian before he could touch the floor. He looked at Starscream who was looking at Kaiser with horror-filled optics. The Prime knew that right now the Seeker was remembering some of what Megatron had done to him as 'punishment', but now it was not the time to remember that. They needed to escape the base.

"Soundwave!" he called the Communications Officer. "Could you take Kaiser's wing with you? I hope Ratchet can put it back."

Soundwave nodded his head and took Kaiser wing so he could put inside his subspace pocket. He watched Optimus gently carried the nearly unconscious Draconian in his arms, minding the wounds he had especially the wounds on his back.

"Come on, let's go," told the Prime to the now two defecting Cons.


Megatron dodged a shot from Ironhide with a growl. He did not know why but he had an uneasy feeling when he did not see Optimus in the battlefield. He dodged another shot from Bumblebee before he shot the yellow Camaro right in the right leg, making him dropped to the ground.

"Where is your Prime, Ironhide?" asked Megatron to the weapon specialist. "Is he starting to become a coward and hide behind his men?"

"Shut up!" yelled Ironhide before he started to open fire to the tyrant.

Megatron cursed and dived under a boulder to shield himself from Ironhide's attacks. However, his attention was caught by the appearance of Optimus with his little Draconian in his arms. Not only that, he too was surprised when he saw his SIC and TIC ran along with him.

"STARSCREAM! SOUNDWAVE!" his scream made everyone in the battlefield stopped fighting against each other. "WHAT THE FRAG ARE YOU TWO DOING?"

Starscream sneered at Megatron. "Well, Lord Megatron, he said sarcastically, "Me and Soundwave decide to defect from Decepticon."

Megatron looked at his SIC with disbelief. "What do you mean that you and Soundwave decided to defect from Decepticon?" he yelled at the Seeker. "You can't do that!"

"Oh, I can do that, Megatron!" Starscream yelled back. "You have warrant my wrath when you decide to take Kaiser into the base and torture him to make him submit to you!"

"Kaiser: Is the son who has given Decepticons a safe haven back in Cybertron," said Soundwave. "Decepticons: Need to thank him. Not torture him."

"He is MINE!" screamed Megatron. "There's no way in Pit that my brother will get that beautiful Draconian as his sparkmate! I will never let it happen!"



Now everyone in the battlefield were watching the two brothers screaming at each other like two sparklings. They watched the bickering until Megatron had enough and pointed his cannon towards the Prime with intention to kill.

"Optimus!" yelled Ratchet at the Prime.

Optimus crouched slightly to shield Kaiser from the attack. An explosion could be heard in front of him but he did not feel any pain. Slowly he opened his right optic only to see a violet-blue shield was in front of him, shielding him from Megatron's attack.

"I will never let you to touch him…" whispered a inhuman voice from Kaiser's mouth. "Not after I have found him once more…"

Whatever Megatron wanted to say was stopped in his mouth when whoever inside Kaiser knocked him hard until his unconscious with telekinetic power. And right after the entity had knocked Megatron unconscious he disappeared from Kaiser and the Draconian fell back to unconsciousness.

Optimus looked down at Kaiser with worried optics before looked at the others. "Let's go back," he told them.


Kaiser whimpered at the pain that assaulted his sense when he started to regain consciousness. He prayed that he was not in the brig with Megatron when he opened his optics. Still praying, the Draconian slowly opened his optics only to be greet by the familiar white ceiling of Med-bay in Autobot-NEST base.

"Welcome back, Kaiser," greeted Optimus when he came into the Draconian's line of sight.

Kaiser looked at Optimus with wide optics. "O-Optimus?" he looked around. "This isn't a dream? I really have come back to the base?"

Optimus took a hold of Kaiser's right servo and brushed the back of it. "This isn't a dream, Kaiser," he told the last Draconian. "You really in our base right now."

"Soundwave and Starscream?" asked Kaiser. "Do you grant them an asylum, Optimus?" he looked deeply to the Prime.

"We grant them and the cassettes an asylum, Kaiser," he told him. "However, to make sure they really want to defect from Decepticon, we offlined their weapon system for two months trial." He touched Kaiser's repaired visor. "And after two months they didn't do anything that can jeopardized everyone in the base, we will onlined their weapons back and welcome them into our side if they want to become Autobot."

Kaiser chuckled. "I have a feeling that Starscream and Soundwave will decide to join my side," he told the Prime.

Optimus nodded his head in agreement. "Kaiser…" he called the last Draconian. "When Megatron took you from my side, I was a wreck. I really wanted to kill my brother for what he had done to you when you was in his servos." He brushed his thumb across Kaiser's visor.

"Why?" asked Kaiser, his spark was beating crazily in his chest.

Optimus took a deep breath before gently retracted his battle-mask to kiss the back of Kaiser's servo in his hold. "Because I want you to become the half of my spark," he told the last Draconian.

Kaiser breath hitched at Optimus' confession. He never knew the Prime had a feeling towards him. He thought it was only him that was why he tried so hard to make sure Optimus never knew his true feeling. So, now, to hear that the Prime's confession, it made his spark danced happily in its chamber.

"Kaiser? Please say something?" asked Optimus. He felt fear that he really had done it. He had broken their friendship because of his confession.

Kaiser looked at Optimus for a moment before he started to move. This gesture made Optimus tried to stop the last Draconian, but when he sensed that the Draconian only wanted to change into the sitting position, the Prime helped him into the position.

"Optimus… close your optics…"

Optimus blinked his optics. "What?" he asked the last Draconian.

"Please close your optics…" he said once more.

The Prime did not know why Kaiser asked him to close his optics but he would do it. Gently he closed his optics to let Kaiser did whatever he wanted to do. He heard a sound of something sliding open and that sound made him to furrow his ridges in confusion. He did not hear the door was being opened by someone, so what had made that kind of sound.

"… Optimus…" he could hear nervousness in Kaiser's voice. "… You can open your optics now."

Slowly Optimus opened his optics only for them to become wide disbelief. There, sitting in front of him was Kaiser without his visor on, making him could see his true face. A blush appeared across his face when he saw how beautiful Kaiser really was behind the visor.

The Draconian had smooth grey-colored face with violet-colored optics that surrounded by the black sclera. However, what really fascinating Optimus was the blue lines that were drawn from below his optics to the end of his chin.

"Optimus… please say something…" this is the very first time of him to let everyone beside his parents to see his true face. So he felt slightly nervous right now.

Optimus stared at the small mouth of Kaiser for a moment before let his thumb to brush against it. He smirked when the last Draconian let out a nervous hitch at the gesture. He really felt special with Kaiser's trust to him. From what he read about the Draconian, they would never show their faces beside to their own creators and to their sparkmates/intended sparkmates.

So for him to see Kaiser's true face was the Draconian's way to tell the Prime that he was in love with him, and he wanted him to become his sparkmate. Happiness erupted inside the Prime's spark before slowly he moved his face closer to the Draconian.

Kaiser's optics became wide with disbelief when Optimus slowly moved closer towards him. His face started to flush in embarrassment at how close the Prime's face with his own. He… he could not keep his optics open! He tightly closed his optics in embarrassment.

Optimus stopped his lips an inch from Kaiser's lips, waiting for the last Draconian to open his optics once more. He knew the Draconian would feel confused for not tasting anything in his lips when he knew what Optimus' intention really was. And he was right, not longer after he stopped, the Draconian opened his optics only to squeak in surprise and embarrassment with how close their faces really were.

"I… I…" Kaiser did not know what to say. He never in this kind of situation before.

The Prime smiled gently at Kaiser, who right now looking so embarrassed and nervous. He cupped Kaiser's left cheek with his right servo and then drew the Draconian's face closer towards him. The last thing he saw before he closed his optics were wide violet optics.

Kaiser's breath stopped momentarily when Optimus' lips touched his own. He did not move. He did not react. He did not know what to do! He squeak when gently Optimus' lips started to move, coaxing the Draconian to participate in their kissing.

Slowly Kaiser closed his optics and opened his lips slightly when he felt Optimus' glossa brushed against his lower lip. He moaned in delight when the Prime pushed his glossa into his mouth so it could dance with his own. Minding his injuries, Kaiser slowly moved his servos to Optimus' broad-shoulder and wrapped his arms around the Prime's neck.

They continued to kiss passionately without care of anything around them. So, it was not strange if the two of them did not know that right now some of the bots and humans in Autobot-NEST base were getting paid by the others. It looked like there was kind of bet when Optimus would make a move towards Kaiser.

Typical Autobots and their human allies.