Shoe Shopping

Muffy eyed her choices. Red and shiny, red and glossy, red matte. She liked the all. She had all the money in the world. She could take them all. She wanted to. She knew she shouldn't.

Francine was bored. Shoe stores weren't her thing. Fancy shoe shopping was worse. She'd rather be shopping for cleats. She couldn't buy, only look. She envied Muffy for that. She could look and buy any time. She was a little rich girl. Francine was starting to hate it. She felt their shopping trips were bad. She felt put down. Muffy knew Francine didn't have much money. Why did she keep bringing her?

"Francine, I just can't decide today. Let's go home," Muffy said. It was sudden. Francine looked up to her. She stared. Muffy smiled, "I see this bothers you. Come on, let me treat you to some ice cream to make up for it. Let's get out of her, and I'll come back with my mom. She'll help me decide."

Francine wanted to protest. She'd been told to be good to her friends. But should she suffer? Should she pretend she wasn't? Francine was tired of pretending. She followed Muffy out of the store. She would come back sometimes, not all the time. Muffy had learned. She loved shoe shopping. But she had to protect her friends. She had to be better to Francine. So she moved on and all was well.


a-n: theme 2: shoe shopping. from darkangelsnapelover's infinite theme list challenge. talk to her for more info.

piece for my new series, "slice of life." i'd like to add it to dasl's collab serieses. see our community, Arthur collab series, and our dA group, Arthur-collabs for other entries.