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Chapter 1 - From Uchiha To Uzumaki

Izuna Uchiha laid dying in the arms of his elder brother Madara Uchiha as Madara and he escaped from their latest battle against the Senju. Izuna had been mortally wounded by Tobirama Senju during a clash of blades when Tobirama had used his Flying Thunder God Jutsu and just shortly after that his elder brother Madara had been defeated by his long time enemy and once friend Hashirama Senju. Now many would believe that Izuna had an undying hatred for Hashirama, Tobirama, and the whole of the Senju clan, but that couldn't have been farther from the truth Izuna had nothing but respect for them do to their ability to stand against his brother, himself and the Uchiha clan as equals. When Madara had been cornered by Hashirama and offered a peace treaty he was seriously contemplating telling his brother to accept, but then he noticed the look in Madara's eyes and saw his worst nightmare the death of the whole Uchiha clan at the hands of one of their own. Izuna believed it to be a sign that the Senju and Uchiha coming together would bring about the destruction of his clan, if only he knew how right he was. With labored breath Izuna told Madara not to trust them that it would destroy their clan. Madara then fled with his younger brother dying in his arms. After arriving at the Uchiha stronghold it became glaringly clear to both Izuna and Madara that Izuna was going to die and there was nothing either of them could do about it. Izuna with his dying breath told Madara to take his eyes so that he wouldn't become blind and to be wary of the Senju clan. It was with those words that the life of a man that could have lead the Uchiha to an age of peace died.

60 years later near Konoha

"What the hell!" came from young Naruto Uzumaki as he awoke from the nap he was taking in a clearing in the forest surrounding Konoha. Lying next our young blonde protagonist was a large scroll with the kanji for forbidden written on it. Naruto honestly didn't know what the hell was going on, one minute he was practicing the Shadow Clone Jutsu the next a large influx of memories hit him. Now he felt as though he was more Izuna than he was ever Naruto, he just couldn't make heads or tails of it just seconds before he had died yet here he was alive again, in the body of one Naruto Uzumaki. While trying to sort his completely unorganized and chaotic memory a figure appeared in the tree tops above the clearing that Naruto had been practicing in.

"Naruto, I found you! Do you know what you've done?!" yelled Iruka Umino as he fell into the clearing just a few feet from the sitting Naruto. Naruto honestly didn't know how to respond exactly, as he was still sorting out his recently acquired memories, so he kinda just stared at Iruka. Unnoticed by both another figure had land in the tops that a Iruka had been in just seconds earlier.

"I see you found the demon first huh, Iruka. Well you always were good at finding the damned demon brat." came the voice of Mizuki Touji from atop a tree at the edge of the clearing. Iruka was baffled at the way Mizuki at had called Naruto, he couldn't believe that his friend would have thought of Naruto as the Kyuubi when it was clear as day to anyone that was willing to pay attention that Naruto and the Kyuubi were nothing alike.

"What the hell Mizuki!" just as the words left Iruka's mouth Mizuki launched a fuma shuriken straight at Naruto. Iruka jumped in the way blocking the shuriken from hitting Naruto and getting it lodged in his back.

"W-Why Mizuki?" Iruka gasped out just after being hit.

"Why, did you really just ask me why I would try to finish off the Kyuubi brat? He's the Kyuubi in human form when I kill him I'll be hailed as a hero." when Naruto heard Mizuki call him the Kyuubi he became confused beyond belief wondering if maybe it was the fox's fault that he gained Izuna's memory not that he was really complaining getting a second chance at life and all, also he was about how he just discovered that he was the current Kyuubi jinchuriki and was honestly wondering why the fuck he never realized it before, man was he stupid before regaining or was it acquiring Izuna's memories, well it didn't matter much now anyway. Then the Naruto part of himself had only one thought and that was that no one hurts his Sensei.

"How dare you hurt Iruka-Sensei! I'll kill you! Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto yelled as the clearing filled with over 300 solid clones of Naruto. Using his favored Taijutsu style the Sky Fist style that focused mainly on swift precise punches and many different kicks from Izuna's Memories, Naruto and his Clones quickly beat Mizuki to a pulp due to the chuunin underestimating his skill and the utter shock Mizuki received from witnessing an academy student, the deadlast at that summon so many shadow clones. Iruka was completely dumbfounded from what he had just witnessed, Naruto the deadlast of his class that had just earlier that day failed his graduation for the third time learned an A-rank Kinjutsu and easily defeated a chuunin rank ninja.

"Naruto come here." Naruto made his way over to Iruka that had at some point during his fight pulled the shuriken from his back.

"What cha need Iruka-Sensei" Naruto said deciding that for now it'd be best to stick to acting like an idiot so no one would be suspicious of his new found intelligence.

"Naruto close your eyes" Naruto did as he was told and felt Iruka pull his goggles off and wrap something around his forehead.

"Ok, Naruto you can open your eyes now." Naruto opened his eyes to look up and see Iruka's forehead protector wrapped around his head.

"Yes, I'm finally a ninja! Thank you so much Iruka-Sensei!" Iruka just shook his head with a smirk.

"No, thanks necessary Naruto you earned that forehead protector." suddenly Iruka felt shiver go down his spine just before Naruto shouted.

"Iruka-Sensei remember you promised me ramen if I graduated!" Iruka could already feel his wallet getting lighter.

"Sure, sure Naruto I did promise you ramen, but we should probably return the Scroll of Forbidden Seals to the Hokage first."

"Yeah ok, but I'm still getting that ramen don't think a visit to Jiji will make me forget." and with that they both headed off to the Hokage's tower all the while Naruto remembering what Mizuki had said about the Kyuubi and the way his life had been up to this point because of the fox and how it could be linked to his new memories. The only thing that Naruto (Izuna) Uzumaki knew was that he and Hokage-Jiji had a long conversation ahead of them.