Hokuto writes a poem for Lycoris.

Lycoris' POV of AI Buster.

Lycoris' thoughts on Hokuto and Albireo.

Watarai finds Haruka has fallen asleep wile playing Hokuto to avoid a deadline.

Hokuto's thoughts from when Albireo "died."

Hokuto bumps into Orca and Balmug again.

Hokuto bumps into Orca and Balmug and meets Kite.

Kite and BlackRose meet Hokuto.

Hokuto meets Tsukasa.

Hokuto meets Mimiru.

Hokuto meets Bear.

Balmug and Orca talk about Hokuto and Albireo.

Kamui(?) meets Hokuto.

Albireo and Hokuto meet Lycoris again and Albireo proposes in a field of spider lilys.

Haruka and Watarai get married in a field of spider lilys.

Watarai/Albireo reflects on his time with Hokuto and Lycoris and what both mean to him.

Hokuto writes a poem about her time with Albireo and Lycoris.

Haruka just happens to log in for once when everyone is trapped in the ADIA server and Watarai finds her uncontionce and freaks out in worry and they get back together.

Haruka's poetry wins an award and Watarai proposes to her.

Lycoris watch's over Albireo and Hokuto.

AU that ends with Albireo and Hokuto get together and adopt Lycoris.

Hokuto and Albireo reflect on their time with Lycoris.

Hokuto has a dream that Lycoris is giving her advice about Albireo wile she unknowingly sleeps next to spider lilys.

AU When Rioko(?) asks Haruka for help gathering information from players new and old around the world for information on something she thinks could lead to a break through on combating the ADIA (with out telling her the details of couse), she goes above and beyond, when she turns up a lost one before she can report the results of her search, Watarai is frantic and Rioko(?) knows she should have known better then to get her involved, she tells him what was going on and he's furious, though she isn't completely sure she knows with who.

A day in Haruka and Watarai 's daily life.

It's the anniversary of Lycoris' death and Watarai and Haruka deside to take the day off and spend it together.

Hokuto drags Albireo back to the world and they have a good time that ends in a field of spider lilys.

Haseo meets Hokuto.

AU something exiting with Hokuto and Albireo, like make them partner detectives or something, or make Albireo the detective and Hokuto the ditzy news paper reporter that's always following him around but is actually a cunning genius and just hides it really well most the time, that would match them perfectly.

Hokuto meets Tabby or Atoli and they hit it off and have a heart to heart about Albireo and Haseo.

Hokuto meets Aura and they talk about Lycoris, Tsukasa, Kite, Albireo, BlackRose, Emma, Balmug, Orca, Harald, and the epitath of twilight and it's main characters like Saya and her cat, and the .hackers and stuff and/or Hokuto desided to write a poem about their talk.

AU in which Hokuto is somehow related to Saya, the main character in the epitath of twilight.

Watarai reflects on his brake up with Haruka.

Watarai is offered his job back.

Haruka becomes a famous poet.

Lycoris sees a couple (insert parking of choice here) and remembers Albireo and Hokuto.

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